iPhone vs Android: Did You Make the Right Choice? An In-Depth Comparison!

When it comes to buying phones our mind has always stuck between iPhone and Android cause these are the two mainstream in this field.

These two are the main competitors and choosing between these two is depends upon the specs and features they are offering. 

Want to know a fun fact?

The operating systems of both of them are marvelous and amazing. Also, they both are the same in some of their functions, not completely but specifically.

But they are also some differences between both of them that you should consider before grabbing your hand in any of them.


You will always find people arguing about these two magnificent options and the argument of deciding which one is better never comes to an end.

Some people are fanatics of the iPhone whilst others are supporters of android.

Both of them have their ins and outs that are based on hardware, apps, gaming system, storage, battery, consistency, and many more.

In this article, you are going to find out which one is a better choice for you.

Whether it is going to be iPhone or it will be an android on which you are going to grab your hands.

So let’s shove in.

First, we are going to talk about the iPhone 

iPhone vs Android: What’s The Main Difference?

Android vs iPhone

In this iPhone vs Android comparison let’s take a quick look at the main differences between both.

Which Phone Has Better Maps?

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

For example, online casino fans who enjoy playing their favorite games on mobile devices most frequently use Apple Pay to make a deposit or withdrawal. Those who find the online casino that they wish to join at Casinosters that also offers an apple pay casino UK, claim that this is one of the safest and fastest payment options that you can use. So, for this reason, we think that iOS offers a safer platform even when it comes to playing mobile games.

Maps are the main factor that creates the difference. No one can deny the fact that Google maps are the better ones.

Even though a few people opt for Apple maps. As there are a few improvements added to them. Yet in the end, it is always Google maps that win.

Winner: Android.

Which Phone Has a Better Battery Life?

Without a long-lasting battery life, there is no point in investing in a phone. A majority of people are concerned about the battery life offered by iOS or Android.

Especially for those who need to stick in the long run, have office hours, work shifts, etc. They all need to get a phone that offers an enduring battery.

We are quite lucky that Android phones offer a steady battery life. Compared to that, iPhones are not much of a reliable option with a low battery timing.

Winner: Android.

Which Phone Has a Better Ease of Use?

Ease of use iOS vs Android

Any phone can be the winner while comparing the features, security, etc. But imagine having a phone that comes with complexity.

In other terms, the value of any phone can instantly drop if it doesn’t offer ease of use.

Again, Android beats Apple with its basic, easier interfaces. In this case, Apple does get a bit involute and might be tricky to understand.

In the end, Android always seems to offer satisfactory results in all aspects.

Winner: Android.

Which Phone Has a Better Performance?

No matter how long we debate over iPhone vs Android. There is one feature that the iPhone never lags behind in.

When we talk about performance, updates, security enhancements, fixing bugs, etc.

Winner: iPhone.

Which Phone Has a Better Security?

Next on the list of differences, we have security concerns. Now, we can’t say that Android doesn’t ensure security but it is Google that is sloppy.

Compared to Apple, is remiss which app to allow or not in the app store.

Here, the best deal is to only get the apps from the Play store. Still, Google reported up to 0.16% malware in these apps.

But this doesn’t mean you can trust Apple either.

Though the system is a lot safer yet there are a few loopholes that overconfident people fall prey off.

Hence we can trust iOS devices to be the safer options.

Winner: iPhone.

Which Phone Has Better Customization Options?

iPhone vs Android Did You Make the Right Choice

People love to customize almost anything according to their taste. So the same is the case with phones and Android is for sure the favorite here.

Coming with a lot more customization options, Android not only beats Apple but others. Even though it offers a variety of options yet these come with utter ease and simplicity.

Here’s the kicker!

On the opposite hand, some people prefer Apple. For them, the customization options of iOS are a whole lot better. In the recent software update of iOS 14, Apple now offers more customization options. 

Winner: Android.

Which Phone Has a Better Resale Opportunity?

Now, this one is a pretty important factor in this iPhone vs Android comparison.

Android may turn out to be a winning competitor in any aspect. But what about resale that we all might face at some point?

Well, the thing about the iPhone is that even after 2 years of use, it can offer you a decent price.

A lot of us use iPhones older than 2 years. And the best part is that these are still in their best shape.

Whereas, for Android, the scenario may not be similar. Even if you used an Android for a few months, its resale value drops.

Yet again a larger chunk of people prefers them.

Here’s the deal:

Androids are always ahead because they continue to meet people’s preferences.

The amount we need to pay is decent, the customization is amazing. So why not opt for a reliable option rather than being fancy?

Winner: iPhone.

iPhone vs Android: Pros and Cons

iPhone vs Android Pros and Cons2

Now, that we have discussed the iPhone vs Android differences. 

