10 Best FREE VPNs for Windows in 2021 (Review)

Let us have a look at the Best Free VPN options for Windows in 2021.

We all know that VPN stands for the virtual private network and they are made to give you seamless access to worldwide content.

The popularity of using these VPNs, they are getting higher each day. Furthermore, some VPNs are paid and some are free of cost.

Here we are only going to review Best Free VPN recommendations with our readers. Their growth and popularity are accelerated and speed up massively day by day.

Moreover, this service provides secure the privacy status of your device and manages to keep your online activities safe and sound.

Best Free VPNs for Windows (Reviews)

Best Free VPNs for Windows

Now you can check out other details:

1- Hotspot Shield:

HotSpot Shield

The first recommendation that we have put up in front of you, it is this HotSpot Shield VPN provider. You might be wondering why to try this option; here we are going to tell you,

With the use of HotSpot Shield, you can enjoy private, safe, and secured access to all kinds of worldwide content.

This is one of the fastest and free of cost VPN services that you can try out.

Most importantly, this Best Free VPN service protects and guards your connection against any sort of military-grade encryption.

This service is trusted and praised by large numbers and millions of users out there. It remains to stay free of cost forever and that is the best thing about it.

This service shows compatibility with all kinds of devices. If you are one of the casual internet users, then you should try out this service.

Most noteworthy, you can try out its premium VPN plan as well but that that is not free of cost. This service comprises a patented hydra protocol and manages to deliver the highest and maximum unrivaled speed. 

Upon using HotSpot Shield service, you are going to get top performance each day. No doubt, this Best Free VPN service is fast and seamless to use.

It gives you no buffeting and it can easily get connected with more than that of half of the countries worldwide.

This is a kind of service that fully and completely understands its business model and privacy policy aspect.

So far, it has successfully got 650,000,000 downloads and the number is still counting and getting higher day by day.

This reviewed HotSpot Shield VPN is marked and identified as the world’s leading and renowned VPN service provider.

This specific software has been downloaded and installed by the user by a million number of times and that is the catchy thing about this Best Free VPN.

It has consistently received strong and happy reviews from its customers.

2- TunnelBear:


Want to know the best part of this another Best Free VPN option, so check out the details. Here we are talking about TunnelBear service provider.

Regarding its testing and also limited usage, this is a free service provider recommendation for you. In addition, it gives you 500 MB secure browsing time and that is too free.

This service provider promises and claims to give you an all-day secure and peaceful mental state. You can connect around and about 5 devices on it at one single time.

Besides, delivering the best customer service is its highest and utmost priority. This service has got a dedicated and professional account manager on its side.

It is surrounded by a team billing and management system and that works on centralized notes. If you are thinking that how this Best Free VPN service works, then we can give you a little idea.

This service provider basically and generally encrypts your device all of the incoming and also outgoing data.

In this way, if any user is going to illegally access your data, then he or she will only come across and see a piece of unreadable junk data.

If you are using this service, then your browsing part will not at all get slow. However, if you are connected with some far-away country, then you may face some browsing issues.

You can connect 5 devices upon using this Best Free VPN service provider. Just go on making one subscription and enjoy connecting up to 5 devices.

As this service is incredible and much easy to use, that is why we have recommended it to you. Its privacy policy is simple to understand and so far it has received 175,000 5-star reviews.

3- Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

This particular recommendation comes with lots of extra security features and this is the only reason that we have marked this suggestion as to the Best Free VPN for our readers.

It works in a far better way as compared to ordinary VPN and protects your privacy on the highest notes. In addition, you can easily browse your web sessions when using this service provider.

The minute you are going to connect it, your internet connection is going to become completely encrypted. Besides, it routes your connection all with the help of encrypted funnels.

With the use of this service, it becomes tough and super difficult for the hacker or attacker to even eavesdrop right on your connection.

You can access websites no matter they are blocked by your country! This Best Free VPN version defends your device and connection from all sorts of network-based attacks.

