Best Mac Keyboards of 2021 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

Best Mac Keyboards

Here we have the professional and best Mac keyboards for you.

These are the top picks of 2021.

Check out the reviews about them and pick the most high-quality Mac keyboard for yourself.

Furthermore, these keyboards are compatible with other devices.

They are crafted with immense and extreme detailing.

Moreover, they give the user a tactile typing feel and always offer this psycho-acoustic experience.

In a Hurry? Check out the Winner of Our Review:

Azio Mac Keyboard

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Technical Specifications:

    Keyboard Description: QWERTY
    Keys: 104
    Weight: 2.30 lbs

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Quick Summary: Our Top 5 Picks

Azio Mac Keyboard

Azio Mac Keyboard



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Satechi USB Wired Mac Keyboard

Satechi USB Wired Mac Keyboard



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E-Element Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Mac

E-Element Gaming Keyboard



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Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard



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Perixx Mac Keyboard

Perixx Mac Keyboard



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In-Depth Review: 10 Best Mac Keyboards

If you want to keep on getting that unmatchable and superb typing experience, then try out these recommendations:

10-  Macally Mac Keyboard

10- Macally Mac Keyboard

You might be wondering why to buy and choose this Macally Mac Keyboard; here you can know the popular reasons for it.

This best Mac keyboard is composed of low profile keys.

Most importantly, this version comes in the form of a wired keyboard and you are going to get a comfortable typing experience.

All of its low-profile keys are fully and wholly integrated right there in its slope frame.

We guarantee you that with this keyboard, you can have and keep on seeing precise typing experience.

There are no batteries needed to run this best Mac keyboard.

You just have to plug and play it, this is all! In other words, plug and connect your USB cable and get on with your typing job.

Most noteworthy, this model is infused with 16 Apple shortcuts and also power down button. With the help of these shortcut keys, you can well increase and boost your typing speed.

These shortcut keys are going to make it easy for you to perform your repetitive actions with ease. So, do you want to buy this best Mac keyboard? You should be!

This is a full-sized keyboard and accompanied by a 17 number pad. This is an extended keyboard and installed with 104 keys.

You can comfortably and perfectly type on this keyboard as it offers immense rest to your palm and hands.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

👍 What We Like:

  • It has low-profile keys.
  • It comes with 16 Apple shortcut keys.
  • This one is a full-sized keyboard.

9-  FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard for Mac

9- FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard for Mac

Want to know the best part of this FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard for Mac, here we have the needed explanation for you.

You can order this best Mac keyboard as it is a high-quality wireless USB keyboard.

In addition, it offers a stable and easy connection job to the user.

You can conveniently connect it with any device of yours.

This keyboard is present in the form of a concise, compact, and stylish design. It is portable and easy to carry.

Besides, this recommended and the best Mac keyboard is a full-size keyboard. It has 102 keys and remains to stay ultra-thin enough.

You can conveniently and trouble-free put it in your bag or even in your suitcase. This is a perfect Mac keyboard set that you can use for business travel, home or library, café.

The presence of a scissor-key switch will give you the utmost and smooth typing experience and that is the main USP of this recommendation.

It offers you with sensitive response and is installed with the lowest volume keyboard keys. Its mouse button does not produce any noise.

So, when you are going to buy this best Mac keyboard? You can order it now as limited stock is there.

Your hands will not get tired while using this keyboard no matter you are typing for hours and hours. Beyond, you can use this suggestion for Macbook vista and also for Linux and other kinds of windows systems.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It is ultra-thin.
  • It has got an ergonomic design.
  • It offers wide compatibility.

8-  Apple Magic Keyboard

8- Apple Magic Keyboard

How about trying this Apple Magic Keyboard! You can get your hands on this magic and best Mac keyboard as lots of catchy qualities are present in it.

It has an extended layout and is infused with a numeric keypad. Most probably, this keyboard made for Mac users will meet your expectations as it is easy to use.

This model comes along with document navigation control settings and also offers a quick scrolling job.

There are full-size arrows keys present in it so that you can have a trouble-free gaming experience.

Most certainly, you will see that this best Mac keyboard is embedded with a scissor mechanism.

This way, all keys parts of this keyboard manages to give you increased and maximum stability.

All keys are of low-profile design nature just to give you the precise typing experience.

You should fully utilize the numeric keypad section of this keyboard for finance and spreadsheets applications.

Hence, you should use and have this best Mac keyboard because it has an oversized kind of volume, dedicated looking media controls, and an aluminum top panel.

