Disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser

The most Frustrating thing about the Internet nowadays is that the auto-playing videos. Facebook, Instagram all are using auto-play video options so that users can see videos but it is annoying. There are many promotional videos on the webpage. These videos just begin automatically, and also the most annoying aspect of these is that the sound which may blast your ears from nowhere. They consume your Data and power. So it is good to disable them. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser in Windows 10.

The Majority of these videos runs on the HTML5 Player or the Flash Player. This is a complete guide on disabling autoplay feature in HTML5 and Flash players for various browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser

While surfing the internet, we frequently encounter sites that automatically begin playing videos with audio. Aside from being annoying, these autoplay videos consume your data too. These videos are often set in the sidebar. Annoying autoplay videos are extremely common nowadays. And the worst part is, the majority of the instances, these videos aren’t even related to your interest or that Web page.

Disable Autoplay Videos
Disable Autoplay Videos

Google Chrome now lacks some built-in settings to disable Auto-Play videos. If you start a collection of tabs, then you then must go through them to locate the video. Microsoft Edge is your default web browser in Windows 10. Microsoft has added a brand new option that enables preventing sites from automatically playing videos.

Disable autoplay videos in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Go to Edge browser and then go to Settings.

Under Advanced settings, click View Advanced settings.

Turn off Allow sites to automatically play media to disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser.

Thanks for reading this guide on how to Disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser in Windows 10. If you are facing any issue then comment below.

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