Here are the basic plus point and a few drawbacks of both the options.

Design & Price:

Any phone’s design and price have a direct relation and impact on the buyers.

We all know how enticing and appealing is the iPhone.

Whereas Androids come in a varying variety of designs and prices.

For instance, Google Pixel and Samsung S7 are equally attractive as the iPhone 7 plus.

True to its words, Apple brings forth phones with a sleek, stylish, fit finishing.

But with time, Android users are also competing these quirky models.

It only gets worse!

Though big Android companies are trying to bring some changes. There are a few Android phones that are completely dull, ugly, and boring.

This is a major setback that Android has to face since who knows when.

The reason for Apple’s success is simple; they prefer luxury. Hence they always come up with the classiest finishes and nothing average.

People who don’t want to spend a fortune can go for the Androids. But they would never give you the elegant and chic vibe that Apple can.

Instead, if not a new one you can always opt for a used iPhone but it would still cost you more. So the reasonably priced option for most of us is the Android.

iPhone Limitations:

Every item comes with the plus points that make it while buying. Whereas every product has its cons that make us question our decisions.

People may end up buying iPhones for a lavish feel but Apple is always proprietary. iPhones come with a list of limitations like not being able to use the Kindle app to buy an eBook. Or using Play Movies watch Google Play movies, etc.

But, here’s the kicker!

Those who own Android are free to use any of these apps. It is open-source while being open to alternative apps.

The only issue here is that Apple didn’t port its apps to Android. Nor it will do so in the future, but this makes no difference to the majority of users.

A.I. and Voice Assistants:

siri vs google assistant

Who doesn’t know of Siri and Google Assistant?

Of course, we all do, and also which of both is preferable. Google Assistant is, by all means, a smarter choice here.

People who often use Google apps like Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc. The Google Assistant can certainly make things a lot easier for them. It comes with an amazing voice interface that can guide you.

For instance, you have a meeting so the Google Assistant will remind you. Also, it will guide you to leave earlier by beforehand notifying you.

Isn’t it amazing?

On the opposite hand, we have Siri and it is one of its kind in the market. Even though it is the first yet not as advanced as Google Assistant.

It might answer your queries but won’t provide you reminders like Google Assistant.

Default Apps:

From the minute you turn on your new phone, either Android or Apple. Both have a whole list of apps stocked up that you see on your phone screen.

There are apps for web browsing, editing/playing/recording audio, email. Then for documents, viewing/editing photos and videos, spreadsheets, and so on.

Furthermore, there are some apps that we can’t uninstall no matter what. Yet you surely can replace these stock apps with various third-party apps.

For instance, consider the Messaging apps that are always in extensive use. In this particular app, iOS is way ahead of Android from the games, payments, Memoji, Animoji, etc. Then the FaceTime option is another plus point with the iOS messaging app.

Like this, Android is also ace when it comes to maps.

As we already mentioned above how Google Maps are a far better option than Apple’s.

Apart from maps, there are major apps like news, health monitoring, podcast apps.

Here again, iPhones are the ones with the advantage as they offer advanced editing options.

On average, iOS and Android both have their fair share of great apps. A few are better options in iOS and in some categories, Android wins the heart.

Timely Updates:

Next in this iPhone vs Android comparison, we have another plus point of Apple.

In short, when it comes to timely updates Android is a bit lagging. When there is a new update/patch released by Android, we can only hope for the best to happen.

But when Apple launches updates, all the phones will get it anyway. With iPhones, each detail is under the control of Apple so the users enjoy them timely.

In the case of Android, Google supplies programs and base OS. But it is up to the manufacturer about when to deliver the patches and upgrades.

If you own a high-end phone, you might get the patches. But the remaining Android smartphones won’t even get a single security patch.

Though Apple provides security patches, yet these can be feeble. So iOS also needs to improve the quality standards.

Still, it is a win-win situation for Apple when it comes to updates.


Android offers you the biggest advantage when talking about extra gear. Now, we all love to enjoy our calm after a tiring day, earphones plugged in, and our favorite song.

For Android, there is a standard USB port in every device. This grants the user bigger advantages to connect many gadgets.

But Apple won’t offer these facilities and lags behind. It only comes with a lightning port requiring extra something to connect other gear.

These extras can also cost you a lot more compared to Android.

Cloud Integration:

iCloud vs Google Drive

This is a real pain for all the iPhone users and we all agree with the fact. On the opposite, Android offers complete integration with Google apps and services.

One can use Google and relevant apps, get access to several of its services without a hassle. Like the unlimited storage offered by Google Photos including an editor.

Though iPhone has its iCloud Photo Library, yet the accessing part often is too hard to handle. Getting access to multiple devices only turns out to be a problem.


