How to Disable Notification Requests in Chrome Browser

Push notifications are been around for quite a couple of years. Before you can begin sending push notifications to people, they first must subscribe. Also, website push notifications are cost-sensitive and critical as it gives businesses the capability to send push notifications without having to put money into an app. If you are using Google Chrome then, you know that Google Chrome show notifications on your desktop. But it is very annoying and thus many users want to disable notification requests on their Windows.

Here in this article, we are going to share how you can disable notification requests in the chrome browser. You can also block unwanted notifications on your browser.

How You Can Disable Notification Requests in Chrome

Push notifications are a fast and effortless method of notifying users about product updates, features, news, or some other information that can be handy for the intended audience. Push notifications could have been largely seen as mobile marketing and advertising tactic, but such is not true anymore. You can also utilize notifications to prompt in-store visits deep-link to a page that permits visitors to discover the closest location.

To learn more about how web push notifications can help your company, contact us today! Now you are aware of how simple it is to compose an internet push notification, to add it to your engagement strategy on the net.

Step 1: Open Google Browser and then go to Settings from the 3 dots menu from the right upper corner.

Step 2: Click on Settings > Advanced.

Step 3:  Content settings > Notifications.

Step 4: Turn off the Ask before sending the switch.

You are done! It says blocked. Now all the notifications are blocked on your Chrome Browser.

In Chrome 58, there’s 1 channel for a great many web notifications. If you select block, that site won’t ever have the ability to ask that browser for permission to permit notifications. There are three major areas that are going to have a direct effect on the internet push notifications opt-in pace.

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