10 Best Silent Mouse In 2021 (Complete Review)

For a computer user and a gamer, a mouse is an important piece of equipment. Because it is the mouse through which they give input to the computer. During gaming, the mouse is the most used equipment. It is continuously used again and again.

Due to this a lot of noise occurs when you click the left and right buttons. If you are working in a gathering, other people will also get disturbed. This noise creates a lot of disturbance during working.

To avoid this. Many manufacturers introduce a silent mouse. This is a mouse that does not produce any sound when you click any button.

Also, they are available at an affordable price and are both wired and wireless. In this article, we discussed the top 10 brands.

By reading them, you can select the one for you easily. It will reduce your precious time and effort to select the one.

Best Silent Mouse Reviews:

These are the top ten best silent mice. All are available at an affordable price and comes with the best features to make your working or gaming experience the best. Let’s have a look at them.

1. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing silent mouse is best for gaming because both the right and left buttons do not create noise. Even when you push them again and again, they will not make noise.

This gaming mouse is durable and available at a reasonable price. You can use it in private for work or in a gathering for gaming no one will get disturbed by the mouse clicking.

The tested amount of button clicks is almost 5 million. This silent gaming mouse is made according to the gamer’s ergonomics. Also, on a wide surface range, the VicTsing mouse has precise tracking.

By using this mouse, you will have a 30 ft long lag proof connection. For this, it has a wireless technology of 2.4Ghz. It comes with five different DPI settings.

When you change a DPI setting an LED light will turn on for a sec. This silent mouse has LED lights that are not so bright. It also has a power-saving and sleep mode.

To save energy this mouse goes for sleep mode for 8 minutes. To wake it up you have to press just one button. A red LED light will blink when the mouse has a low battery. For low-level gaming this mouse is perfect.


  • Indicate low battery power
  • Available at reasonable price
  • Have attractive gaming looks


  • Small LED lights take more energy



VEGCOO C9s is the other best silent mouse that is best for gaming. It is available at cheap prices. So that every gamer can afford it. It gives 10 meters long wireless lag-free connection.

To provide such a connection, this silent mouse has wireless transmission of 2.4Ghz. If you have a mouse that makes noise when you click its buttons then immediately switch to the noiseless mouse.

With a silent mouse, your gaming experience enhances. It also has different LED lights that switch randomly. You can not customize these lights.

The one thing that you can do is to turn off the light if you do not want it on. This silent mouse has a rechargeable battery of 600mah. If you fully charge the battery, it will last for 30 days.

The testing rate of button clicks is 10 million. You can use the silent mouse during charging. Because its charging port is in the front. The design of the mouse looks cheap and is not attractive.

But the best thing is that its quality is durable. You can get amazing benefits without spending too much money.


  • Have a good battery life of 30 days
  • Give violent gaming looks
  • Have a good response


  • Do not have an indicator for low battery

3. Scettar Wireless Quite Gaming Mouse

Scettar Wireless Quite Gaming Mouse

This Scettar silent mouse is also available at a low cost and gives the best gaming experience. By spending just $15 and $16 you can get this amazing mouse.

If you love gaming, then you must have to use many mouses. But by using this one you will get the real value of your money. It comes in good packaging.

The material of this mouse is so good that you will get the feel of high price mouse. Also, to use the mouse you just have to it with a device.

This silent mouse contains RGB lights. You can not customize these lights. Because these lights have seven colors that change according to a specific time.

It comes with a good battery life. Moreover, to charge these batteries it has a cable. So that you do not replace batteries again and again.

If you regularly use the mouse, it can last for a month. It also has an auto turn off features that turn off the mouse when you do not use it for 8 minutes.

To turn the mouse on, you just have to click only one button. Both the buttons do not create a single noise and you can easily do your work.

You can get this silent mouse with a one-year free care warranty. Also, if you do not like the product you can return it within 45 days to get your money back. It is the best possible deal that you get in the low price range.