It monitors and keeps a check on your network traffic and no mess will be faced by you upon using this service.

This reviewed provider makes use of the highest and powerful strength encryption just to fully protect and safeguard your connection. Furthermore, it offers forward secrecy to the user.

In this service, you are only offered and served with those encryption cipher suites that give a perfect amount of forwarding secrecy.

It is all due to this feature that your encrypted traffic is not at all going to be captured or even decrypted later on.

So, what have you decided?

Do you want to try this Best Free VPN?

You should be!

It shows strong protocols that are highly and immensely secure. Most importantly, it has got a strong and reliable technical security aspect at its end.

You will get strong legal protection from this service provider as well. This company is based in Switzerland and claims to follow all of the privacy laws.

All users can freely try out this trusted VPN service provider and share with us your feedback about it.

4- Windscribe:


You can try this suggestion that comes in the form of a high and reliable Best Free VPN form. This service provider has got a diverse and extended network and that is an attractive thing about it.

Whatever kinds and numbers of servers are mentioned in its advertisement, all of them are the official part of this VPN provider. It does not show any fake server information on its site.

Moreover, on a per month basis, you are going to get 10 GB of data and there is a sterling kind of privacy policy that is the part of this reviewed VPN.

If you want to experience a generous amount of data allowance and access, feature, then you can have this Best Free VPN on your system.

Furthermore, it is the name of showing extensive commitment and brings heavy satisfaction for its users.

This provider claims to protect and secure your privacy and thus makes efforts to give you maximum bandwidth. On per month basis, the user will be given with 10 GB bandwidth range.

It is composed of a built-in ad blocker and the feature of a built-in firewall in it. What else you want from any Best Free VPN?

It is the very correct time to get back your privacy levels and you can instantly do by trying this service. By using it, you can well protect and fully safeguard your browsing history.

This VPN service provider has the potential to mask and veil your IP address and it does not ever allow the hackers to steal your content or any personal information.

Hence, if you feel like seeing comprehensive and reliable privacy protection time, then have this service.

5- Speedify:


You can surely make up your mind and get your hands on this subjected VPN service provider, yes we are talking about Speedify.

It works in the best manner, offers multiple connections, and also maximum performance.

Most importantly, this Best Free VPN option has the tendency and capability to make a bond and link with any kind of internet connection.

It manages to intelligently and professionally distribute all of your online traffic between these internet connections.

This recommended server does not skip any of the beats and that is the unique selling point of it. In addition, with the usage of this Best Free VPN, you can live stream hassle-freely.

It promises and guarantees to give you the most reliable and happy of all streaming experience.

Besides, it makes use of a revolutionary sort of streaming mode option that prioritizes your audio stream and video streams automatically.

All in all, high-speed performance is shown by this suggestion. The incorporation of unique and user-friendly bonding technology makes this VPN provider a super amazing choice for all of you.

With the help of it, you can make use of multiple internet connections at one single time and thus successfully gives you an optimized performance.

This Best Free VPN can do all kinds of tasks for you! Like it can do uploading, downloading, and web browsing and streaming for the users.

Hence, to experience stability, high-speed, and top-notch security, you can get your hands on this virtual private network service provider.

It makes you say goodbye to buffering and that is another impressive quality of it. Moreover, this service is free from the presence of errors, throttling and buffering problems,

This same option gives you a better gaming experience too. It manages to improve latency and brings a reduction in lag. 

You see a faster and quick gameplay time and hence consistently get reliable performance. This exclusive server network has its presence and existence in 38 countries.

6- Hide.me:


If someone has recommended this VPN service provider, then trust us, this is the most reliable suggestion that you have received and got from someone.

This product offers advanced and high-grade security to the user. It successfully protects your internet connection and this Best Free VPN does that by encrypting your files and data.

It is all through this encryption that you can safely and securely carry out your web browsing sessions. No matter you are at home, working or in public, you can try this service provider.

