3 Signs Your Mac Is Infected With Virus (And How to Check)

If you have heard from anyone that macOS does not get viruses and you don’t need to worry about the protection of your system, then they are completely wrong and you are not fortunate enough.

But, there has not been any serious event reported, where a major virus attack has happened on macOS, however, it has been infected by malware many times. 

Viruses and Malware are not similar, but the methods and precautions to protect your system against them are similar.

In this article, we will tell you about 3 signs which should alert you that your Mac is now infected with a virus.

Moreover, we will also discuss how you can check them before the signs appear.

So, keep reading the article carefully because you don’t want to miss an important point as your system’s security is concerned.

3 Signs Your Mac Is Infected With Virus!

There is one thing common among all these viruses and that is, they use processes outside the App Store to infect your Mac.

Sometimes, Pirated Software is responsible for this, while in other cases it’s the software and applications that are not trustworthy. 

But, you don’t have to think about it if you never download apps from outside the Mac App Store. Of course, there are a few exploits linked to browsers, and Java is an emerging problem, but those bugs are very rare if macOS and browsers are up-to-date.

You don’t really have much to think about if you do update apps from outside the Mac App Store, but be vigilant before you launch the installation of applications (Googling for an inspection to locate an official download)

But on the other hand: whether you have pirated or modified Mac apps on request, you may have issues with a website that sells pirated films. Would you use or run a sketchy email file on a compromised Flash drive? Inadvertently, viruses will spread.

Let’s take a look at the signs which should alert you that your Mac is infected with a virus:

Sudden Slow Down of Your Mac:

Sudden Slow Down of Your Mac

Some malware in your Mac associates you with a botnet, a universal network of computer worlds used for everything.

It may help DDoS on a website, one’s Bitcoins, or other stuff that takes up CPU power if your Mac is infected. 

This is the possibility if your Mac is constantly slowing down even if you don’t open any app.

Moreover, keep in mind that if malware or virus is not the problem, then you need to search for a way to speed up your Mac. 

Random Popups and Ads:

Random Popups and Ads

Adware has been rising and has a major problem among Mac platforms.

If there are frequent ads at places where they were not present previously, then there is a good possibility that you must have installed something suspicious that is causing this problem.

Moreover, you will be confirmed about this, if you have random pop-ups even without browsing. 

Using Antivirus or Antimalware Software to Confirm:

Using Antivirus on mac

If you are feeling that your Mac is infected with a virus, then you can use a few of the following programs to scan your Mac and know about the presence of the virus in your system:

  • ClamXAV: ClamXAV is ClamAV ‘s Mac edition, a common malware identification tool for open source applications. It’s worth looking at it.
  • BitDefender Virus Scanner: This is free software which will not eliminate viruses from your system, but it will identify places from where you need to delete them with the help of Finder.
  • Malwarebytes for Mac: Malwarebytes has long been one of the world’s top anti-malware brands. The Mac software tests the entire device in under 30 seconds and eliminates adware and probably unsolicited programs.

How to Check for a Virus on Your Mac?

To keep your system safe from viruses, Mac has built-in defenses that will help you in this job.

But, don’t just get over-excited as these defenses are not even completely foolproof.

Below are the following programs that can help you check viruses on your Mac. 


Apps that are installed via App Store have a very limited larger system’s access so that an app does not mess up your whole system.


Uninformed consumers are not allowed to use potentially dangerous applications through gatekeepers.

This means nothing from the  Mac app store by default, but you can also customize it so that unknown developers’ applications are blocked.

Many Mac users of course totally disable Gatekeeper to run any software they like, including documented things themselves.

The idea is that a knowledgeable user can check before installing the applications that they use.

X Protect:

XProtect is the software that you don’t think you have against the malware.

This software has been part of OS X since 2009 and is not like an antivirus program in Windows.

You can not open the software, run a search, and install updates manually.

But if you get infected with a known virus, it will eventually notify you if this system is infected. It  Will can prevent corrupted files from opening.

Wrapping It Up!!!

Don’t be a fool to think that your Mac is protected against malware or viruses.

With this article, our aim was to tell you what are the signs that should alert you that your system is infected and you need to be careful now. 

We have tried our best to provide you with all the information you need and we have also included a method that can help you prevent viruses from infecting your Mac.

Having said that, we come to the end of our article. We hoped that this article was helpful to you.

You can contact us if you have some problem, we will try to resolve it if possible. 

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