Is ALUSchedulerSvc.exe safe? How to Remove it? – (GUIDE)

Here is the deal for you! If you want to catch up with every single information about this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file, then do read out all of the details that we have mentioned below for you.

This is an executable file but this does not mark itself as an essential part of your Windows PC system. If it gets fully attacked by a virus, then that file becomes risky for your computer.

Furthermore, this executable file is located and present in a subfolder zone of “C:\Program Files (x86)”.

Or it is seen that it takes its place and existence in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\LiveUpdate\) area.

What is ALUSchedulerSvc.exe?


This ALUSchedulerSvc.exe, it has got no visible window. And it is not the Windows core file.

Even if you make your mind and plan to remove this file from your computer, you can do that without any worry. Most importantly, this file is categorized as a Verisign signed file.

It is digitally signed and it can completely and wholly hide. Before you decide to keep this file on your computer, you need to have an idea about its technical and actual security rating.

It is according to the views of experts that this file is 22% dangerous for your PC.

It is recommended to uninstall this variant of ALUSchedulerSvc.exe so that your PC can remain secure.

If you often encounter problems with this respective file, then it is better to remove and delete it.

You can contact and get in touch with the customer service update of this respective service. They can guide you on how to remove this file.

Also, if frequent problems are encountered by you, then you can install the latest and up to date version of this executable file.

Or you are free to uninstall it by accessing the control panel.

Moreover, if you are using Windows 10/8/7/XP, then the existence of this executable file is pretty common.

It has a size range of 100,032 bytes, 554,352 bytes. You might notice and see that this file will be existing in some other variants as well.

The whole process with the help of which this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file is linked up to is the part of service named Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler service.

Even more, this service is running and officially functioning in the invisible form and that too in the background.

This respective service manages and keeps an eye on the scheduling and running of all kinds of Automatic LiveUpdate sessions.

Below you can check out more of the details:

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More Basic Info on ALUSchedulerSvc.exe:


There are wide numbers of malware camouflages that have named themselves as ALUSchedulerSvc.exe, so keep your system protected and guarded against those attacking modes.

You should keep on checking your PC whether this file is existing as a threat or in the form of a healthy state on your PC.

Besides, you can verify this PC health state of yours by taking help from the security task manager.

Giving you more of the details about this executable file, this is the official part of the RASMAN_FIX program.

Most noteworthy, it is developed and created by Symantec Corporation. Normally, it is available in the respective size range of 46.44 MB.

There can be multiple numbers of chances and probability that this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file acts as a threat for you.

You can seek guidance from a variety of tools. If these tools list and categorize your program as unable to verify the program, it means your file and PC system is infected with a virus.

ALUSchedulerSvc.exe File Information:

ALUSchedulerSvc.exe File

You might be wondering what other file information is entailed and embossed in this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file, here we are going to tell you.

Its actual location details are C:\ProgramFiles\Symantec\ subfolder.

And the publisher of this file is Symantec Corporation. Its known size range is up to 46.44 MB in most of the Windows.

Before you use this file and keep it in your desktop PC station, you need to determine this fact how risky it is for you!

If ALUSchedulerSvc.exe is categorized and marked as risky, then you can delete it by accessing and using the task manager option.

Just compare its location and size details and keep in mind the above-written important facts so that you can decide whether this file is acting like a virus or not.

If you suspect uncanny and bizarre behavior in this file, then remove it in a second from your computer.

Best Practices for Resolving ALUSchedulerSvc Issues:

The last part is about the effective piece of discussion that are those practices that can help you in solving these ALUSchedulerSvc.exe issues!

Below we have collected some expert-recommended solutions for you. Follow the steps of these practices and keep your PC system healthy.

Note down that if an executable file is present in a safe zone, then there is no need to take it off from your PC system.

You have to come up with some valid and genuine reasons for why you want to remove this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file.

Like, if your PC performance is not up to the expectations and you are facing software functionality issues, then there is a chance that this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe is pounced and attacked by spyware or virus.

If such issues are occurring, then opt for any of the practices and solutions and remove this file from your computer.

Furthermore, you can carry out this diagnosis by completing a system analysis. Many tools carry such an analysis.

These tools can help you with an in-detail diagnosis of whether this file is behaving suspiciously or not.

Details for Resolving ALUSchedulerSvc.exe Issues:


The first option and solution available for you are to uninstall RASMAN_FIX right from your PC. This is how you can resolve these ALUSchedulerSvc.exe issues.

Search for uninstaller and get rid of this problem. There is a chance that this uninstaller can be located right at MsiExec.exe /I{F8A9139A-A94C-4351-8A57-908AC7DF9800}.

There is this possibility that you fail to hunt and grab the uninstaller for this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file.

In the other way round, what you can do is to completely delete this file from your computer desktop station.

This process of deleting a file, it can be carried out by using the feature of Add/Remove Program present in the Windows Control Panel.

The first step is to go to the start menu, reach the control panel, and access Programs.

For the users of Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, they can click on the displayed option of Uninstall a Program.

And for all of the users of Windows XP, then can click on the exhibited option of Add or Remove Programs. This is how you can delete this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file.

If you cannot notice and identify regarding whether this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file is acting in a weird and uncanny kind of manner, then you can check out these common error messages.

If you read such messages and your PC screen is popped up with such messages, then take it as a threatening sign.

These messages appear as “AluSchedulerSvc.exe Application Error.’’ Or you get this message “AluSchedulerSvc.exe failed’’.

Some users see this message, “AluSchedulerSvc.exe has encountered some serious problem’’.

So, if you do not want to see such messages happening because of the uncanny and strange behavior of your ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file, it is better to remove it.

More Tips for You!

It is constantly advised to keep your computer 100% tidy enough. From this statement, we mean that it should be regularly and consistently scanned.

Running automatic updates can solve this problem too. All software components of your PC should be virus-free.

Only then your executable files will not be infected! Furthermore, make regular backups so that infected ALUSchedulerSvc.exe virus may not harm your important data.

By scanning, you can see which Windows tasks are running healthily and which ones are pounded by viruses!

As this file program is not visible, so keep a close eye on it. Besides, keep a check on the security rating of this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe.

Its rating will give you an idea regarding how much probability is existing whether this file is masked and veiled as a virus or not.

Lastly, always run and use these good-quality anti-virus tools. They help you in removing spyware and all risky viruses from your system.

With the running of these anti-virus tools, this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file and rest of the executable files will not be confronted with any virus type.


Now, all basic information has been understood by you about this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file and you have come to know the method as to how to remove it!

As we know that this is a legitimate file process. Moreover, it is associated and linked with Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service.

By default, this executable file is present in your system and if it gets pounced and confronted by some virus, then your PC system health becomes risky.

So, if it acts strangely, then do remove this ALUSchedulerSvc.exe file from your system

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