How to Fix Your External Hard Drive Being “Read Only” on Mac

If your external hard drive shows you as read-only on your Mac so it is very important to incompatible your file system because there are many fault permission settings and unexpected formatting errors that cause it on your Mac.

If you have these problems on your Mac so you have to solve this by formatting the device or repairing your device and can also change the settings on your Mac.

You can also retrieve your data if you have lost all the data during the process of problem-solving.

You can recover your data by recovering the wizard. So don’t worry and try to follow these steps so it can easily solve all your problems.

If your external hard drive displays read-only on your Mac so there are three reliable solutions and those solutions can insist you remove the read-only error on your external hard drive.

So it is your duty to make it again readable on your Mac. You can easily follow many methods and options to access your device again without losing your data.

Nowadays people are finding both windows and mac based computers but it is a non-issue between the windows computers and the Mac.

Only one area of Mac and third party can cause confusion so in this article we will help you to remove the read-only error from your external storage devices and you can easily fix it by following the different methods.

First Method:

External Hard Drive Read Only Error

In the first method, you have to fix the format of external hard drives.

You can easily fix this problem by formatting the Mac compatible device which can build the utility disc on your Mac and this can happen if you have an external hard drive on your Mac due to NTFS file system.

Now don’t forget to backup the external hard drive because it has backup data software which is highly efficient and this software can remove your all files on the device. So you have to follow the following steps to reformat the external hard drive on your Mac.

In the first step, you have to launch disk utility and then head towards utility applications and then you have to click on the command + space and also type disk utility.

In the second step, you have a drive on the left side so you have to select the external hard drive problematic and then click on the erase option which is in the main window.

In the third step, you have a proper file system to select and then rename your hard disk which may cause the APFS on your Mac and an exclusive extended file system which is available for both PC compatible and Mac for your external hard drive.

You can also choose MS-Dos which is called exFAT or FAT instead. 

In the fourth step, you have to erase your external hard drive to reformat the option.

Then you have to go to the information window but first wait for the process to complete the reformatting system.

Suddenly you have to see the read-only option which can be changed to another option ‘you can read and write’.

With the help of this option, you can normally write and read the drive on your Mac.

You can still copy files off your Mac when it shows storage device up as read-only option but if you can’t see all your data which is saved on your drive so don’t worry Mac hard drive recovery software can be used by the professional which can recover your is USEASE data wizard for Mac and can also so get back your all data on your drive by clicking the simple click which is available on your Mac or computer and option is the download for Mac or download for PC.

Now in the first step, you have to click the scan button and select the location by which you can get back all your lost data which is removed from your storage device.

In the second step, you will scan your selected disk volume immediately which can be an EaseUS data recovery Wizard for your Mac and on the left pane you have to display the scanning results.

In the third step, you have to click the recovery button and can scan the result by selecting the files so you have to get back all the data on your device.

Second Method:

The second method we used to fix the external hard drive being read-only on your Mac is ignoring the permission.

Then you have to choose to ignore the permission to solve the read-only external hard drive problem on your Mac and can also be sure that the problem can only be caused by the setting of permission.

In the first step, you have to click the external hard drive which is on the right side on your Mac and then you have to select the get info option.

Now in the second step, you have to expand the permission and sharing section after that click on the lock to authenticate option.

In the third step, you have to check and ignore ownership on the volume.

Third Method:

Third Method

In the third method, you have to fix this problem by repairing and checking the hard drive errors.

On your external hard drive, there are formatting errors that make the read-only devices and can also utilize the disc to repair and check the errors of the external storage device.

In the first step, you have to click on the disk utility and head to the application utilizes or you can also tap the space + command option and also type disc utility.

In the second step, you have to highlight the external hard drive read-only and then click to the ‘first aid’ option which is on the top center on your Mac after that you have to click on the ‘Run’.

The warning is alerting if you have to enable the method of NTFS experiment support in macOS. So you have a chance to do something which can not lose all your data on the target drive.

In this article we recommend you to use the method of writing the important volumes for the solution of a long time fixing drives. So you must follow the instructions we have given you to fix your external hard drive and it is read-only on Mac. 

You can easily solve your external drive problems with the help of open source and terminal options which can support you full-time and can also show the data trailing the paid options.

When you are facing a read-only drive on the external drive on your Mac so there is an external mount drive that cannot be recognized and can guide you with the following tips to solve your issues.


In this article, we recommend the NTFS file system format which can easily use the drive on Windows-based PCS and Mac.

The NTFS will not be the best format to use unfortunately If you are using the Mac OS drive on both macOS and PC.

You can easily find the external storage devices by using the tutorial giving you in this article which can identify and cause the read-only error for Mac users.

If you are completed using a Mac it is compatible for you and you have to fix all your problems by formatting your device.

You can select one of the Mac options if you are going to drive your Mac computers and can also create a partition with Mac and PCs.

If you are going to select the MS-Dos file system which can format the drive and you can also rename your hard drive by clicking erase on your computers and it can also format the filing system to your Mac and computer.

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