Speed Up Chrome – Increase Google Chrome speed to Fastest

Google Chrome is the most popular choice of browser among users and is preferred over all other browsers. It is fast and reliable but has a habit of consuming RAM little more and acts as sluggish as compared to other browsers.

But sometimes even speed up Chrome is also needed for the downloading speed of Chrome depends upon the several factors like local area network and the connection speed that your Internet service provider gives you.

But worry not as there are several tweaks and methods available to speed up Chrome and also to optimize Chrome so that faster downloads are ensured. Google Chrome contains a very clean and minimal environment that lets you perform your work very fast.

How to Speed Up Chrome Browser

Speed up Chrome is not that difficult and can be done with the just change in some settings. So let’s have a look at fixing tips for how to speed up the Chrome browser.

Method 1- To disable avoidable extensions

The first method on how to optimize Chrome is to disable the extensions that are no longer in use to you. Extensions are the tools that extend the functionality of the Chrome browser and are quite helpful.

Extensions mostly run in the background or filter the web pages even before they are being displayed to you. But they load their data pack from the internet therefore if not in use should be disabled so as to get better browsing speed at the faster rate.

These extensions are also responsible for the chrome crash window like Aw Swap!

Follow these steps to disable the avoidable Chrome extensions to speed up Chrome.

Step 1- First type “chrome: //extensions” in the location bar of Google Chrome. Or else you can directly go to Chrome Options then go for more tools and choose Extensions.

Step 2- Un-tick the extensions that you want to disable or either to delete the extension click on the Trash option.

Method 2- Disable Unnecessary Plugins

The second method in the row for how to speed up Chrome is to disable the plug-ins that are just like extensions. Similar to extensions plug-ins also provide or extend the functions of the browser.

The built-in plug-ins of chrome include Chrome PDF viewer, or Native Client, etc. and these plug-ins even come with other installed software. This plug-in should be disabled for they slow down the browser and even clog memory.

Step 1- In the address bar of Chrome type “chrome://plugins.”

Step 2- Now click on the disable option to disable the plug-ins you need no longer.

Method 3- Remove some unnecessary apps by web

Since Google Chrome is not just a web browser but also a platform for various kinds of applications, so it usually runs the locally installed web apps that slow down the speed of downloads.

So if you do not need unnecessary apps then follow these steps-

Step 1- Go to the bookmarks bar and click on apps. Or in the location bar of chrome type “chrome://apps.”

Step 2- Then right click on the app that you want to remove. For this select Remove from Chrome option and click the Remove button to confirm the removal of the app.

Method 4- Maximum Tiles

Maximum tiles for interest area are responsible for increasing the maximum no of tiles that allow the chrome to show more tiles according to your interest or by browsing history. This will help you to open the new websites quickly depending on the area of your interest.

To increase the maximum number of tiles-

Step 1- From your browser head to the location chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area”.

Step 2- From the drop-down menu choose 512 and then click on Relaunch Now option.

Method 5- Enable Prefetch Resources

With Google Chrome comes many intelligent features like network prediction, spelling correction, and many resource preloader options. Resource prefetcher or preloader, therefore, provides useful suggestions about the links or pages that are to be most likely open next or in the background.

To enable this option-

Step 1- Go to Chrome then options. Click on Settings and tap on advanced settings.

Step 2- Click on Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly option.

Method 6- Enable Experimental features

Chrome already has a special page of various experimental features and chrome gives special ability to enable or disable them. So without wasting time let us go through these features and its settings-

  1. Render images faster– Raster threads in chrome are responsible for faster rendering of images. If you increase the number of raster threads, this will improve the rendering time of the image and this, in turn, improves the page loading time.

To increase the number of raster threads the steps are-

Step 1- In Chrome location bar open “chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads”.

Step 2- From the drop-down menu click option 4 and then tap on Relaunch now.

  1. Close Tabs or Windows faster– If you choose this option of close tabs or windows faster than the response time of the browser increases whenever the user will try to close tabs or windows. You can enable this feature using the following steps-

Step 1- Type “chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload” in the address bar of Chrome.

Step 2- Tap on the Enable option and click on Relaunch Now.

  1. Scroll Prediction– It is a feature that lets the Chrome browser to predict the future position of a finger at the time of scrolling. This allows the engine to render the frame even before the page is scrolled next again.

Step 1- In the location bar of chrome type “chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction”.

Step 2- Click on enable and then tap on Relaunch now option.

Method 7- Simple Cache for HTTP

Simple Cache is the new mechanism for Google Chrome that allows caching by relying on the file system for space allocation.

Step 1- In your Chrome browser type “chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend” and open the page.

Step 2- From the drop-down menu click on the Enable option and then tap on the prelaunch now button.

Method 8- Clear Browsing data

With every browser comes some caching data and stores some of the data very frequently during the time of browsings like your usernames, URLs, passwords, cookies and much more. The main reason why it is used is to speed up the computer by storing it locally but too much data is stored will slow down the speed of your browser.

Therefore you must always clear the browsing data or history. To clear your browsing data to follow these steps-

Step 1- In the address bar of chrome type chrome://history or simply press CTRL+H.

Step 2- The tab will open saying that clear browsing data and will ask you what all is to be cleared. Either tick individual history items or click on clear browsing data from the beginning.

Within a few mins of time, the entire history of browsing data will get deleted, and the speed up Chrome will be restored.

Method 9- Close your Browser

It is not needed to open your browser for the whole time even when you are not using it. So you can optimize the Chrome to reopen the web pages exactly where you left it.

Step 1- In address bar type chrome://settings and then go to startup options.

Step 2- Under the startup menu, you see three options as-

  • Open the new tab page
  • Continue where you left off
  • Open a specific page or set of pages

Choose any of the three options according to your ease and then browse Chrome at a good speed without any trouble.

Method 10- Run with the default theme

If you want your Chrome at the fastest speed possible, then this is the best customizing option to speed up Chrome.

  • Step 1- First type chrome://settings in your location bar of Chrome.
  • Step 2- Then under the Appearance drop-down menu click on  Reset to the default theme, If the option isn’t greyed out then you are already running a custom theme else you can choose go back to the default option.

Always clean your browsing history after 1 month and also clear cache. This will keep your Google Chrome Browser work faster.

Apart from managing all these settings, the other option is to update your Google Chrome browser to speed up Chrome and its downloading. So follow any of the above-mentioned methods, and you are all set to get the high and faster speed of Google Chrome. This was the complete guide on how to increase the speed of the Google Chrome browser.