Fix Kindle Fire is Not Recognized Error

If you think Amazon only sell product from other sellers, then you are wrong. Nowadays, Amazon is selling its own products including Kindles, Amazon Echo, Amazon fire stick and Amazon Prime. The Kindle Fire is one of the most popular Amazon product that allows users to read eBooks online. If you are using Windows 10 then you have faced this Kindle Fire is not recognized by Windows 10 or kindle charging but not recognized the error. Today in this article, we are going to share this guide on how to fix Kindle Fire is Not Recognized Error.

Restart your PC and see whether the issue resolves. In case it takes too much time to respond, follow the methods to repair the problem. There are different problems that may arise from time to time, however, like the Kindle display freezing, or the battery running low.

The Kindle Fire is a Well-known tablet made by Amazon. It is inexpensive. If you love to read then this is the best device for you. But somany users have reported kindle fire is not recognized by windows 10. So today, we are going to learn how to fix this issue.

How To Fix Kindle Fire is Not Recognized

We are going to list down all the possible solutions to fix this computer doesn’t recognize kindle paperwhite and kindle fire is not recognized by windows 10 issue.

Method 1: Reconnect Kindle Fire

1. Unplug and re-plug device to your PC with another USB port.

2. Also, try to reboot your PC.

3. If still not connecting then remove the Kindle Fire, Charge it for 30 min and then try again.

4. Make sure that, it is running on the latest version.

Method 2: Performing a Hard Reset

1. Connect Kindle Fire with PC.

2. Now wait for 40 seconds and then press and keep holding the power button. Release the buttons once Kindle Restarts.

Method 3: Connect Kindle Fire as Camera

1. Plug Kindle device to Windows PC.

2. Select open device as a camera from the drop-down menu.

3. Go to Settings > Storage on your device.

Method 4: Install Fire Driver for Windows 10

1. Open Device Manager using Win + X key on Windows and then go to Device Manager.

2. Now under Device Manager, click on Portable Devices.

3. Right-click on Kindle Fire or MTP device > Click on Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software

Click on Let me pick from a list.

4. Enable Show compatible hardware > MTP USB Device > Next.

Click Yes.

Also, Uninstall and reinstall USB controllers from Device Manager.

Method 5: Download the latest Kindle Application

Amazon Kindle tablet uses the Kindle app for file transfer, and if it is not up to date, then you might face certain issues. To download the latest version of Kindle Application and try again.

Method 6: Try a different Cable to fix Kindle Fire is Not Recognized

Try to connect Amazon Kindle with Different cable to fix Kindle not showing up in device manager or kindle fire is not recognized by windows 10 issue. Replacing it might solve this issue.

Method 7: Use Calibre

1. Turn off your PC and Kindle. Disconnect all cables.

2. Turn on PC > open Calibre and connect the Kindle to the PC.

3. Turn on the Kindle Fire and see kindle fire is not recognized issue is fixed or not.

Also, check if your device is on ‘ignore list’ in Calibre or not. If it is, then you have to remove it.

Open Calibre > ignore list > if Kindle is listed on the ignore list > remove it.

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Method 8: Enable ADB on Kindle

Open Settings > Device > Turn on ADB option. Your error should be fixed now.

Method 9: Update Kindle firmware

Please be extra cautious and follow this step on your own risk. This might damage your Kindle.

Final Take!

I hope that the error ‘Kindle Fire is Not Recognized’ is now fixed. If you face any difficulty, comment below. We will personally help you.

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