How to Fix: Chrome Continue Where You Left Off Not Working

There is a catchy feature in chrome which is Where You Left Off.

If your chrome crashes in between your work or some other problem comes and the chrome shuts in the middle of your work, when you will open it again it will give you an option to open all the tabs that were open before because chrome was not shut off like it usually is.

The feature helps you open all the tabs that you were working on and this feature can be helpful many times.

But some people do not have this privilege in their chrome that’s why we have arranged this article for those people who want to have this feature in their chrome too. So let’s back to the article and learn how you can activate this feature on your chrome. 

There are many methods to solve this problem. Many people complain that when they are relaunching their chrome they do not find any previous tabs open and they have to open all the tabs by themselves again.

And some of them complain that when they launch their chrome the tabs that were open before open again but rather than that some additional tabs also open with the current tabs.

That is very strange, we think that this a cache issue so let’s check by our own self that how can we solve this out.

Update Chrome

Update Chrome

The chrome has a feature to update the browser automatically. If it is not updating by itself then the option should be locked. However, there are two ways to update chrome.

First, you can reinstall the latest version of chrome from their site. Second, you can check by going into the settings and look under the about tab.

Other than these two options is by checking under the three-dot menu if there is an update available there would be a chrome icon shown for an update if there isn’t then you are using the latest version of the browser. 

Disable Extensions

Disable Extensions

Extensions can be beneficial to the browser and can break the browser as well. If you disable all the extensions and then check if the where you can be left off mode is working or not. 

You can find the extension option in the menu under the more tool option. You will first disable all the extensions and then enable them one at a time to find out which extension is making your browser break.

If you are using incognito do not do it because the mode does not work in incognito. 

Delete Cache

Delete Cache

The cache can be responsible for this cause as the cache can save a lot of data while you browse different sites. To delete cache open settings and scroll down until you see Advanced when you see it click on it.

After that, many other options will be available then again start to scroll to the bottom until you see Clear browsing data. Click on the option, when you will click it a window will appear where you will see three options.

Check on cookies and site data options and mark a check on Caches images and files. When you are done click on the clear data button but remember to save all the data before doing this because some sites will be offering you a sign-up option again because of this clearing data. 

Re-enable It

Sometimes the mode works when you disable it and then re-enable it. If you want to try that open setting and search on the search bar ‘Continue where you left off’.

Disable the option then close chrome reboot the system and after sometime enable it again.

Do Not Create Shortcut

There is a feature called Create shortcut. This feature can come in handy as you can open your favourite sites by clicking on the shortcut when the browser opens but it can cause you a major problem and can stop the where you left off mode from working.

Rather than this feature you can save your favourite sites by using a bookmark or pin it to a tab. These two can be more hand than the shortcut option.

If you want to pin the tab you should right-click on the tab to pin it on the tab as every time when you will open chrome the tab will open immediately that you have pinned. The bookmark can be saved by the star icon that is on the right side of the address bar.

Process Monitor

Process Monitor

The process monitor was created by Microsoft for all its operating systems. The program will generate a list of all the processes and registries that are running on the real-time on your system.

This program is an advanced monitoring tool that can replace some features of Task Manager as well. 

New User

The new user account can also solve various problems as it can give you new admin rights. For this, press the window key + I from keyboard to open the settings and choose the account option.

When you enter the account option click on family and other users and after that click on Add someone else to this PC. after that, just follow all the on-screen instructions to create the account. Choose the option Administrator and then try chrome again.

Reinstall Chrome with Old Profile

Reinstall Chrome with Old Profile

As you can backup the data of chrome to make them where you left off mode work.  For that, you should navigate to the folder of chrome and create a backup of the Default folder.

The default folder is that folder where your bookmarks and other data are saved. After that uninstall chrome and then reinstall it. When the chrome is reinstalled save the backup folder the folder of chrome and then try the mode again.


These methods will definitely help you start the where you left off mode. If you need our assistance we will be right here you just have to comment in our comment section and we will get back to you shortly. 

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