How to Fix SedLauncher High Disk Usage Issue? (Guide)

SedLauncher.exe is an executable file that enters your PC after a Windows update of Windows 10. The file is not a virus but a simple update feature to enhance your Windows on your PC.

It comes with the Windows update KB4023057 with a name Windows Setup Remediations which you can find in Settings -> Apps -> Apps and Features page.

But remember the file can be harmful as well as the file is an executable file and normally these files are used for harming Windows.

What is Sedlauncher.exe Program?


When Windows 10 was released the Microsoft Corporation made few announcements for the upcoming updates of this operating system.

In those updates, an updated name KB4023075 was introduced that will update all the components of the operating system and will change all the things in windows 10 which includes the GUI, speed, software and much more things that are in the operating system and most of all some new things also been introduced in this update.

This patch of Windows 10 offer reliability improvements to these versions of Windows 10 only which are 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803.

This update was released to give a smooth Windows 10 to the customers and consequently, new customers do not face trouble while installing Windows 10. 

This component also works under Windows Setup Remediation file as the program is used for increasing the updates speed and you will be glad to know that this program file is digitally signed which means that this file is not a virus or any type of malware.

If you want to learn more about how to remove or block SedLauncher.exe to prevent it from using high disk usage on Windows 10 so scroll down and stay tuned with the article.

How to Resolve Sedlauncher.exe High Disk Usage Issue on Windows 10?

Resolve Sedlauncher.exe

The sedlaucher.exe is a crucial component that not only an update patch but also increases the speed of the other updates as well. It also helps the operating system by increasing the actual speed of your PC. 

So if you want to learn to make sure to learn every step carefully and if anything bothers you or some problem come you can ask for our assistance as well.

Method#1- Disabling Via Task Manager

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click the windows icon
  2. Select task manager from the options or you can simple press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the task manager directly
  3. After accessing in Task Manager scroll till you find Windows Remediation Service
  4. Right-click on the selected file and click end task
  5. After all that restart your computer and let the change take effect

Since you disabled the whole Windows Remediation service it will disable all the programs that are running under it including Sedlauncher.exe and Sedsvc.exe.

Method#1- Turning off Using Utility Service

  1. Launch the run dialogue box by pressing windows key + R or you can easily go in the start and can search run and press enter
  2. Inside run dialogue box type services.msc 
  3. Once the services utility window show, scroll down until you find Windows Remediation Service program
  4. Right-click after finding the program and select Properties
  5. After that, go to the general tab
  6. Click the drop-down list beside startup type and then choose Disabled from the list
  7. Then go to service status section and click stop
  8. After that click OK and Apply the changes you have made
  9. Restart the PC and then check if the problem is finish or not

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Method#1- Performing a System Restore

Windows 10 came up with a better solution to make the operating system error-free. The System Restore option allows you to make the changes that are applied previously without any error.

Similarly, if you are worried about your file so don’t be because it restores only the system files and keeps all the other files safe and secure.

  1. First, press Windows key + S in your keyboard
  2. Next, a search box will appear inside the search box type Restore
  3. After that, select Create a restore point from the results that are showing on your screen
  4. Then, click the system restore button
  5. Click next to begin
  6. Look at all the timestamps that are shown and select the right timestamp where the issue was not discovered or wasn’t there
  7. After that, click next to start the process of System restore

This method will definitely finish all the malicious programs that are causing trouble on your PC.

Disable the Service

Disable the Service

As you know the file is used in updating Windows 10 and it comes with a patch that will improve the performance of your operating system.

If the file is increasing the high CPU usage of your system that it can be a problem. You can easily disable the file by simply using these methods.

  • Disabling Sed Launcher from Task Manager
  • Disabling Sed Launcher from Services

These two methods will help you disable the file completely and will make your CPU usage low. 

Uninstall Service

As the file is part of the operating system and is essential for the operating as well. The file can not be uninstalled perhaps it can be disabled but the file can not be uninstalled by any means.

The file comes with an update of Windows 10 and is used to improve the performance which means the file is not a malicious file and you should not try to uninstall it by any means.


We hope that you learned all the steps that will disable or remove sedsvc.exe from your PC.

We hope that this article will benefit in every aspect and if you have any queries or problems while disabling or before that we are here for your so feel free to comment in our comment section and we will approach you as soon as possible

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