Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also called PUBG is an internet multiplayer game in which players land in an island where they must find and get weapons and avoid getting killed by others. The field of playing declines with the last person standing wins. Now many users are facing PUBG Buildings Not Loading issue. After installing new PUBG update, users have started facing the issue regarding Things are not loading.

All Android and Xbox users are facing the same issues. The main problem is different GPU. The Xbox One X GPU is considerably more strength and can be capable of conducting the sport in 4K.

PUBG Developer said that create the manufacturing procedure to display the maximum quality textures slower. This implies buildings will load quicker, letting you get in and begin looting quickly, together with the felt quality slowly increasing until it is completely rendered at the maximum quality.”

PUBG_Lumos confessed this present problem and also said that PUBG Corp is working on optimizing these modifications to get a smoother transition and loading.

Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

Most PUBG players are reporting PUBG Buildings Not Loading issue with their game. In case you are also experiencing this problem, do not worry. You can easily fix the issue by following this simple steps. This rendering issue is very frustrating one, and sadly lots of the fixes subtly indicate that you may need to improve your computer to deal with the requirements. But this is not true.

Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading
Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading

You may go in any direction to break free from the middle of the map. Make certain you build landmarks, else you will readily get lost in the large world. For one, the building is a whole lot more complex. The building is a significant means to defend yourself, or put on a quick height advantage. Once on the opposite side, follow the barrier down the face of the hospital till you come to a wall over the street.

In the majority of cases, PUBG buildings failure to load is because of your hardware failing to keep yourself updated with the game rendering. The issue is that there are hundreds of objects.

Method 1: Press Tab at time of parachuting

When you are in the game, while parachuting, just press tab key or keep pressing Tab Key. This will make your game freeze for a while but after that, it will also fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading issue.

Method 2: Move your game to your SSD

SSD is 10 times faster than HDD. So you can use SSD to play the game. All you need to do is, transfer all PUBG files to SSD and then launch the game.

1) On Steam, click Steam > and then go to Settings.


3) Choose a folder to save your PUBG files > close > ok.

Then Click on LIBRARY> Right click PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS > Properties.


5) Select the new folder you’ve created > MOVE FOLDER.

This process will move PUBG files to that new folder.

Method 3: Update graphics driver

Due to outdated Graphic drivers, your system may not be able to load the building texture. So you should update the driver to see if this fixes your issue. You can download Graphic Drivers manually or also use 3rd party driver tools to download and update drivers automatically.

Driver Easy is one of the most trusted tool for Windows to update drivers.

Hope you will get your solution to fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading issue. If you need more help then comment below.

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