How to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10/8 and 7

High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) they are also known as High-Efficiency Image Coding (HEIC), and they are indifferent container format and are too different for individual images as well as image sequences.

If you want to open HEIC Files on Windows then you have to use these methods because Windows doesn’t support HEIC Files directly. First, check some advantages of using HEIC Files.

Advantages of using HEIC Format:

  • HEIC saves images in almost half the size of what JPEG uses and retains the same picture quality.
  • HEIC makes the storage space for images in a single file, which can also contain Live Photos.
  • It is compatible with any transparency, for example, GIF files.
  • It can store photo edits, as well as crop and rotate images if you wish to do so.
  • It is well-matched with l16-bit color moonlike st JPG’s 8-bit.

How to change HEIC image type to JPEG

You can easily convert HEIC image to JPEG using some 3rd party apps.

Method 1: Use CopyTrans application

You can follow these simple steps when you want to HEIC image type to JPEG.

Step-1: Use converter application, or you can also use HEIC to JPG converter on any web browser.

Step-2: HEIC for Windows is a compulsory application for all those who would like to view HEIC photos on their PC.

Step-3: You can also download CopyTrans (application) HEIC for Windows.

download CopyTrans (application) HEIC

Step-4: Then, after downloading, start installing the program.

Step-5: Select the folder that contains your iPhone photos that are in the form of HEIC photos.

Step-6: From that, select a photo that you want to convert into JPEG format. Right-click your mouse button and choose the option “Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans.”

Step-7: CopyTrans HEIC for Windows will help you to convert 15 HEIC photos at one time.

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Method 2: Convert HEIC to JPG Online Free of Cost (No Hidden Costs)

Step-1: On any Web browser, open CloudConvert website –

Step-2: Choose the Files option on your device and then to upload the HEIC image. You can also select the HEIC files from DropBox OneDrive, direct URL as well as Google Drive.

Step-3: Select the width, height, quality of the data output.

Step-4: Click on the Start Conversion button on the bottom of the screen, and that will start converting the images.

Step-5: Conversion might take up to a minute, depending on your internet speeds to finish the conversion process.

Step-6: On the bottom of the screen, you will find a download option as soon as the image is converted. Clicking on this button will download the converted file to your Windows PC.

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows?

There are two other options to open HEIC Files on Windows-

Method-1: Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is an image viewing application, and this application will help you to open HEIC images directly on a Windows device. This is a simple interface and also very user friendly. With this, you can also open as well as view HEIC images that are on your computer, and you can also save HEIC photos as JPG, or also you can use other common formats of images.

Step-1: Download as well as install Apowersoft Photo Viewer on your Windows Computer.

Step-2: Then launch the program and then transfer HEIC images to PC, and this will help you to direct and go to the main webpage.

Step-3: Choose the photos and drag the HEIC images and then open all the photos and view the photos on your window.

Then you can go to the dots that are basically menu and open HEIC format images only.

Step-4: As soon as you select images, it will open, and then you can open other images that are in the same folder. For this, you don’t need to see the preview, and the toolbar will automatically turn off the thumbnail on then select the “Thumbnail” option.

Step-5: You can now freely use the toolbar that is located at the bottom of the program, and this will help you to manage your photos on your device.

Method-2: Use Google Drive

Google Drive is also one of the other tools, and by using this tool, you will be able to view HEIC photos on PC. Then you can also launch Google Drive on your different iOS devices, and then you can select the “My Drive” option on your device, and then you can “Upload” all the selected HEIC photos, and you can also keep those photos for a long time on Google Drive.

As soon as you finish this, you can also use the same Google Drive by logging in your account on your Windows PC, and you will be able to open HEIC images of your phone on your Windows.

Step-1: You can also launch Google Drive on your iOS device, and then you can go to “My Drive,” and Upload the photos you won’t see as well as you can select the HEIC photos and then upload those photos on your Google Drive.

Step-2: As soon as you are done with uploading, you can start and use your Google Drive on your Windows PC, and this will help you to view HEIC images. At the same time, you can also choose JPG as your default image format.

Step-3: Then for final finishing, you need to go to “Settings” and then “Camera” and then “Formats” so that you can disable High Efficiency and select the Most Compatible option for your device.

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