Download GOM Player For Windows 10

GOM Player Windows 10: Now GOM media player is available for Windows 10 as well. Meaning, you have brilliant access to enjoy videos much easily and conveniently. Download GOM Player for Windows 10 for free today while enjoying the same features that this app offers on mobile. The app comes with innumerable options including both advanced and basic functions. Some of the basic functions of this GOM player includes – speed control, managing of subtitles, light control over the media, non-encoding and much more.

GOM Player For Windows 10

A variety of non-encoding files: This is a number one video player that comes with a variety of non-encoding video files. This feature also includes you to play video in different formats such as MP4. Thus the app supports multiple video formats.

Easy-to-understand UI

It has an excellent UI that definitely makes your task much easier. The app’s convenient UI has brilliant screen options and a range of slide menus. You will be absolutely enjoying its intuitive screen options.


So you would like to take a screenshot of the video at any given point of time while you are playing a video? Then why not use this option. The app lets you capture screen seamlessly with just a tap of a button.

Advanced settings

GOM player for Windows 10 supports a wide range of options, one of them includes – with this app, it is possible to connect to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, FTTP, etc.


Touch interface and keyboard shortcuts. What else you need to edit a video in a snap! The application supports a variety of shortcuts such as space, [Z], [C], [X], arrows and more for undo, copy, cut, scroll operations respectively.

App details

If you’re worried about the size, let us tell you that this application takes 5.9 MB space only. So why wait, download this photo and video category based app now – DOWNLOAD GOM Player and have a great video watching experience.

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