Cameras from Android phones do vary as the Galaxy S8 uses similar hardware as S7. But these are a bit lower on the scale compared to iPhone 7 Plus.

Here’s the deal:

Both these cameras are pretty great but there can be one winner.

Without a doubt, it is the iPhone’s camera with almost all the things being a step ahead of Android.

The only advantage Android has is its front cameras with a wide-angle lens for selfies.

Video Conferencing:


Apple simply summed up the videoconferencing into 1 app; FaceTime. If your friends and family are also iOS users, you are all set.

In the case of Google, there is not a certain setup for the video, voice, IM apps.

As for now, Google Hangouts is the prime communication app. But it can be a wrong notion also as Google needs to make up its mind.

Interface and Usability:

It can be a tad bit hard to believe but Apple has the advantage here. Android brings on complexity with the drop-down menus and settings.

Then there are various home screens and divergence in the interfaces.

Unlike other features, Apple facilitates users with easy, consistent settings and layouts. Want to know the best part? iOS 14 brings a quirky new feature that we love.

Now, you can customize the screen with well-designed, large widgets. Then there is a new App Library to customize, group, and organize icons automatically.

Whereas Android offers more customization options letting you opt from a wider list. This might be weird but the search function offered by iOS is far better.

iOS groups the apps and you can look up emails, apps, and apps that are not yet installed. Moreover, it shows you the App Store links to those certain apps.

Places Where iPhone is Better than Android:

Places Where iPhone is Better than Android

As we can see that everyone has their smartphones in their hands.

When android had been started everyone who an afford one had bought one but now if you ask anyone before buying a phone then they will suggest getting an iPhone, the reasons are so many.

When Apple launched its first iPhone, people kneel over it that proved the fact that the iPhone is far better than android due to its advancement in features and technology. 

Now Apple launches a new model of iPhone every year with improved features and innovative tech.

Some of the places where the iPhone is better than android are:

1. User Friendly:

User Friendly

One of the main places when the iPhone is far better is when it comes to using it.

Many of the companies are trying hard to make phones up to date but Apple has already achieved it. 

Do you know what is interesting about the iPhone?

The texture of its iOS and look has not been changed for so long almost from 2008. That’s why it is so easy for its user to operate it and learn it.

All you need is to grab your iPhone and touch the app you want to open and boom start using it.

As we know that beings are not being in love with thinking so Apple has made it easy for them that they just grab their phone and use it without much thinking capacity.

On the whole, the iPhone makes interference easier 

2. Assimilation Of Hardware And Software:

One of the crucial benefits of Apple’s iPhone is the better assimilation of hardware and software.

When you are going to buy a new phone you should better know about its hardware and software.

You will be amazed that iPhone 7 has this feature of detecting pressure that somebody put on it. 

Astounding, No?

This means that if one model has this astonishing feature then what other model will have, more and more remarkable features.

Apple just needs to unfold the features of their phones as more as they can.

3. Security:


Security is one of the elite features of the iPhone. If you are worried about the safety of your data then you should go with the iPhone.

Yes, I said it, you know why?

Because Apple went to war with the FBI and gave assurance to our right to encodings and no other company can beat apple in this.

Apple security matters a lot, that is why it is going in-depth with encryption. Our data is so secure with the used iPhone as compared to android.

Want to know the reason?

Because it is most likely that google read our data sometimes as when we click agree on to the terms we do not agree at all.

Though google assures you about privacy then some security agents and Apple itself contends that google presents bogus choices between AI and users’ privacy.

4. Apps:


Another prominent feature of the iPhone is its features which are the best with zero doubt. No one can deny the reality that the Apps of the iPhone are over Android.

Let me tell you wherefore,

One reason is that the apps iPhone offers are completely safe to use in contrast to those that android offers cause it may infect your device if you download any app from android’s store. 

The browsing experience through Apple is better than android it allows you to search without extra suggestions.

No extra flow of unnecessary apps on the iPhone.

5. No Bloatware:

The key feature of the iPhone is that no bloatware at the lot.

Do you know what does it mean?

It means no trouble at all.

Want to know by what means?

It is this way that when you get your iPhone, you just need to start it and no extra features and apps are there in line whereas in android there are lots of unnecessary features and apps are ready for making trouble for you and from which you want to get rid of but you cannot.

So the iPhone wins here.

6. Camera:


Well if I say that this is the most important feature of the iPhone that people prefer this over android.


I know right.

The cameras are so fast and up to date that people prefer their cameras over other digital cameras.

They come with a panorama feature through which you can make videos of an angle of 240 degrees. 

