What is IaStorA.sys? Is it a Virus? (Guide)

Intel Rapid Storage System is an Intel Smart Response Technology-backed storage system. IaStorA.sys is an Intel Rapid Storage Technology-associated driver file.

This Windows driver will attach the PC to hardware or wired devices and does not trigger threats. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the important aspects of IaStorA.sys windows process in detail that will guide you about this process

What is iaStorA?


Intel Rapid Storage Technology is an Intel Smart Response technology-enabled storage device. It is an Intel Rapid Storage Technology-based driver file. This Windows driver allows the application to interact with hardware or wired devices.

The Redundant Inexpensive Disk Array (RAID) design enables the usage of two or three hard disks.

The machine will include a compatible chipset configuration, like an Intel RAID ROM module, and the correct form of disks, whether “iaStor.sys” is stopping or uninstalling, it would lose all the data from all the concerning disks, which could include the Windows OS.

“iaStor.sys” is one of six modules to be enabled frequently, including “iaStor.inf” and “iaStor.cat” (the first is by BIOS when installing a device and again then reinstalled in Windows), and the principle of RAID disk control is used.

The biggest and highest-value supplier in the world is Intel Corporation, a U.S. global semiconductor company located in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

IaStorA.sys File Information


It stands for Intel SATA storage device Raid controller.


 It is usually located in the C:\Windows \System32\drivers directory. Moreover, it is not a virus or malware if it is located in the mentioned folder. 


If we talk about the size of this program, it’s about 872 Kb and it won’t be accessible on the task manager.


But if you want to use the similar files of this program, then you can go for elbycdio.sys and klif.sys which are used by Windows operating systems.

The control panel or other programs may start or stop the driver by Services. You can’t see the program. This service is not listed in depth. It’s not a system file for Windows.

The file iaStorA.sys is a reputable company certified. A Microsoft-configured file is iaStorA.sys. A compact file seems to be iaStorA.sys.

The technological protection ranking is only 15 per cent dangerous, but you can read user reviews as well.

Can I Remove this Program?

Due to several other issues, Intel Rapid Storage Technology can not be uninstalled. There can still be other complications created by an incomplete installation of Intel Rapid Storage Systems.

It is therefore really necessary to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage Technologies completely and to remove all the data.

How to Remove the Drivers of IRST?

How to Remove the Drivers of IRST?

The IRST driver could be necessary because of the severity of the BSOD error store.sys that can not upgrade the Software.

To fix this error, the IRST drivers connected with this error will be uninstalled. Here are a few steps to update this program.

  • Right-click the Windows icon and pick Execute. 
  • Select OK to launch Devices Manager style devmgmt.msc. 
  • Controller IDE ATA/ATAPI extend type from now on. 
  • Thereupon, right-click separately on each driver and click from the context menu on the Driver.
  •  Device Uninstall from the background menu option.

How to Update the Program?

Update the Program

You may already have compromised or outdated IRST drivers if you get the iastora.sys error BSOD. This may also be the case if the IRST drivers on your device are wrong or obsolete. 

You will also check the IRST drivers to see if the issue has been solved. You can do this with Driver Easy automatically if you don’t have the time, stamina or programming ability to manually upgrade the buttons.

Driver Easy understands the device immediately and checks for the right drivers.

You don’t have to ask just what your machine deals with, you don’t have to fear to upload the incorrect app, and you don’t have to think about installing an error.

This is the most difficult approach because you have to locate the tools you need. Make sure you know first and foremost which drivers are important to function correctly in your program.

Be mindful that it can trigger your device to crash if anything incorrect is mounted. Then launch your browser and check for Intel RST (Intel RST) driver installer. Download it on your computer and run it. 

After the drivers have been mounted, restart your computer to make the adjustments successful. You just need to upgrade this edition with the new one. You just need to follow the steps given below


  1. Click the Search icon and in the text box type Device Manager, click the right choice.
  2. Next, find the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST) driver on the list and press right-click.
  3. Again, use the Context menu to pick the Modified driver alternative.
  4. Now click and uninstall the newest version of the “Automatically search for modified driver software” button.
  5. After the job is done, restart your PC and try your Windows upgrade.

Is it Necessary to Uninstall the Buggy Applications?

This BSOD error Iastora.sys can often result in malicious software such as third-party anti-virus programs, which have been recently installed.

If that is the case, attempt to uninstall the latest applications from third parties independently to see how anything is resolved. Just follow the steps ahead, 

  1. To open Settings click Win and I hotkey together.
  2. Choose from the left pane Applications & Features ahead.
  3. Turn to the correct right pane, drop down and pick the latest application.
  4. Then click Uninstall to validate the improvements. After that, uninstall again.
  5. After complete elimination of the application, restart normally the system.

How to Disable Background Services?

Normally, services operating in the background can even contribute to a BSOD error on the machine named iastora.sys. This phenomenon can be resolved by removing these services.      

  1. To start a Run dialogue, click Win & R hotkey.
  2. In the text area, form Msconfig presses the OK button from now on.
  3. When the window on the Device Configuration is shown, click on the Services tab.
  4. Turn to the bottom and click Hide all the checkboxes of Microsoft Services.
  5. To validate the adjustments, press the Disable tab, and press OK.
  6. Please go back to your Windows 10 PC and refresh it.
  7. After the device has taken the above steps, restart it and activate it again

Steps to Resolve iaStorA issues

Resolve iaStorA issues

Methode# 1:

Most of the users complain about the drivers of IRST while they try to fix the IaStorA.sys errors. Here are a few steps which you should apply while removing them,

  1. To access the executable prompt, hit the Windows key and R key, then type devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK to continue.
  2. Expand IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers in the Device Manager window.
  3. Right-click and select Uninstall every item.
  4. You should then obey the directions on the screen to continue.

Moreover when you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, kindly reboot the computer and test whether the BSOD is solved by the iaStorA.sys.

Methode# 2:

You should try upgrading drivers for Intel Rapid Storage Technologies if the above solution is not successful. Updating the Intel Rapid Storage application drivers will usually help address the Windows 10 error iaStorA.sys BSOD.

  1. You can access it from their official web site to upgrade Intel Rapid Storage System drivers.
  2. You can then click to access the SetupRST.exe installer, and download the Intel Rapid Storage Technologies.
  3. Then open the app to load Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers and follow the on-screen prompts.

Moreover when you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, kindly reboot the computer and test whether the BSOD is solved by the iaStorA.sys.

Methode# 3:

Resetting your machine will fix virtually operating system issues successfully, in general.

You should then reboot the machine to correct the iaStorA.sys BSOD error. Until resetting the machine, please back up all necessary data.

  1. To access the settings, click the Windows key and the I key.
  2. Go to the Recovery tab in the pop-up window.
  3. Then press Start resetting this PC.
  4. The next moves on the screen should be taken. The best way to continue my file management. This does not impact your data

Moreover when you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, kindly reboot the computer and test whether the BSOD is solved by the iaStorA.sys.

In working with problem-solving users, a special program is the best way to get the job done. The trouble is that driver issues are always complicated, and it requires time and energy to fix them.

You should recruit Auslogics Driver Updater to stop taxing troubleshooting manoeuvres: this simpler and easier to use software has been built to monitor the defective drivers.

The device checks the system for driver issues and advises you how to go through them. You will test any of your drivers with just one click with Auslogics Driver Updater.


Having said that, here the analysis for the iaStorA.sys program came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you about all the important aspects of the program.

Now you can easily access the program ad to avoid unnecessary situations for your PC.

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