How To Stop Pop-ups in Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox and IE)

Pop-ups are the attention seekers that are displayed on the small windows of your computer. They are usually displayed at the corners of a screen.

Or sometimes these can even appear in the middle of the window too. The pop-up on your already visible screen there-by making you have a look at them compulsorily. These pop-ups are generally used by different kinds of companies in order to grab your attention.

Or we can just say that these pop-ups are used for marketing purposes for the development of the products.

Why should somebody stop these pop-ups?

Most of the users are not satisfied with the in-built pop-up system developed by chrome because most of the time these pop-ups seem to be disturbing and distracting rather than helping the users by providing them with information about the availability of any particular facility provided by the companies and developers.

  • Not all pop-ups are safe.
  • Not all pop-ups are original.
  • Most of the time these pop-ups are annoying.

Are pop-ups harmful?

These pop-ups are not always harmful but yes they are harmful in a few cases. Some pop-ups contain special HTML codes that will be activated to refer to different types of web addresses when you try to close the window. This can bring viruses to your system. Most of the malware affects the system in this way only.

Usually, a pop-up may contain some buttons that include ‘Close’ or ‘Cancel’ options, but cannot get any guarantee that these links are actually designed for that specified purposes. The link behind these buttons need not get dismissed like the pop-up. It could trigger another pop-up which can be a start for the downloading of the viruses.

Hence, it is our responsibility to stay on the safer side of the scheme as a safe place is always better than a place with possibilities.

How to stop pop-ups in Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge is the new official browser from Microsoft, just like chrome. It has a built-in pop-up blocker facility which helps to block pop-ups, that can be activated by following these steps:

  • First of all, you will have to open Microsoft Edge and then click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner, or you can also press Alt-X which helps in opening the options menu.
  • Click on the “Settings” option available here.
  • Select the “Privacy and Security, which has a small padlock tab along the left-hand side of the bar.
  • At the bottom of these Security options until you find the required “Security” section. In this just turn on the “Block pop-ups” option, which will block all the pop-ups.

What now? Do you think your laptop is free from all these issues? Did you just switch off them? If yes then that’s great but if no then why late just proceed with the process.

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How To Stop Pop-ups On Windows 10 Google Chrome?

  • First, you will have to open chrome.
  • Tap on the three dots present at the upper-right corner of the browser and then you will have to click on the Settings option present there.

click on the Settings option

  • Type “Pop” into the Search settings tab.
  • And then select Site Settings.

select Site Settings

  • Under the Popups and redirects, it should display the status as Blocked. If it is displaying Allowed as the status, open that Pop-ups and redirects.

  • And then simply turn off the switch next to Allowed.
  • Hence, pop-ups will be blocked there-by.

How to stop pop-ups on windows 10 bottom right corner?

  • Tap on the Chrome’s three vertical dots present at the upper right corner of the Chrome and then select the Settings option.

  • Under the “Privacy and security” option, click the Site Settings.

  • Now again Scroll down to the “Notifications” option and here you can select the type of notifications which you want to allow to appear on your desktop.

  • Now, turn off the notifications as per your choice according to a particular site.
  • Select the Done option.

Stop windows 10 notification pop-ups?

  • Tap on notifications button on the below right corner.

  • Click on manage notifications.

  • Come to the Notifications section where you can disable or toggle off the setting about Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

notifications and actions

  • Hence, pop-ups will be switched off there-by.

How to stop pop-ups on internet explorer windows 10?

  • Select the Internet Options available from the Tools option.

  • Top on the Privacy tab which will be present in the Internet Options list.
  • Remove the check mark present next to the “Turn on Pop-Up Blocker” option, so that it gets deselected .

  • And the Click OK for completing the process.

These simple steps can make your annoying pop-ups get disabled from different places. These pop-ups should be disabled because sometimes they are harmful as some of them can carry viruses to completely destroy your system.

I hope you would love this article as it can guide you in taking a step towards a safer side.

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