  • Texture is smooth
  • The weight of the mouse is light
  • The bottom plate is made of metal
  • Battery lifetime is long


  • Buttons are cheap
  • The lifetime of the mouse is short
  • The mouse sensor is not good

4. Emopeak silent wireless Mouse

Emopeak silent wireless Mouse

All the buttons of this mouse are silent. It is made according to ergonomics so that users do not feel any difficulty while using it. To change the DPI settings there is one button under the scroll wheel.

There are three different DPI settings that you can select according to the requirement. The surface of the mouse is smooth. It does not slip and do not feel any sweat. Both the sides are rubber proof to make the mouse surface smooth.

The testing rate of buttons is almost five million. To make sure that buttons work well without any interruption. This silent mouse keeps the environment calm and makes your experience enjoyable.

To save the batteries, there is an auto-sleep feature that works when you do not use the mouse for 8 minutes. To turn on the mouse you just have to click only one button. This is a multi-purpose mouse you can use for any type of work.


  • Design is comfortable
  • It contains two batteries
  • Prices are low
  • The size of the mouse is handy


  • The side of the scroll wheel is noisy

5. AUDLEY wireless silent click mouse

AUDLEY wireless silent click mouse

You can get the silent mouse for just $15. Many good quality silent mouses are available in the market but their prices are high. Due to which many users can not afford them.

To resolve this problem, many low-level well-known companies make silent mouses. These mouses work exactly like high-quality mouses.

In this silent mouse, both the left and right buttons do not create a single noise. With the feature, you can easily do all of your work or can play games without getting any interruption. 

This mouse contains four buttons. Two buttons are on the left side and two buttons are under the wheel. The one-button that is under the wheel is used to switch between the windows.

While the other button is to change the DPI. You will get four DPI settings in this silent mouse. If you fully charge the mouse battery it can work for one week.

The surface of this mouse is so smooth and soft that you can use it for hours. If you buy this mouse, you will get a replacement warranty of 365 days.

Moreover, if you do not like the mouse for some reason or it has some fault. Then you can return the mouse with it for 90 days to get all your money back.


  • The design of the mouse is attractive
  • It has a switching button to switch between windows and desktop
  • The battery life is good


  • You will get out of the game if the window button gets pressed automatically

6. Seenda Noiseless wireless mouse

Seenda Noiseless wireless mouse

The style of this silent mouse is not related to gaming but still, it is one of the most popular brands. It has twenty different color combinations.

These combinations are easily available in the market. According to your desk or gaming accessories, you can select the color of the mouse.

It contains only two buttons. Both the buttons are silent and make your experience better. The size of the mouse is small which makes it more portable.

Also, you can fit the mouse in one hand. It runs on a single battery. To save the mouse battery, there is an auto-sleep feature in the mouse.

This feature will activate when you do not use the mouse for 10 minutes. You can turn on the mouse by clicking any button. If you feel any problem, you can send it to the manufacturers to get a new one.


  • Have a great selling rate
  • There are 20 different color combinations
  • The size of the silent mouse is compact
  • It has maximum positive reviews


  • It contains only two buttons
  • Not suitable if you love gaming

7. Logitech M330 Silent Plus a wireless mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus a wireless mouse

While using a mouse during gaming, you might get disturbed by the clicking sound. To avoid that annoying clicking sound, you can use a Logitech M330 silent mouse.

It does not look like a pro gaming mouse but can provide you all the facilities. You can do your work or play games peacefully without getting disturbed.

It is useful only for right-handed people and comes with three buttons. If you just want a mouse to reduce noise then this silent mouse is perfect for you.

Because it does not have extra features like other silent mice provide. But it gives you the best results. It comes with a sensor that has DPI sensitivity.

By using this mouse, you can have a long connection of 10 meters. This mouse uses a 2.4 GHz connection to make sure that you do not face any lag between the 10m distance.


  • The size of the mouse is compact
  • High-quality material is used
  • The battery timing is perfect


  • The design is not very attractive
  • Do not have extra buttons and features

8. FD silent wireless mouse

FD silent wireless mouse

If you want to buy a silent mouse that lasts for years then you should buy this FD’s silent mouse. You can get this mouse in 12 different colors and also with different prints.