Upon using its sleep button, you can save its energy. If you plan to use it, then share with us your reviews too.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It has an extended layout.
  • It allows quick scrolling.
  • It is ideal for spreadsheets.

7-  Logitech Wireless Mac Keyboard

7- Logitech Wireless Mac Keyboard

If you are eagerly searching for sleek looking Mac keyboard, then you can try out this model!

Here we have reviewed this Logitech Wireless Mac Keyboard for you.

You will be happy to know that this best Mac keyboard is also solar-powered.

Furthermore, it does not involve and require any battery hassle from your side.

You can charge this keyboard by using the solar light source.

If this Mac keyboard is fully charged, then you can easily use it for a whole 3 months without any hindrance.

Giving you the thickness details of this best Mac keyboard, it is 1/3 inches thick and immensely ultra-thin. Moreover, this keyboard carries and is composed of the sleekest and stylish design in it.

If you are familiar with the basic Mac layout, then this is an ideal keyboard recommendation for you. This best Mac keyboard has got a Launchpad hotkey at the same time.

To use this keyboard, there are some system requirements that you have to follow. Like, you should have a USB port and a light source.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It involves no battery hassle.
  • It offers you an easy typing job.
  • It is solar-powered.

6-  Das Mac Keyboard

6- Das Mac Keyboard

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Das Mac Keyboard is the next option on our list.

This is an upgraded form of Mac keyboard and it has got these cherry MX mechanical key switches in it.

All of these switches are accompanied and covered by gold contacts and that is the promising part of this best Mac keyboard.

Its weight is 2.9 lbs and this is quite lightweight! It consists and comprises of two USB ports and you can run this keyboard with PC windows and also with Linux.

There is no driver needed to turn on and run this keyboard. You may find this recommendation best of all as it has dedicated and easy to use media controls as well as an oversized volume knob.

Regarding its keycaps, they are hard-coat protected. Moreover, this best Mac keyboard has an elevated height.

It offers a maximum amount of Mac compatibility, that is why this exclusive model is specifically and keenly designed for you.

This model consists of command keys, Alt keys, and shows robust construction. It successfully gives you tactile file and remains to show you the traits of incredible craftsmanship.

Hence, this best Mac keyboard is a feasible and suitable recommendation for you. It allows you to execute your typing job and keystrokes conveniently.

👍 What we like:

  • It comprises the oversize volume knob.
  • It comes with an elevated height.
  • It is easy to use.

5-  Perixx Mac Keyboard

5- Perixx Mac Keyboard

Next, we have this Perixx Mac Keyboard for you. Its unique selling point is that it is infused with a split-key design.

In addition, this best Mac keyboard is wholly and completely ergonomically designed.

It consists of integrated palm rest and manages to release nerve pressure from your palm and hands.

This keyboard version reduces and brings down forearm tension as well as keeps your hand position stable enough.

Upon using this best Mac keyboard, you are going to see that chances of having RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome are going to be reduced.

This is a wireless keyboard and shows Bluetooth connection. You can run it with Mac or with any Windows. It has all function keys and shortcuts keys present in it.

Besides, this recommendation has 4 additional switchable keys and a key puller that comes along with the box.

Thus, if you want to have a keyboard that contains tactile responsive keys, then have this model and enjoying using this best Mac keyboard.

It successfully and seamlessly gives you a satisfying and happy typing feel.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It has an integrated palm rest design.
  • It is installed with tactile responsive keys.
  • It gives the best typing feel.

4-  Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

4- Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

If you feel like buying this Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, you can surely buy this best Mac keyboard.

We have lots of reasons to convince you why to select this model!

You can either connect this keyboard with the help of a Bluetooth connection or you can connect it by using a USB dongle.

The excellent typing experience is offered by this best Mac keyboard. It makes your workflow process easy.

It is completely rechargeable and runs on the energy-saving mode. There is a separate on/off switch present in it.

In addition, the presence of a smart auto-sleep feature makes this model more reliable. If you want to shop for a keyboard that shows universal compatibility, then have this best Mac keyboard.

You can use it with Android windows or with desktop PC stations as well as Apple iPad Air. This model has low-profile keys and is composed of scissor-switch keys too.

If you see some defect in this item, then feel free to return it. It is time to make your typing job a little less tiring and hassle-free for you.

That you can do by buying such a keyboard.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It delivers universal compatibility.
  • It consists of scissor-switch keys.
  • It guarantees to give full replacement or a full refund.

