Download Bamboo tablet driver for windows 10

If you are thinking that the Wacom Bamboo Tablets are your basic average tablets then you are wrong! Wacom tablets are not your mainstream tablet PCs and they have never wanted to become one. The Bamboo Tablets are ‘graphics tablets’ (also known as ‘pen tablets’). These devices offered by Wacom are generally used in the industry of graphic design or are mainly used by digital artists which let the artist make a sketch or draw by hand, capturing an image or for creating graphics in digital form with latest Bamboo tablet drivers. This information of your tablet, all the pages that you have created is displayed on the monitor of a connected PC or Mac.

Through, Bamboo Tablets users can turn their beautiful concepts into digital reality.

Now, this is where the drivers come in play. The Wacom Bamboo tablets require Tablet drivers to connect to the laptop or PC, for you to quickly save your data that you are creating. For that you will need to download and install Bamboo tablet driver for Windows.

You don’t need to visit other websites for installing the bamboo tablet drivers for Windows 10 or Mac OS. Wacom has provided with free driver installs on their official website.

Download Bamboo Tablet Driver for Windows 10:

As earlier mentioned, the steps for downloading are pretty simple and easy. You can do this manually and as well as automatically!

Manual Method:

Step 1. Go to the official website of the Wacom. That is, at

Step 2. Now search for the required driver. In this case, for Tablet Driver for Windows or Mac OS.

Step 3. You will see the following page of bamboo support.

This page will have the option of Latest Drivers for Bamboo tablets- Create, Capture, Connect, Splash.

Step 4. Now you need to select the options of ‘download’. (You can download it for Windows 10 or Mac OS)

Step 5. After selecting download for Windows 10(or Mac OS), you will see the following file:

After the complete download of the above exe file, launch this file.

Step 6. After launching the exe file, it will show the following pages:

This license agreement is needed by the user to be accepted. (we suggest you do read it carefully).

Then, click on ‘Accept’ button.

Step 7. Now the status of installation will appear on the screen. This will take about 1 minute or so.

Step 8. You are now done with the installation! Now you can just sync your Bamboo Tablet with the Computer through this driver.

But wait! What if this driver is not working for you after all this manual work? Then, you can just try the automatic method.

Automatic Method:

The whole tiresome process of the manual download method for the bamboo tablet driver is not only time consuming and bothersome but also requires you to be patient. So, if you don’t really have any of the time or patience we just you to try to do it automatically with Driver Easy.

It is available at

Driver Easy does all things needed very efficiently. It will automatically identify the system and find the most suitable drivers for the hardware devices, and for the Windows 10, and it will download and install them correctly. You can leave your drivers to get automatically updated with any one of the FREE or the Pro versions of this Driver Easy. The benefits of the Pro version is that it takes less than 5 minutes and 2 or 3 clicks (Also, you will get complete support plus a 30-day guarantee which is a money back!).

1) You just need to Download and install then Driver Easy.

2) Now, you need to run Driver Easy and select the Scan Now option. Driver Easy will start scanning your computer and detect any problems with the drivers.

3) Now, Select the ‘Update’ button which is present next to the flagged devices to mechanically download and install the newer version of the drivers they have (this can be done with the Free available version).

You may just select the ‘Update All’ to automatically download and install all the latest versions of all the drivers that are outdated or incorrect in the system. But! This ‘Update all’ option requires the  Pro version which comes with a full support and 30 days money back trail.

4) Now you just need to wait and Restart your computer or PC with the Windows 10 and then take effect.

How to Uninstalling The Wacom Driver

There can be so many reasons for uninstalling the Wacom Bamboo Tablet Driver from your Windows 10. It may be that you no longer use the bamboo tablet or that you are changing your device from your pc to laptop or to a Mac OS. Also, the reason may the failure in the proper working of the driver for the tablet( but this case is mostly the least expected one). Whatever the reason, to completely remove an installed Wacom Bamboo Tablet driver from your system or PC which is running Windows 10, you need to use the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to disconnect the Wacom bamboo tablet from your Windows 10 running computer.
  • Second, you need to press the ‘Windows key’ and the ‘X’ key from your keyboard. This will then bring up the ‘Utility menu’ (It will pop up in the lower-left side of the system screen).

  • Next, you need to Select ‘Programs and Features’ in this pop-up menu.
  • Now, you need to ‘Uninstall’ the bamboo tablet driver, which may be present as (depending on model and version) following:
    • Bamboo
    • Pen Tablet
    • Tablet
    • Wacom
    • Wacom Tablet

  • Lastly, you just need to Restart the computer or PC to execute the complete removal of the Bamboo Tablet Driver for windows 10.

Note: If you want to install another Wacom driver, it can easily be downloaded from the Driver section of the Support page of the Wacom Website or as mentioned in the Automatic method above.

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