This reviewed product gives digital privacy status to the user, that is why you should not miss any chance to have and use this Best Free VPN for yourself.

It is with the provision of digital privacy that you can safely surf right there on the internet and keep your real IP address all and completely hidden.

This service provider keeps the location details of your IP address safe and by doing so, no hacker gets a chance to spy on you.

This is a kind of product that does not come with any limitations. It is simple to use and you do not have to become a rocket scientist to use and operate this Best Free VPN.

The best part is that you can connect and link ten devices at one time, how cool and surprising it is!

This service provider does not store logs and this is the biggest claim and promise that is penned-down by them. In other words, this service firm does not keep a log or record of your online activities.

This happens so that user privacy can be guaranteed!

You may be going to notice that this service provider software has advanced privacy features infused in it. It is its functionality and best operations that speak on their own.

It works in almost 72 locations and shows its presence in 1800 servers. It is throughout the zones of Asia that this VPN service provider is present.

7- Opera:


How about trying this Opera service? We are sure that once you are going to have a look at its review, then you can better decide whether to try this Best Free VPN option or not.

So, let us all get started with the details! Most importantly, Opera service offers to give you this option to browse private and that is the best quality of it.

What you can do is browse and surf with the help of a virtual IP address and that address is going to be hidden by this service provider.

This way, you can check out and go through the web sessions with utmost and maximum privacy.

Moreover, this same recommended Best Free VPN reduces tracking. We can say that this recommendation not only gives you a reliable time in terms of privacy it blocks cookies that are tracking your online activities.

It is right there in the Opera browser that this virtual private network is build up and installed. So, whenever you visit this browser zone of Opera, there you are going to see this VPN provider too.

There is no need and requirement to download any of the additional and extra extensions to make use of this Best Free VPN.

As this service is free of cost, you do not have to pay a penny and there are no subscription fees. We again repeat that you only open up the opera browser and start to browse privately and securely.

It is all high time to enhance and improve your online privacy zones and that you can do by trying out this VPN provider versions.

Furthermore, you are going to get unlimited free data. This option is compatible with a few of the Netflix regions and the YouTube platform.

8- Betternet:


On this next spot, we have this Betternet Best Free VPN option for you. If you fail to look for reliable and easy to use VPN service providers, then with the review of this recommendation, we have made this hunting job easy for you.

Upon using it, you will get 500 MB daily free data and that is the interesting and highly appealing quality of it. In addition, this service provider offers and give military-grade encryption.

You can use this service provider software with platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

For your information, this Best Free VPN is compatible with operating systems like that of Windows and Mac operating systems and also iOS devices as well as Chrome.

So, we can say that many catchy qualities are present in this recommendation. This comes in the form of a dedicated app and after every 24 hours, you will be given 500 MB of the data range.

Its only drawback is that its streaming speed is somewhat low. Like, if you are accessing YouTube, then the video speed gets slow.

Even more, if you are using the free plan of it, then you can only get access to its US servers.

Hence, here comes our final verdict. You can try out this Best Free VPN because of lots of reasons. The very first reason is that it fully encrypts your internet connection.

It means that you can browse privately and securely and this is a major attraction and appealing point that is lacking and absent in others free of cost VPN service providers.

Rest, this option offers a secure browsing experience, it means your system will remain protected from adware attacks.

And the last one is that this reviewed VPN provider is trusted by millions of numbers of customers.

9- VPNBook:


Moving to one of the last recommendations related to this Best Free VPN list, we have another surprise for you. 

Users can try out this VPNBook version as it works incredibly great. This is a free virtual private network and installed with all of the latest technologies in it.

It manages to run and operate on the most latest cryptographic kind of techniques and that is the USP of this Best Free VPN.

While using it, your minor and major internet activities will remain secure. Your data and privacy are not going to be attacked by any hacker or prying eyes.

In addition, this model makes efforts to keep this world of the internet all safe and sound. It is build up in a way to give you reliable and top-notch performance.

