Fix clock_watchdog_timeout error in Windows 10

Have you been gaming or working your windows 10 quite extensively and suddenly crashed into a blue screen which reads “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT”? Well, you have encountered one of the most infamous errors also known as “Blue Screen Of Death” or BSOD. Now you must be wondering; what is this error? Why did it occur? And How to fix the clock_watchdog_timeout error on Windows 10? No need to worry since we have all that here in this post!

What is Clock_Watchdog_Timeout Error?

If you have a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error it means that you or the processor may say CPU, you are using is having a problem to cooperate through its cores and threads. The core has some tasks which are called as threads. Thus, the core may take more than one thread at the same time. So, when you are extensively working on your PC, these threads come into play. What happens then is that one thread is waiting for another thread to respond or that one core is waiting for another core to respond. When these required responses aren’t coming, you get this BSOD error.

Fix clock_watchdog_timeout error

Thus, the continuous chain of threads or core into the processors is the reason for your Clock_Watchdog_timeout error.

Now the real deal for which we are here, that is the Fixing of these errors. There are various methods to fix this BSOD error. Some of the best methods are as follows:

1: Try installing the latest available Windows Update

For the users who have encountered this BSOD error for the first time, you should try to go and check for any possible Windows Updates and if all the recent updates that you did are installed correctly. You can do this as follows:

1) Press the ‘Windows logo key’ and ‘I’ together simultaneously on your keyboard. Now, select ‘Update & Security.’

2) Next, Select ‘Check for updates.’

3) After selecting the updates option, Windows will start to check if there are any updates available for your computer. (In case there are any updates available, the installation will begin automatically. You just need to sit back and wait.)

4) Now finally, once the updates have installed restart your system.

(See if the blue screen of death error is gone from the screen or not. If not, try the next mentioned method.)

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2: Try Updating the ‘device drivers’

In many cases, it is noticed that the Clock_Watchdog_Timeout Error is a result of defective, outdated or corrupt drivers in your system. You must validate that all your devices have the correct driver i.e., the drivers which are up to date and well to work with.

There are majorly 2 methods to get the correct drivers, i.e., Manually and Automatically.

  • Manual driver update – For manually updating your device drivers you can go to the manufacturer’s website and just look for the most recent version of the driver for your Windows 10.
  • Automatic driver update – If you don’t want to put in too much time and effort into updating your device drivers manually, you may do it automatically with automatic driver update software such as Driver Easy. Driver Easy does all things needed very efficiently. It will automatically identify the system and find the most suitable drivers for the hardware devices, and for the Windows 10, and it will download and install them correctly:

1) You just need to Download and install then Driver Easy.

2) Now, you need to run Driver Easy and select the Scan Now option. Driver Easy will start scanning your computer and detect any problems with the drivers.

3) Now, Select the ‘Update’ button which is present next to the flagged devices to mechanically download and install the newer version of the drivers they have (this can be done with the Free available version).

You may just select the ‘Update All’ to automatically download and install all the latest versions of all the drivers that are outdated or incorrect in the system. But! This ‘Update all’ option requires the  Pro version which comes with a full support and 30 days money back trail.

4) Next, just Check and look for the blue screen of death error if is still happening after the driver update.

3: Try to remove any third-party antivirus software

The Clock Watchdog Timeout error is every so often caused by meddling from a third-party antivirus software. To check if that’s the reason for you to crash into this BSoD error then momentarily halt your antivirus and check if the issue persists.

When the issue is resolved, contact the seller of that antivirus and hook them up for more advice, or you can install a new antivirus solution.

4: Try setting the BIOS settings to the defaults

Well, even some experienced users may not have complete knowledge of BIOS. So, it often better to not meddle with this one. But if you feel like trying this method go ahead! There are some different ways to go to the BIOS settings in different PCs. But again! If you’re not convinced with your knowledge and experience about the BIOS, just go to the manufacturer for your system for detail advice and instructions.

When you are in your computer’s BIOS, you may see the following panel for settings:

You just need to follow the instructions given on-screen to set your BIOS to the default settings.

Now, just restart your computer in Normal Mode settings. Then see if the issue persists.

Now if the problem is persisting, you should try to update the BIOS. To do this update, go to the website of your PC’s brand and then check for and download the last BIOS update present for your PC model. You can usually download the BIOS update from the Support or Download section on the website.

5: Try running a memtest

Another possibility is that this clock watchdog timeout error is related to some errors in your hardware memory. To see whether the problem was resolved or not, you may run a RAM check:

1) Firstly, press the ‘Windows logo key’ + ‘R’ simultaneously, and then type ‘mdsched.exe’ in the open option.

2) Now, Select the ‘Restart now and check for problems (recommended)’ option. Your system will immediately begin to Restart.

Clock_watchdog_timeout Ryzen – In the Ryzen CPUs, many people have reported this BSOD error. In most cases, it was found that the cause of this issue appearing is the update which is being problematic. Thus, after removing it, the issue gets completely solved.

Clock_watchdog_timeout overclock – When the hardware is overclocked, this error may occur. A simple method to move out of Clock_watchdog_timeout Overclock is to remove the overclock settings and then verify if that resolves the issue.

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