Comparing mobile gaming and PC gaming

No matter what the platform, you’ll find gaming has become incredibly popular. According to data published on the website of consumer and market data firm Statista, the video game market has grown significantly in the past decade and is expected to pass the $200 billion mark in 2023. Mobile games contribute the greatest share of the revenue, while console game makes up a third of this worldwide revenue.

Today, gamers are spoilt for choice. Mobile gaming… console gaming… PC gaming… the world is a gamer’s oyster. Below is a look at PC gaming and mobile gaming, discussing some of the pros and cons of each, and at how compatible different types of games are with these platforms.

Understanding the advantages of PC and mobile gaming

When it comes to gaming, all platforms will have their pros and their cons. Let’s start with some of the pros and cons of PCs.

On the plus side, PCs:

  • Provide players with a massive library of games
  • Are customizable and can be upgraded
  • Offer minimal input lag, which makes them a preference of esports players and Twitch users

On the more negative side, however:

  • PCs are complex and if you want to upgrade them, you have to have exceptional computing or technical skills (or hire an expert to help you with the upgrade)
  • PC gaming isn’t as comfortable as console gaming or mobile gaming
  • PCs tend to be more expensive than consoles, which are designed purely for gaming

Meanwhile, mobile gaming rewards you with the following pros:

  • Gaming is portable and serves as a decent plan B if you can’t access your PC (or console, if you’re a console owner)
  • Players have access to lots of free games
  • Players can play casino games for money on mobile

But they have their cons as well:

  • Limited controls. Some games are suited to swipe, but others, such as first-person shooters, can be more cumbersome on mobile.
  • Poor battery life. Gaming can really eat up the battery, so you need to take a charger with you so you can continue playing uninterrupted.
  • Smaller screens. Despite the improvement in mobile graphics, mobile games will never be as visually impressive as TVs or PC monitors because mobiles are designed to be portable. Large screens on mobiles would defeat the object.

Online casino gaming and video gaming platforms

Online casinos are one niche in the gaming industry that keeps a careful eye on technology and do their very best to accommodate both mobile gamers and PC gamers. They do this in a variety of ways, something which you’ll see if you play at this online casino.

Good design is crucial, especially in the case of mobile users. The casinos will tailor their offering, especially to mobile devices. For instance, the website will be responsive, which means it will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the screen on which the browser is rendering it. Companies will also create apps, especially for mobile users.

Desktop users can happily play from behind their PC. They can log into their account on the website and get playing there. The larger screen makes it easier for players to navigate the website and they can also enjoy better visuals.

Different types of games on PC and mobile

Of course, one of the most enjoyable things about gaming, whether on PC or mobile, is the variety of games. Below is a look at some of the different types of games and whether they’re compatible with PC or mobile.

Sports games

Certain types of sports games can work well either on mobile or PCs, such as “Football Manager”. Management games, for instance, require little major movement, as often they’re games of strategy, rather than about controlling the movements of players. Games in which the players must actively move the characters on the screen are more comfortable on the PC, however.

First-person shooters (FSPs)

FSPs are one of the most beloved genres of gaming. Manufacturers know this, so they’ll make every effort to create games in this style that are as comfortable as possible on any platform.

“Call of Duty” is one of the most popular franchises around and offers a decent experience on PC, but the console experience beats both desktop computer and mobile. On mobile, however, the makers have done a relatively good job of the game, despite limitations such as the less sharp movement and the lack of precision. The shooting functions are reasonably good and whereas mobile games often have to compromise on detail, “Call of Duty: Mobile” manages to preserve a high level of detail.

Role-playing games (RPGs)

RPGs are another big genre in the world of video gaming and lend themselves well both to desktop gaming and mobile gaming. The slower pace of the games as the players embark upon quests and explore the game makes frequent sudden movements less necessary. Issues such as lag time, which can disrupt the enjoyment of the gaming experience, become less of a factor.

The world is a gamer’s oyster. Players have several different platforms on which they can play, each offering them certain advantages and disadvantages. Mobile gamers have to settle for a compromise on quality in some instances in return for being able to play their favorite games wherever they want; whereas PC gamers benefit from all the quality the game provides but accept the lack of convenience that desktop gaming entails.