How to Remove Password From PDF in Windows 10

If you aren’t certain what kind of protection the document has, use a PDF unlocker that is capable of removing both. The encrypted protection makes it feasible to talk about your work, without needing to worry about various doom scenarios. As an example, it doesn’t enable you to add or remove password protection. If you have a PDF with a password and now you want to remove the password then you can use this article. Here we are going to share How to Remove Password From PDF in Windows 10.

Launch Windows File Explorer and track down the file you wish to delete. Your PDF file is currently password protected. If you print PDF files on a standard basis, it is likely that you’ve come across some which are watermarked. A locked PDF file can contain two forms of protection. Just choose the files which you do want and drag them to a different folder or onto the desktop.

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A PDF, or portable document format, the file is well suited for storing information in which you wish to keep all your formatting. Or if it’s then it means it is not likely to be in a position to easily hide in system files. In case the file is really corrupt, search for alternate copies of exactly the same file online. The original file is still the exact same and can nevertheless be opened without a password.

Remove Password From PDF in Windows 10

With batch decryption, it is possible to decrypt up to 200 PDFs simultaneously. Opening the PDF with a different application won’t work. The PDF is going to be highlighted. So if you’re running a PDF or something. If you want to have an even more secure document, you might also decide on a password to open the PDF file.

Method 1: Use Default feature to remove PDF password

Open PDF files using any working browser on your computer or you can use any PDF reader app on Windows 10.

It will ask you to enter a Password to open the PDF file. Enter the password. If you don’t know the password then go to Method 3.

After that, when PDF is opened, press Ctrl + P keys to see the Print box.

Select Microsoft Print from the list of printers > click Print/OK, select a location to save the PDF > Press Save, and this will save your PDF without a password. Now you can access your PDF without any password.

Method 2: Remove password using Google Chrome

Open the PDF with Google Chrome > Type the password when asked.

After that right-click on it > click Save > select a location to save the PDF and its done.

Method 3: Use 3rd party tools to remove password from PDF

If you don’t remember the password then you can reset or remove password from PDF using some advanced tools on Windows.
Free PDF Password Remover and PDF Password Remover Tool both are the most popular tools to remove PDF passwords.

The way of encrypting passwords in Adobe Acrobat varies by version, which means you may need to try one particular method to see whether it works before trying another. Type the password that you would like to use. Users will then be able to log in anonymously. If a user doesn’t have the correct password, he cannot execute a restricted job. In both situations, you’re prompted to join the password. You can change the password of any signature stored in Acrobat, as long as you know the current password.

Thanks for reading this guide to Remove Password From PDF in Windows 10.

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