Fix Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device on Windows

If you are using Window OS, then you know that there are two drive removal policies in the Windows. One is quick removal which is selected by default so that you can unplug the USB flash drive without needing to eject the drive from Safely Remove Hardware. But if the quick removal policy is enabled, you have to use the safely remove hardware icon and remove your device first. Due to this policy, so many Windows users are facing serious issues like Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error. This error occurs when they try to safely remove USB drive.

This error occurs when they attempt to safely eliminate their USB device. There are several common ways they could see the “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device” error.

It says the device is currently being used. Close any windows or programs that might be using the device and then try again.
Windows cannot prevent your ‘Generic volume’ device since it’s in use.

Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

You might have some concerns about it when you get this error: What does this error mean? How can you remove it and safely eject your USB device? But do not worry. This guide will provide you all of the answers to your questions. Follow it, and you may fix your problem ejecting device malfunction.

Close all Opened files from USB

  • Open Task Manager and check which application is using a USB drive. Close that app and try again.

Use Process Explorer Tool to Fix it

Step 1: Download Process Explorer.

Step 2: Click to open it. It will show you “Find” > Find Handle.”

Step 3: Add the drive name of the USB drive you are using currently.

Step 4: It will scan and find all the possible errors.

Step 5: Right click the handles > select Close Handle option.

That’s all.

This usually occurs because the files on your USB storage device are still open or being used by other programs, or because the device is being accessed by other applications.

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You’re going to be in danger of losing your data if you do that. Maybe you get nothing wrong after you dismiss the error and unplug your USB device. Everybody one of us uses the USB mass storage device to transfer bulky files and sensitive data to and from his computer system. You’ll also be using it for certain.

If that’s the case, the external device doesn’t have to be Safely Removed manually from the computer system. So the next time you inexplicably are not able to get rid of an external drive, look and see whether the Task Manager is running. Whenever you attempt to eject the external hard disk.

In such situation, you must repair the damaged files and fix all of the corruption troubles. So, it’s required to find these SAM files, if you would like to recover your password. Intended to assist you to free up files that Windows won’t enable you to delete, it may also help completely free external drives.

Thats’t it for now. Stay tuned for more Windows guides and news.