The clicks of the mouse are so comfortable and do not make a single noise. To make your use comfortable, the surface of a mouse has a treatment of GXUV technology.

By using this mouse, you will have a good connection of up to 20m. To provide such a connection, it uses a connection of 250 Hz. This mouse has 1500 DPI settings. But these settings are unchangeable.

It has only two buttons. Also, it looks like a pro gaming mouse. So, you can have it to increase your display. This silent mouse does not have on and off buttons.

But when you do not use the mouse for five minutes it will turn off. To turn on the mouse you just have to click any button of the mouse. Due to its small size, you can take it anywhere.


  • This mouse has good user reviews
  • It comes with a battery
  • The lifetime of the battery is good
  • 12 different colors of the mouse are very attractive


  • There is no button to switch on and off the mouse
  • Not good for gaming purpose

9. ShhhMouse wireless silent

ShhhMouse wireless silent

If someone complains to you about the clicking sound of the mouse then you should get the ShhhMouse. As the name says the mouse is completely silent.

By using this mouse, you can play games in a gathering without disturbing anyone with the clicking sound. It can reduce the 90% clicking sound of the mouse.

This silent mouse is available in 4 different color combinations. According to your desk and other equipment, you can get the one for you. 

The size of the mouse is small that you can easily carry it during traveling. When you do not use the mouse for eight minutes it will go to sleep mode.

This sleep process will save mouse energy. To turn the mouse on, you just have to click any of the mouse buttons. This mouse has a good wireless connection of 2.4GHz.

Due to this connection, up to 39 ft, you will have the best connection without any lag.

Two AAA batteries are used to power this mouse. But the price of this mouse is cheap. To make your experience comfortable, the surface of this mouse is made sweat-free.


  • This mouse comes with 2 batteries
  • The design of the silent mouse is attractive
  • Available at cheap price
  • The size of the mouse is compact


  • The mouse is not very durable
  • You can feel some issues due to the scroll wheel

10. UtechSmart VENUS pro-RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart VENUS pro-RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse

This silent mouse comes with lots of buttons. On its side, a small keypad is attached with the help of glue. You can customize these buttons if you want.

MMO makes sure that you can have access to each button without having any trouble. They attach a keypad so that you can perform multiple actions without wasting any time

This silent mouse has a reasonable price but it is not cheap. You can set the keyboard shortcuts to additional keypad buttons. The size of its battery is 1000 mAh.

If you fully charge it mouse will work for 70 hours. Also, it depends upon your mouse usage. This mouse has both power-saving and sleep mode.

It takes 2 hours to get completely charged. Moreover, you can recharge this mouse almost 300 times. This mouse has a DPI range from 100 to 16000 resolutions.

You will get this mouse with weights that are removable so that you can adjust the mouse weight according to your level. Also, this mouse has customizable LED lights.

By using this mouse, you will have a lag-free connection of 10 meters. To provide such a good connection this mouse uses a transmission technology of 2.4 GHz.


  • The sensor gives a good performance
  • The mouse is comfortable
  • High-quality material is used in the construction
  • Available at affordable price
  • This mouse has lots of buttons


  • Only right-handed people can use this mouse
  • The latency rate of click is high
  • Click produce some noise

How to Choose the Best Silent Mouse?

Best Silent Mouse12

Now, the most difficult task is to select the right silent mouse. Because many good brands are available that manufacture good quality products.

There is a high chance that you might get confused between all the good brands. To remove your confusion, we mention some important factors.

You should consider these factors before buying the mouse. Because they will help you to select the right one for you. Let’s have a look at these important points.

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Silent Mouse Should Be Customizable:

Customization of the silent mouse is a necessary factor that you should consider. Mouse customization includes management of weight and LED lights.

According to your requirement, you can change the mouse button settings to enhance your gaming experience. Also, a customizable mouse is available at a low price than the normal mouse.

