12 Best MacBook Stands for the Money in 2021 – Reviews, Guide, and FAQs

Here we have shared the top 10 best MacBook stands of 2021.

People who have a MacBook don’t think that a stand is a necessity. But here’s the deal! This accessory is a must-have and there are various reasons for it. 

First, you get to use your laptop in a comfy and convenient posture. Then these MacBook stands to keep your laptops from overheating so you can use them for a longer span.  We also face the issue when requiring peripheral devices to work with the MacBook. But there are plenty of options in the market to solve this issue also.

Want to know the kicker in this review?

MacBook stands are specially designed to optimize the space taken by that MacBook.  Also, these are a great option to reduce clutter on your desk or keep the laptop protected. We often end up spilling things while working which leads to a series of problems.

So, let’s get to the informative part, shall we?

here we have the 12 best MacBook stands for you to pick from. Each of these went under testing so you can have a durable product.

Let’s get started with this amazing MacBook stands.

Best MacBook Stands Reviews:

Here are our top 12 picks for you all to opt from:

1- Rain Design Laptop Stand

Rain Design Laptop Stand

First, on the list, we have this amazing product from Rain Design. Coming with an appealing, quirky design, this MacBook stand tops the market.

Unlike other MacBook stands, this one offers far more comfort to the users. Made with top-quality aluminum, the stand can endure any weight.

The single-piece design adds to the stability of its design. Also, this design feature makes it an ideal choice for acting as a heat sink.

Hence the MacBook stand will keep your laptop cool allowing you a longer using period.

With 5.9 inches of height, the ergonomic design brings this screen to your eye level. Rather than having to adjust according to the stand, you can be at ease.

This is one of the best choices you can make for a Macbook stand accurate for the people of this era.

Next, the stunning features include its versatility in usage. The stand is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other laptops less than 10 inches.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple uses
  • Sturdy


  • No swivel option

2- Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

If you are also tired of seeing the clutter on your desk. Then here’s the deal! We have these mind-blowing MacBook stands to make your life a lot easier.

So this next product on the list comes with a whole bunch of features. First, it offers a unique design, unlike the traditional MacBook stands.

This sleek, portable, and durable stand is a must-have item for all MacBook lovers.

BookArc brings a specially designed MacBook stand that saves you from clutter.

Hence you no longer have to clean the mess off your desk and can work in peace.

Furthermore, it keeps your MacBook safe from accidental spills or excessive heating. Made with premium-grade material, this stand allows airflow to keep the MacBook cool.

Want to know the best part?

This single stand can serve well for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro either 13″ or 16″. Then the aluminum construction adds to the stability of the stand offering longevity.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

Alongside these features, you also get an integrated cable catch. It keeps the connections neat and creates zero mess. Hence you can enjoy a stable, disturbance-free connection.


  • Allows airflow
  • Cable catch feature
  • Space saver


  • Over-priced

3- Twelve South Hybrid laptop stand

Twelve South Hybrid laptop stand

Twelve South Store has a long list of quality products to entertain users. These include MacBook stands and here we have another amazing stand for you all.

This is one of the best choices you can make for a Macbook stand accurate for the people of this era.

It can be tough to use laptops for a long, continuous period. Especially for people who need to use laptops day-to-day often suffer from neck pain or cramps.

What’s the bottom line?

Well, this product is a one-time solution to all these sorts of problems. Thus you will be able to work in peace as the stand offers an elevation feature.

Next, it has a tilt option to keep you from hurting your neck as the usual stands lead to. Hence you can be at ease with the lying flat on the surface feature.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

If you are an artist and own an iPad, then again this MacBook stand is your optimal choice. It offers a perfect and secure angle so you can edit, draw, or sketch.

One of the major setbacks of laptops is the over-heating of the system. But this MacBook stand has solved that problem also with an open wedge design.

Hence it allows airflow around the device while enhancing the cooling.


  • Robust and sturdy
  • Ideal size
  • Allows tilting


  • Non-economical

4- Steklo Laptop Stand

Steklo Laptop Stand

Steklo is here with one of the best-selling MacBook stands in the market. Not only this product is hot-seller but comes at an extremely affordable price.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

People who own laptops, especially MacBook know the struggle of keeping it safe. On top of that, we all face the over-heating, spilling issues, or worse of all; neck pain.

Here’s the kicker!

Now, you can have a compact, foldable stand to keep your laptops protected. This stand will not only keep your MacBook safe from any sort of spill, clutters, etc.

But it also allows heat flow to keep the device cool while you use it. Either you have a MacBook with 12″ screen or 17″, this stand can support all the in-between sizes.

Unlike traditional MacBook stands, this one offers a far more comfy posture to the user. Hence you won’t have to put a strain on your hands, neck, or eyes.

