Play Smart: Online Gambling Law & Regulations

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The meteoric rise of the multi-billion dollar global online gambling industry has been accompanied by often complex and frequently changing legal restrictions on Internet wagering activities. For players looking to engage in real money games and betting online, understanding the legal landscape is critical to …

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A List of Casinos Without Swedish License

Casinos utan svensk license are online gambling sites that don’t have a Swedish license. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these casinos are illegal, but it does indicate that they are not regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Casinos without a Swedish license offer higher welcome …

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Finding the Best New Jersey Based Brain Injury Attorney

Accident victims require the services of a traumatic brain injury attorney with expertise representing brain damage survivors or their families and legal training in this area.  Traumatic brain injury victims know that certain medical professionals have the education and experience to assist their patients.  Neurologists, …

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7 Countries With Cryptocurrency-Friendly Laws  

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since the entry of Bitcoin in 2009. As more people are using digital currency, governments are making efforts to streamline their transactions. Many countries today have regulations regarding the use of cryptocurrency. This article highlights those with crypto-friendly laws.  …

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How Much Is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

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What is the IRS Fresh Start Program? The IRS understands that not everyone who gets into tax difficulty is a severe and willful criminal, which is why programs like the IRS Fresh Start are available. It is intended as a flexible set of policies to …

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