How to Accelerate Career Growth in IT

The field of Internet technologies is so comprehensive and large-scale today that each of us has a chance to occupy our niche in this promising direction. Especially since there are hundreds of specialties that you can work on. And the work itself can be performed not only in the office but also by working remotely. A career in tech is tempting, isn’t it? However, before becoming a sought-after specialist, you need to go through career growth and gain experience. Is it possible to speed up this process – read more in our article.

First of all, let’s understand what is so attractive in the field of IT today and why most specialists seek to realize themselves in it:

– The field is constantly developing

– Decent salary, even if you are a beginner

– Constant need for good specialists

– An opportunity to work in a foreign company without leaving your country

– High prospect of career growth

– An opportunity to create your startup and receive passive income

1. Attend Specialized Courses

Even if you’re already working, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested in technology at scale. Moreover, companies themselves are interested in their employees’ learning. Therefore, professional development is often carried out at the employer’s expense. Do not miss the free courses, where you can learn many interesting things. Even if you memorize 10% and use 5, it will greatly contribute to your future career.

2. Take an Internship

If you are starting to look for a job, your best recommendation for a potential employer will be your internship. Even if you have to work for free, do not refuse. Collective work on the project, the opportunity to try your hand at the current system, and the experience of communicating with colleagues will be a useful and necessary resources for you in the future.

3. Create a Cool Portfolio

Your professional face is a portfolio. If you work on it well, then later, you can only attach internship recommendations or cover letters and send them to vacancies that interest you. You should not overplay and attribute to yourself successes that you did not have. But it is also unnecessary to remain modestly silent about what may interest companies. Therefore, be self-critical, but to an extent. From the first lines, a person should understand you as a successful and reliable specialist who will successfully join any team.

4. Work on Your Qualities

To be easily accepted by the desired company, you need to work on the qualities that will make you an excellent specialist. And we are talking not only about professional knowledge and education but also about other features:

– The ability to work in a team

– The ability to analyze your mistakes and admit them to others

– A desire to constantly improve

– Striving for a common result and willingness to spend time helping other team members for this purpose

– Scrupulous attention to detail

For example, if you are looking for a job as a remote Java software engineer, at the same time, be interested in new products in this area and, if possible, communicate with other specialists. Improve yourself as a specialist later to apply all your knowledge to the given task.

However, remember that you must work a lot on yourself and your knowledge to reach career heights. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: the most useful experience comes from mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if you need people around. Do not stop at what you have achieved because it is human nature to learn all your life. And, of course, clearly define what you want to achieve for yourself. Visualize your dream every time the hands go down again. After all, what kind of soldier does not dream of becoming a general?