How to Open APFS Drives In Windows 10

MacOS supports HFS+ file system. The new macOS High Sierra, Apple has changed its file management system and introduced a new Apple File System (APFS). This new file system comes with faster storage access, easy recovery, securing files, snapshots, crash reporting, sharing, and cloning data. Mac users upgrading to the High Sierra have to convert their drives to APFS. Here is how to Open APFS Drives in Windows.

Now Windows system cannot access HFS+ formatted partitions. You can convert the drive to FAT32 or exFAT that both Mac and Windows can access.

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Apple introduced its new file system called APFS. APFS replaced the Mac OS HFS+ file system. If you update the OS, the drive is automatically converted to the APFS. Now Windows 10 doesn’t support APFS. We need to install third-party file system drivers so that you can access APFS drives.

How to Open APFS Drives In Windows 10

If you need to open an APFS drive, sadly there is no free software out there so that you can open APFS drives in Window 10. Now there are some tools that you can use APFS files on Windows. APFS for Windows by Paragon is the only trusted software that you can use to access APFS. Once installed, you can Open APFS Drives In Windows 10.

After installing Paragon, you will be able to view, read and write drives formatted in Windows 10.

MacDrive APFS

MacDrive APFS is another tool for Windows that allow users to access APFS formatted drives in Windows and you can read and write APFS for Windows.

UFS Explorer Standard Access

UFS Explorer Standard Access can help you access files in APFS drives. It is very easy to use and Open APFS Drives In Windows 10.

Once installed, you can just connect an APFS drive and you’ll be able to see it in explorer. You will understand all that is found in the drive with no restrictions. Security is among the vital elements of APFS, and it manifests in lots of ways. Ensure that Back Up Automatically is checked and you need to be helpful to go. You can be certain you are obtaining a superior product with endless possibilities. If the mixture of hardware and operating system you desire isn’t officially supported, there is virtually always a fairly easy workaround.

There are lots of options but mentioned above are the very best options you’ve got. Time Machine on your iMac is easy to use. A file process is fundamentally a language that allows your computer to categorize and store information on a difficult disk. It is always case-sensitive. Once the installation is done, restart your Mac.

Hope you liked this guide on How to Open APFS Drives In Windows 10. If you know any other method to Access APFS files then comment below.

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