The portability lets you carry it almost anywhere, from home to office to elsewhere. It has an ergonomic, lightweight design to keep you at ease.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Minimize over-heating


  • Slippery

5- Twelve South Curve for MacBooks

Twelve South Curve for MacBooks

To find MacBook stands, one may not need much effort as the market is full of options. But the actual challenge is to find an optimal stand with the desired feature.

The most common issues we all face while using laptops or MacBooks are strain, uneasiness, etc. But with this next product, your life will become rather peaceful.

This is one of the best choices you can make for a Macbook stand accurate for the people of this era.

Long gone are the days when you had to suffer from neck/shoulder sprains. As we have the best MacBook stand for you all jam-packed with features.

The intricate design comes with a curve to allow 70% exposure of the base. Hence the airflow keeps the system from over-heating anytime sooner.

This single stand is compatible with MacBooks of 11 to 17 inches of size. Even HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, etc laptops can fit well on this stand.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

For the sake of enhanced safety, the design comes with anti-slip silicone pads/arms. These will keep your laptops stuck in a place while averting any scratches.


  • Relieve neck strain
  • Ergonomic height
  • Silicone arms


  • Costly

6- AmazonBasics Desk Stand

AmazonBasics Desk Stand

Next on the list, we have another premium-quality product from AmazonBasics. This desk stand or MacBook stand comes with a whole lot of stunning features we all need.

It can be a challenge to keep the workspace or your desk clean all the time. Hence we all end up either damaging or spilling things all over the laptops.

But to save you all from this serious issue, we have the perfect solution. A MacBook stand is exactly what you need to make things organized and protect your laptop. 

This stand weighs only 4.4 pounds, with silver-oxidized powder coating and made of metal. Then the forward tilt makes the working sessions even easier.

You can simply adjust the level according to your ease and angle. Hence you won’t ever have to suffer from that neck cramps or strained eyes.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other laptop users can rely on this product.

The ergonomic design comes with a cable organizer so you can use a mouse/keyboard without any hassle.


  • Economical
  • Allows cooling
  • Convenient design


  • Stability issues

7- Rain Design mTower Vertical Stand

Rain Design mTower Vertical Stand

Rain Design is among the renowned brands that sell the best products. One of the top-sellers we have here is another MacBook stand.

Most of us end up damaging our laptops due to a lack of space on our desk. Or simply because we are careless while working for long hours.

A continuous working session also results in straining the eyes and neck muscles.

Here’s the kicker!

You can now feel comfy while using your MacBook with this new product. The vertical stand provides you a lot more space and keeps your desk clean.

Due to continuity of usage the laptops end up being over-heated. This is one of the best choices you can make for a Macbook stand accurate for the people of this era.

But this unique design reduces the heating and let the system cool down via airflow. 

Made with aluminum, it is a single-piece design to make things further facile. Now, this feature adds to the stability and durability of the stand.

It only gets better!

This amazing MacBook stand has an anodized, sand-blasted finish to match your MacBook. Either you have a MacBook Air or Pro, the stand is compatible with both.


  • Single-piece design
  • Space saver
  • Allows cooling


  • Less versatility

8- Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand

Here is another stunning product jam-packed with quality features to entertain you all. The Roost Store offers various laptops and MacBook stands to opt from.

If you need a lightweight, durable, portable option then this is the right place. Especially for work stations or offices, a stand is among crucial requirements.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

Either we talk about the ergonomic design or elevation or the airflow. This MacBook stand has it all to entertain you and make life further facile.

You can easily collapse the stand after usage, thanks to the quirky design. Hence the travelers, businessmen would adore this product the most.

Next, the range of models it allows you to use is also versatile. From MacBooks to almost any laptop model, it provides perfect stability and support.

In case, you need to adjust the height, there is an option till 12″. Thus saving you from straining your eyes or neck muscles and being at ease.


  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy design
  • Versatility in usage


  • Too costly

9- TINY TOWER MacBook Stand

TINY TOWER MacBook Stand

The next product on the list is among the top-sellers of the market. It comes with a long list of stunning features that can blow your mind.

Starting from the design to usability, it is an optimal choice for all MacBook holders.

Unlike any other MacBook stand, only this one has up to 17 levels of height adjustments. It only gets better! You can adjust the level based on different working environments.

Then it can support either Apple MacBook or other laptops. So you are not bound with the usability as it can take 11 to 15 inches.

Next, the portability comes from its unique design that takes 5 seconds to lay flat.

Furthermore, the zipped sleeves included in the design make it easy to carry it anywhere. Made from premium-grade Aluminum, it can last an eternity.

The sturdy plastics only adds to the stability of the design. Each corner of the stand comes with an anodized finish to make it durable.

This is one of the best choices you can make for a Macbook stand accurate for the people of this era.