Management of Weight:

Both light-weight and heavyweight silent mouses are available in the market. Some users prefer a lightweight mouse while some prefer heavy ones.

If you have a heavyweight mouse then you can not use it for long hours if you love gaming. The reason is that the mouse will start to interrupt and your hand gets tired.

To resolve this problem Logitech made the removable weight silent mouse. You can attach or remove the weight of the mouse according to your comfort level.

Also, due to this feature, multiple users can use the same mouse. The reason is that everyone has a different comfort level. If one weight is good for one user it does not mean that the other user is also comfortable in using that mouse.

For this reason, we always recommend having a weight manageable mouse. Also, if you like LED lights you can attach them with the mouse to increase the beauty or if you get bored with them you can remove them.

Optical or Laser:

Having a mouse that provides both sensitivity and accuracy at the same it is difficult. Because a mouse that uses a Laser technology jitter a lot.

In the same way, a mouse with optical technology provides high technology but has a lower sensitivity. For a game lover, a laser mouse is the best option.

In this modern era, many mice act like a camera that take surface pictures and help to track data on the current surface. This technology is called a CMOS sensor.

Due to this technology, in a second a mouse can take up to 10,000 images. So that a precise location can be generated. Both optical and laser technology mice take pictures.

But laser technology mouse gives more precise results. But sometimes it collects unusual information due to which it causes jitter. But if you use a mouse pad, this problem can be solved.

Which Software is Best for You:

Like any other thing a software also has its pros and cons. You should select a mouse that has the software. Because by using the software you can easily use the mouse.

If you have a mouse that does not have the software, will not work properly. To make it work, you download different software on the PC. But as a result, your PC performance slows down.

Wireless or Wired Mouse:

A wired mouse is fast and more responsive than a wireless mouse. But the design of this mouse is not attractive and the range of the mouse is small. 

You have to sit on the chair to use the mouse to do your work or play games. On the other hand, a wireless mouse is attractive and provides you more range.

Also, the price of a wired mouse is cheap but the wireless mouse is expensive. If you have a low budget then go for a wired mouse. Because you can get all the best features and fast speed at low cost.

But, if you have a budget, then we will recommend having a wireless mouse. The reason is that a wireless mouse is easy to handle as you can use it anywhere in a specified range.


:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Quietest Mouse?

Here are some questions that help to remove the queries that you might have before having a silent mouse. Let’s have a look at them.

The quietest mouse is the one that does not make a single noise when you click any of its buttons. Many brands are available in both the online and physical markets. According to your requirements, you should select the one.

Otherwise, you can not enjoy the mouse even if it is best. If your only requirement is less noise then you should go for ShhhMouse wireless silent. The only reason is that they offer a 90% noise reduction. So that you do not feel any noise while doing work or playing the game.  

Can You Get a Silent Mouse?

Yes, you get a silent mouse. It can be wired or wireless depending upon your budget. If you have a high you should get a wireless mouse. But if your budget is low then no need to spend extra money on the wireless mouse go for a wired one.

What is the Silent Wireless Mouse?

A silent reliable mouse is the one that is more durable and you can use this mouse anywhere in a specified range. The surface of the silent mouse is so smooth that you do not feel any noise during work.

Also, the performance of the silent mouse is better than the conventional mouse. It comes with many additional features like weight management and LED lights. It also has an automatic go-to-sleep feature to save the battery.

The featured work when you do not use the mouse for 8 minutes. Some of the silent mice are customizable. So that you can enhance your gaming experience by changing settings according to the requirement.

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:books: Conclusion!

It is good to have a silent mouse as it enhances your experience. You will not get disturbed by the clicking sound also you will have more amazing features. These features include LED lights, extra buttons, and customizable weight.

If you are not sure about the weight, then having the option of weight customization can help you a lot. According to your comfort level, you can add or remove weight from the mouse. Also, the design of the silent mouse is attractive that increases your desk value.

Moreover, the price of a silent mouse is affordable. If you do not have a silent mouse then go get the one for you. It will change your gaming life.