They show maximum speed and come with dedicated hardware. This Best Free VPN is properly and wholly optimized and it constantly maximizes and boosts its speed range.

There are none of the restrictions and limitations that are entailed in this VPN service provider. You are free to unblock any kind of website or any of the services online if you feel like doing so.

This suggestion has got and infused with the strongest encryption at its end.

This reviewed service provider fully and completely knows how much it is important and critical to remain anonymous in this internet world.

Talking about its bandwidth limits, you will be given with unrestricted speed and also an unlimited amount of traffic.

No matter you want to watch a movie or want to run any kind of traffic right there on some intensive apps, you can use this VPN service provider for sure.

Lastly, it is composed and installed with a smart CDN fallback feature in it. This way, this product can network intelligently and will be able to route your traffic all the least congested routes.

10- NordVPN:


The last option that you can try and use if looking for a reputable virtual private network service provider, you can have this NordVPN.

This suggested and super Best Free VPN allows you stream sites. Most probably, you will be happy using it as it offers file-sharing services and compatible with many social media platforms.

If you have got thousands of VPN server options in front of you, then you should only select and choose this Best Free VPN.

It runs in 59 countries and allows you to access any of your online content anytime and anywhere you want to.

This is easy to use the app and it can run and operate on all kinds of devices. The great part is that this Best Free VPN lets you connect 6 devices at one single time.

You are free to use it on Android and also in iOS and all kinds of Windows systems. Besides, you can use it with routers and Linux or with any smart Tv options if you feel like doing so.

It is time to browse in complete privacy and this is possible if you only try this VPN service provider.

This version keeps you secured from annoying advertisers and all sorts of cybercriminals and other internet service providers.

Is A Free VPN Worth It?


Below you can see and check out that details whether this free version of a virtual private network VPN is worthy enough for your investment or not.

These below-written details can give you a better idea and then you can decide whether to invest in a free VPN service provider or not!

No matter you have got the Best Free VPN option in your hands, but this free of cost version is accompanied with some glitches as well.

This free VPN version offers a limited data range. Or you can say that you are given access to a paltry and limited level of data allowance.

You can only get the unlimited data option if you are using the paid service version of them.

It is because of the limited data access part that users do not show interest in using free VPNs.

Moreover, these free of cost versions offer limited bandwidth range. You may face issues while uploading and downloading any content.

If the download bandwidth range is slow and not up to the mark, then how can a user experience 4K stream results.

Such Best Free VPN companies do not have enough cash and investment to boost their bandwidth range. That is why they keep this range slow and limited.

How Do FREE VPNs Work?


If you do not have a clear idea concerning how these free and paid versions of VPNs work and operate, then this explanation can remove your ambiguities.

We have seen that both of these versions work similarly and exactly. The only difference lies that the paid version of VPN runs on more complex and technical notes.

The working process of Best Free VPN versions, it is simple and straightforward. As these VPNs comes in the category of the trial period, for the reason that their processing is simple and quick.

Most importantly, these virtual private networks VPNs work and operate by simply routing the internet connection of your device. It does that by selecting and choosing the VPN private server of yours.

It does not choose the internet service provider ISP and as soon as data is going to be transmitted and shifted to the internet, then it is usually and generally comes from the VPN source rather than coming from your computer.

Besides, if you want to use Best Free VPN versions, then keep in mind that they have limited features that you can use.

Though they keep successful and proper track of your content as well as of your IP address these virtual private networks may give you slow browsing speed and limited data usage and also unstable connections.

What’s the Catch With Free VPNs?

What’s the Catch With Free VPNs

Free VPNs limit your speed and security and put a limit on your ability to stream. They have no log policies and most of their servers are often over-crowded

At times, these free VPNs show low-quality videos and buffering problems.

However of using free VPNs, then there must be some bonuses and special spark and magic given to the users and purchasers. They are great to use and accompanied by exclusive features.