3- E-Element Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Mac

3- E-Element Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

To all gamers out there, we have an ideal gaming keyboard for you.

Yes, we are talking about this E-Element Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Mac.

Most importantly, it has anti-ghosting 104 keys.

This model allows you to use multi-keys at one single time, how amazing and great it is.

Your typing speed is going to become fast upon regularly working on this best Mac keyboard. Even more, each of the keys is controlled and operated by their independent switcher.

If you wish to enjoy the spark and charisma of these high-grade games, then try this best Mac keyboard and experience the fast and quick response from it.

This keyboard is the name of longevity and responsiveness as well as durability. It shows medium resistance and offers audible click sound.

Moreover, with the usage of this best Mac keyboard, you are going to get tactile feedback. It contains a solid-colored backlit mode and is composed of doubles-hot keycaps.

It is high time to play brilliantly and that you can do by first buying this keyboard. It is fully infused with a perfect and ideal keystroke design in it.

This model is built upon a high and latest technique. It offers you with color-flashing speed settings and adjustable brightness part.

Lastly, this keyboard has a double-shot injection kind of molder keycaps.

So, what have you planned?

Go and get this model and get a convenient typing experience.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It offers key shortcuts.
  • It is made of top-quality.
  • It has a gold-plated USB connector.

2- Satechi USB Wired Mac Keyboard

2- Satechi USB Wired Mac Keyboard

Beyond this, this Satechi USB Wired Mac Keyboard is going to meet your expectations.

If you plan to buy and order this best Mac keyboard, then do have a look at its review first of all.

This is an extended Mac keyboard and it is designed in an upgraded form.

It consists of a full numeric keypad and is composed of these responsive sorts of scissor-switch keys.

It provides the user with a reliable wired connection and you can connect this best Mac keyboard with any USB-A cable.

Its setup process is surprisingly and much easy to perform. Furthermore, it does need any of the extra drivers to install in it.

This is a kind of great looking and best Mac keyboard that has intuitive shortcut keys in it. There are shortcut function keys embossed in it.

You are going to find this keyboard immensely sleek and stylish. It is infused with aluminum and robust construction elements.

You can have this model in silver-gray color or space gray color shade. It is time to bring more convenience to your fingertips.

Try this keyboard and do not make your fingers tired while you type. By using this reviewed keyboard, you can easily play and pause.

You are free to switch applications and set brightness. This is a perfect model if you often perform tasks related to data entry and finance applications.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It has a modern and sleek design.
  • It shows aluminum construction.
  • It delivers extensive features of compatibility.


1- Azio Mac Keyboard

1- Azio Mac Keyboard

Lastly, we have this Azio Mac Keyboard for our readers.

You should not waste any more time and have this best Mac keyboard right on your table.

It has function keys and all Mac layout keys in it.

Besides, this model has got a sleek-looking aluminum faceplate in it.

This reviewed item is injected with full mechanical keys and shows fast to access volume control settings.

The USP of this best Mac keyboard is that it has a white LED backlight at its end.

This keyboard is only designed and made for Mac users. It is finished and polished with the hints of bead-blasted aluminum.

Most importantly, this keyboard is exclusively and elegantly designed. It gives a minimalistic look and feels to the user.

Its function keys are integrated in a way that you can easily and instantly access them.

When you buy this best Mac keyboard, then you are going to see that it has a dedicated volume wheel present in it as well.

Hence, enjoy having a dreaming typing job by specifically buying this model. If you fail to hunt for a full-sized keyboard for yourself, then we are sure that this model will meet your requirements.

It offers you complete Mac function support and that is the catchy property of it. You can control the brightness of its keys.

There are keycaps induced in it and further covered up by a silver aluminum top plate. No doubt, this keyboard is extremely and immensely elegantly designed.

The induction of mechanical keys is going to give you precise experience and you always type with 100% confidence.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍 What we like:

  • It has full of mechanical keys.
  • It has an easy to access volume control.
  • There is a white LED backlight.

💸 Best Mac Keyboards – Buyer’s Guide

Best Mac Keyboard

Now, you can check out some of the important points that may help you in getting a useful and reliable model of the Mac keyboard.

Below we have highlighted this buying guide for you and these points will tell you which aspects to consider while shopping for the best Mac keyboard.

You can share your queries with us if you have any questions on this buying guide and we are going to further elaborate and explain to you in this area.

Full-Size Keyboard

Look for the model that comes in the form of a full-size keyboard. You need to have a keyboard version that has an extended layout.

