Youtube Running Slow on Your Computer – Fixed

YouTube is among the most popular video-sharing website on the Internet, with roughly four billion hours of a movie watched each month. YouTube’s servers are often under significant strain, which may make loading times slow.

Due to millions of Videos, sometimes Youtube Running slow on Windows. YouTube has one of the most irritating issues called buffering problem and it is not a new issue. Sometimes there is an issue with your ISP and servers are loaded with so many users.

Also due to the YouTube Cache issue, you are facing the issue. YouTube is the world’s 3rd top website.

As its users are increasing day by day, many users are facing some issues in Youtube Videos. Many users have reported that video stuttering, buffing for a long time and they cannot play the video after many reload.

Fix Youtube running slow on your computer

Sometimes YouTube is also down and you are facing the issue. Many users reported that altering the URL will increase their surfing speed. All You Have to do is open the YouTube movie you want to perform and also substitute the “www” with “ca” or some other URL and try if the issue is solved or not.

Quick Guide to Fix Youtube Running Slow

Consider disabling your ad blocker and see whether it fixes the issue. There is a possibility you will get far better buffer speed in the flash player, and thus do try that as well. If you’re still facing issues, then I will suggest that you try using YouTube on a different web connection if at all possible. Restart the browser and try to stop by YouTube again and see whether the issue occurs.

Youtube Running slow Windows
Youtube Running slow Windows

Make sure that you have the most recent drivers for your computer hardware, especially the most recent video drivers for Windows 10.

Overloaded Servers Issues

YouTube is having an audience of 800 million unique hits a month, so even when they have an intricate infrastructure, they may nevertheless be burdened by significant traffic and the occasional host error.

If your Internet is still working well except for YouTube, it is probably only YouTube experiencing the issues. YouTube attempts to correct any loading issues.

Internet/Router Issues

If your link is slow or undergoing any issues, it might be evident in bandwidth-intensive actions for example file downloads and movie streaming. Restarting your router can often repair the issue.

Outdated Flash

Flash is a multimedia system that allows users to play videos on the browser. If you are facing the issue then update the Flash Player. Some browsers upgrade Flash automatically, but if yours doesn’t, the latest version of Flash can be downloaded from Adobe’s site.

Browser Cache

Sometimes due to browser cache, you can face some serious issues like youtube running slow. So first clean your browser cache to fix the issue.

Hope you liked the issue and Youtube Running slow issue is fixed.

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