  • Integrated cable management
  • Aluminum construction
  • Safe and portable


  • Heavy on pocket

10- TaoTronics Foldable Lap Desk

TaoTronics Foldable Lap Desk

Another product on this list is from TaoTronics loaded with amazing functionalities. The usage of this product is not bound to laptops, MacBooks only.

If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

You can use it as a MacBook stand, laptop desk for bed, even as an eating tray for beds. Isn’t it amazing? Within such affordable pricing, you won’t be able to find such a product.

Coming with straight 5 height adjustments, it is a must-have item. This feature makes it an ideal product for various purposes and users. You can easily use it at home, work stations, offices, etc.

It is sturdy enough to hold up to 17 inches wide laptop whereas saves you a lot of space. From 0°, 15°, 25°, or 35°, you can tilt it to any required angle.

Moreover, the retractable legs make the storage space minimal. Hence you can store it away almost anywhere in a cabinet or take it while traveling.

To keep your MacBooks, laptops protected, it comes with fixed clips. These clips keep your device in a place and won’t let it slip away.

The polished wooden surface will ensure that the surface remains free of scratches.


  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt options
  • Fix clips


  • Requires space

11- Urbo Zee Vertical Laptop Stand

Urbo Zee Vertical Laptop Stand

Here we have another MacBook stand that you will adore. The design is nothing like the usual, boring ones available in the market.

This quirky design will add to the aesthetics of your work desk.

This stand is one of the most compacts yet reliable options you will ever endure. If you work in an office where space is a major concern, then look no more.

The new featured stand will keep your MacBook protected against any harm. Whereas it requires minimal storage space and comes at a reasonable price.

This is one of the best options you can make for a Macbook stand perfect for the people of this era.

Want to know the best part?

You won’t have restrictions on which type/model to fit in the stand. It can hold MacBook, HP, Acer, Swift, and various other 1.5″ laptops.

Even if you need to adjust the width, there is a hexagon key. Use the key to adjust the size according to the laptop.

The most common issue we all face is the entangled cables. But with this innovative product, you won’t have to worry about them.

There comes a cable collect feature that holds the cords of all devices. Hence allowing you to use peripheral devices with ease.

The anti-skid silicone pads keep the stand from slipping, providing a strong grip. Then there are rubber tabs to protect the laptops from any scratches.


  • Adjustable width
  • Cable collect notches
  • User-friendly


  • Quality issues

12- Rain Design iLevel2 Stand

Rain Design iLevel2 Stand

This last product in the MacBook stands list is another one from Rain Design. Coming with a rather quirky design, it beats conventional stands in the market.

The perfect combo of ergonomics brings forth this stunning piece of art. This single product can make your work life a lot easier by reducing the strain on your eyes.

Also, it saves you a lot of space on your desk and reduces the mess. Coming with a durable design and offering you a new efficiency level while working.

Rain Design’s MacBook stand is a must-have product for all. If you choose to buy this amazing gadget then this will be the best decision for increasing your working ability.

Instead of having to adjust yourself, you can now adjust the height of the stand. And it will elevate the screen to match the eye level.

Then there are rubber pads installed to make it further safest options.

Hence your desk along with the MacBook will remain scratch-free. Without a stand, a system will suffer over-heating but not anymore.

This stand supports tilt design to allow airflow which halts the system from heating.


  • Tilt design
  • Rubber pads
  • Space saver


  • Limited adjustments

Best MacBook Stands – Buyer’s Guide:

Best MacBook Stands

Many people find it difficult to make the right choice when they are aiming to get the best MacBook stands from the market.

This problem can easily be solved by knowing the right things to look for in a MacBook stands when you plan to buy it. 

These are some of the essential features that you should be paying heed upon if you want the best MacBook stands for yourself.

You can choose the best MacBook stands if you look for these qualities.

Adjustable Height:

Height is one of the most important things that MacBook stands should have. The appropriate hight for working can help you work comfortably for a long duration.

You should look fr the MacBook stands that have adjustable heights. This will make sure that you will get the right range at all times whenever you are working. 

Rubber Pads:

You should choose the MacBook stands that come with rubber padding. This will make sure that the stand is not damaged in any way.

You will also be able to use it anywhere you want without worrying about slippery surfaces. 

Sturdy Design:

The design of the MacBook stands should be sturdy. This ensures the safety of the MacBook by falling off when you are not around. 


The price feature is also essential hen you are looking for the best MacBook stands available in the market.

Choose the one that has the most benefits and is easily available for you at all times. 


With the whole bunch of options available in the market, it can be a tough choice. Hence we tried our best to provide you with the premium-grade MacBook stands.

Each listed product has features that will keep your MacBook protected.

All these are the optimal picks with reasonable prices that we jotted down for you. In case you have any queries relevant to the topic, feel free to contact us.