Now, this below-mentioned explanation is going to show you how using and trying out these free VPNs are a better catch option for you.

If you are planning to use Best Free VPN service providers, then that is a great step and initiative from your side.

With the use of these free VPNs, you will have a great time. As we all know that VPN protects and secures your data from all kinds of hackers.

Furthermore, they guard your data against stealing and theft. It is these VPNs that conceal this IP address of yours.

These reliable service providers give you unrestricted and maximum access to the kind of content that you want to stream and watch,

It does not intercept and hinder your data no matter it travels and sends back and forth from one computer and website to another.

Moreover, these Best Free VPN options keep your website as well as information safe and sound.

In other words, these premium providers bring an extra and additional layer of protection right on to your internet connection zone.

With the use of a free VPN, you can fully guard your personal information against all snooper and hackers and also ISPs.

Even more, this exclusive service prevents and avoids service-based bandwidth kind of throttling.

FAQs about Best Free VPN:


1- Will these VPNs run on my other devices?

These VPNs can seamlessly and trouble-free run on all kinds of devices. No matter, which version of Best Free VPN you are using; you can connect that service with at least 5 devices at the same time.

Furthermore, it is observed and seen that upon using a VPN connection, linking and connecting it to multiple devices is relatively and comparatively easy.

Moreover, you can use the same username and also the same password for this job.

2- Are these free VPNs safe to use for everyday streaming on my Windows device?

There is this conception that free VPNs tend to catch adware and malware, that is why individuals do not even feel like using Best Free VPN options.

Some people believe that this is not a safe option to use because it offers a poor speed range and you may get bad surprises regularly linked to the speed range.

Furthermore, some people have an issue with their bandwidth limits.

They do not feel like using free VPNs every day because they assume these service providers allow them to download a limited amount and range of data.

So far, no conclusive and authentic guarantee is given by free VPN service providers. That is why individuals are reluctant to use them.

But if your chosen service comes from a trusted brand, then there is no harm of using a VPN every day for streaming right there on your Windows device!

3- Are free VPNs safe for use on any of my devices?

One should use free VPNs up to a limited time. In other words, you can use them only for trial purposes and not longer than that.

It is seen that even the Best Free VPN versions catch adware, virus, and malware traces and thus infect your device.

As these free VPNs offer limited privacy and make money by tracking your activities, so there is no guarantee that these free VPNs are working in your favor.

Moreover, these VPNs might be injected with malware and infused with some data-stealing malware traces. These service providers show tons of ads and give an annoying experience to the user.

It is only these reliable free VPN providers that meet your expectations and keeps all of your online activities safe.

4- How do free VPNs make their money?

It is through advertising that these free VPNs make and generate money. So, if you are using any Best Free VPN, then keep in mind that it generates its revenue through this advertising medium.

However, if you are using a fake and cheap VPN, then it makes money by tracking and keeping an eye on your online activities.

Always remain careful and aware of the fact that how your VPN service provider generates and makes money.

5- Is it legal to use a VPN?

It is completely legal to use a VPN. There is no harm in using these virtual private networks. Moreover, even in the USA, we are seeing heavy and massive users of this platform.

Rest, if you want to avail of the Best Free VPN, then make sure it is launched by a legal and reliable service provider.


So, what’s the bottom line? All these Best Free VPN service providers work reliably and satisfactorily. They are identified as the kings and queens of this industry.

They give 100% and guaranteed anonymity to the user. It is claimed by all of these reliable and renewed VPN virtual private network service providers that they do not keep any of the data linked to internet browsing traffic zones.

Whatever stuff and history are logged right there in your IP address, it is going to remain anonymous and hidden.

In other words, you can get this idea and hint that all connections logs will be automatically and instantly removed right there from your system every week.

Some of them offer a trial version, you can try that to get more idea about these premium service providers.

It is high time to access and stream worldwide content and protect our device security status. Simply try these Best Free VPN services and give your thanks to us.

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