Moreover, your chosen model should be ready to use and ideal for data entry tasks. Have that version that your employees and you can conveniently use.

Plug and Play Mode Connection

The presence of this feature makes sure that your chosen Mac keyboard model remains to stay easy to use. It should not give any hassle while you plug and connect it.

Furthermore, it needs to operate on a simple and mere plug and play mode. If it does not demand and need drivers or any kind of software, then that is great.

Dedicated Media Controls

In addition, you can prefer buying the best Mac keyboard version that is composed of dedicated media controls. Plus, the best of all models are infused with an oversized volume knob.

These features will make it simple for you to set and adjust the volume setting area. Your job of streaming music will become quick and simple.

So, if your selected model offers you quick and hassle-free access to use its media controls, then that is super amazing.

Specific Key Functions

It recommended buying that kind of keyboard for your Mac system that is infused with these specific key functions. Like, if it is surrounded by professional and standard command and Alt keys, then that is great.

With the help of these keys, you can seamlessly toggle right between screens. Moreover, you can view and have a look at your desktop along with using other applications as well.

Through these key functions, you can access and open up the brightness controls part with just a single push of a button.

Hard-Coated and Protected Keycaps

Besides, grab that model that has UV hard-coated and also protected keycaps. Try to look for the best Mac keyboard model that is equipped and packed with such keys.

This protection is going to make your keyboard keys not to get fade at any cost. It is all because of this UV hard coating that your keyboard keys will become extra and double durable.

On the other hand, the keycap fonts will not bring any trouble and hassle for you while reading and looking at the keys.

Presence of Aluminum Top Panel

Try purchasing that keyboard that is infused and embossed with an aluminum top panel. If your keyboard is accompanied by a stunning and stylish look, then do go for that model.

Hence, your overall Mac keyboard should accompany and carry the sleek look and also anodized kind of aluminum top panel.

Presence of Aluminum Top Panel

Try purchasing that keyboard that is infused and embossed with an aluminum top panel. If your keyboard is accompanied by a stunning and stylish look, then do go for that model.

Hence, your overall Mac keyboard should accompany and carry the sleek look and also anodized kind of aluminum top panel.

Comfortable Typing Experience

Users can have such a Mac keyboard set that gives them an ideal and comfortable typing experience.

Your hands, fingers, or palm rest should not feel any burden while you type. In other words, your model will only be marked as high-quality if it gives you a tactile feedback experience and a smooth typing feel.

Apple Shortcuts

There is another important that you can remember while searching for the best Mac keyboard! It is that look for the model that is pre-occupied with at least 16 Apple shortcuts and also composed of a power-down button.

With the presence of these shortcut keys, you can increase and amplify the typing speed and can perform any repetitive actions in a disturbance-free manner.

Worry-free Warranty Time

Lastly, grab that Mac keyboard that offers customers a worry-free warranty option. Prefer choosing that brand that manages to offer you great customer service and money-back guarantee time.

If your chosen company gives easy to reach customer support, then you can select and buy your Mac keyboard from there.

This is the in-depth buying guide that you should always go through before buying a Mac keyboard.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Every Keyboard Work With My Mac?

If you have a USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard, then such keyboards can easily work with your Mac. Furthermore, wireless keyboards remain to stay compatible with Mac. You only have to plug these keyboards and start to run your Mac device.

Will A Pc Keyboard Work On A Mac?

Windows PC keyboards support and remain compatible with Mac. Make sure that your Windows keyboards should have a USB connector attached to it. Moreover, when using PC keyboards, then your Windows key is going to work and run as the Command key. On the other hand, the Alt key is going to function as Option Key.

Should I Go Mechanical?

Mechanical keyboards are exclusively designed and made for gaming purposes. In addition, they are made to fulfill and meet your gaming needs. These keyboards are always preferred by beginner-level and expert-level gamers as they are faster, durable, and also tactile.

Do Macs Work With Bluetooth Keyboards?

Macs show 100% compatibility with Bluetooth keyboards. Just plug and connect your Mac with this keyboard type and start your specific job on Mac. These keyboards are pretty much and quite easy to get connected with Mac.

📚 Conclusion

So, what’s the bottom line?

It is time to order these best Mac keyboard model and refine your typing experience.

We guarantee you that these keyboards will meet all your typing needs.

Furthermore, they have got a luxurious as well as attractive design.

These options are ultra-thin and come with a whisper-quiet button at the same time.

It is time to have a comfortable typing experience and this is instantly possible by ordering any of these best Mac keyboard versions.

Keep tuned with us.

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