Not only panorama but also slowMo is newly popular. Through which you can make your videos in slow motion that look so cool and attractive.

The latest model of the iPhone which is the iPhone 11 has a 12-megapixel rare camera, 12-megapixel front camera with face id, 4k,60fps of video capture, and 240fps, 1080p slow-motion video ability.

Isn’t it amazing?

Some other incredible and significant aspects of the iPhone are cited below

  • Face time feature is exclusive to the iPhone which is rare in Android Phones.
  • If you own other Apple gadgets like Mac book and iPod ETC then iPhone is ideal for you that’s for sure because you can share your music, DATA, and contact through iCloud. 
  • They are usually faster than Androids.   

These are only some benefits. There are many other advantages of the iPhone that are not mentioned here but you should consider them too.

Places Where Android is Better than iPhone:

Android is Better than iPhone

It is a fact we are living in a world where technology has taken over our lives.

We see every next person using android phones due to their compatibility with our pocket as well as daily life usage.

People usually say that iPhones are more superior to androids but this is not the case.

There are so many places where androids are far better than any other option.

Some of them are discussed below. So let’s go and see what are they before any delay.

1. More Choices in Android Hardware:

When you go to buy a smartphone, Apple offers only two versions of their gadget a big and the bigger with expensive and highly expensive terms.

But in the case of the android of the scene is different.

You know just how?

The android comes in different varieties of shapes, sizes, and features along with a different range of prices.  

Although some androids are of the same prices as the iPhone most android phones are highly affordable that everyone can easily take a hand at it.

2. Multitasking:


Multitasking is one of the prominent features of android phones.

Yes, you can write notes while listening to music on YouTube, or can watch videos while using WhatsApp.

Thanks to the split-screen option that made this possible for android users to perform multiple tasks at one time.


This built-in feature helps you a lot in saving your time by splitting the screen into two parts so you can do two tasks at once.  

Apart from this split-screen option, there are many other benefits like management of notification is another best aspect of android phones.

3. Price:

When it comes to price androids win the game because they are highly affordable and pocket-friendly.

There are rare cases out there when android costs higher than iPhone otherwise iPhone cuts our pockets like anyone else.

If you are genuinely worried about your financial plan and pocket then no other thoughts cause android is best for you.

Because some of them are affordable that it seems free of cost.

They are not only cheap but also up-to-date and go with the trend. They are not as stylish as iPhones but are no less. 

Samsung phones are an example of that you can buy a luxurious and stylish phone with all the smart features at a very affordable cost.

4. Peripheral Compatibility:

If you own a smartphone it means that you need extra accessories in your bag like hands-free, USB cables for charging purposes, and battery cases. 

Androids offer its users to hold their hands-on variety of accessories.

This is because androids connect with other devices with the help of USB’s and we can find USB ports easily almost everywhere.

While on the other hand, the iPhone utilizes its lightning port to connect with other devices which is less widely compatible in contrast to the android phone.

So androids win here once again.

5. Storage And Battery:

Storage And Battery

When it comes to storage and battery then no one can beat an android system.

Let me elaborate on why

This is because Apple is highly concerned with the elegance and simplicity of its phones.

So there is no option of memory card or no room for extra storage assistance as well as the battery time is less than the android one.

On contrary,

By the usage of an android phone, you can change the battery of your phone and can upgrade your phone’s storage by using a memory card.

Although this is not that elegant at least you would not run out of storage or battery at the time of need.

What You Should Choose According to Your Daily Usage?  

It depends on your need and the specs you want on your smartphone. As we all agree that everything has its aces and minuses so do android and iPhone have.

In some cases, iPhone is superior to android like security, if one is more concerned about their data and right on encryption that he/she considers an iPhone because iPhone is best when it comes to security.

If you don’t have any mess and a lot of thinking before operating your device then you should opt iPhone cause it is usually easy to use an iPhone.


If you are looking for a device that offers you considerable battery timing and storage at the same time then you had better choose and android.

Additionally, when it comes to the shareability of data with other devices then android is best for you. 

If you are a multitasker and want to perform more than one task at once then we all know that android comes with an option of the split-screen through which you can perform two tasks at once so you should grab one.

iPhone vs Android: And The Winner Is

To put all the things together and to decide which one is suitable for your daily usage is not an easy mission, because as I mentioned in the above discussion that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

It depends on you that whether you want an iPhone or an android cause some people have hardware while other people are more concerned about the battery timing of their smartphone and storage ETC.

All you need is to decide that toward what feature you are attracted to.

Last but most important:

It also depends on your pocket and budget. Android is a personal choice but I am not going to argue if you prefer iPhone over Android.

So, if you have any queries in your mind regarding the whole review then feel free to ask us anytime. We are here for your assistance.

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