How to Download Windows 7 Games for Windows 10

Are you Windows 10 user and looking for Windows 7 Games for Windows 10? And are you missing Windows 7 Games? Well, I guess the probable answer to this question would be yes. We all would agree to the fact that Windows 7 had some nice and beautiful set of games. But with the launch of Windows 10, you might have found that this latest version has Windows 7 games missing from it. This is making a lot of Windows 10 users migrating to the previous version of Windows that is Windows 7.  So if you are one of them who is badly missing Windows 7 classic games then here we are with the solution of getting Windows 7 games free download from Microsoft. You can also try this to get Windows 7 games for Windows 8.

Microsoft has changed most of everything with new Windows 10 from Design, Colors to Security and privacy. But that is not a problem. The problem is, they have removed old Windows 7 Games. It is very frustrating for many old Windows users. Some of us don’t even care about this change but if you are addicted to Windows games then you will realize there is something missing in Windows 10. So many users have reported this to Microsft but there is no official announcement from Microsoft. But if you want to download and play Windows 7 Games on Windows 10 then this article can help you.

Sometimes you are searching for old Windows games but guess what, you cannot find any game in Windows 10. But now you can easily download and install Windows 7 Games in Windows 10. Here we are going to share how to install these games.

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Download Windows 7 games for Windows 10

Luckily the users of Windows 10 can access Window 7 games full with some tricks and hacks.

Method 1- Using Zip File

If you want the Windows 7 games back then you should surely try this method out. Follow the steps in a stepwise fashion and begin playing your favourite games.

Step 1- Download the zipped archive file from here.  Now extract it to a location of your choice in your system.

Step 2- Open file Win7Games-Setup.exe.

Step 3- Select all the games you wish to install. The games list may include Chess Titans, FreeCell, Hearts, Mahjong, Minesweeper, Solitaire and Spider Solitaire and many more.

Step 4- It will take a few minutes for the setup to install the games you selected on your system.

It is done. Now you can go to the Start menu and select the games from there to play.

Method 2- Windows 7 Games Free Download

If you are interested in installing old classic Windows games than simply copying the Microsoft Games folder from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will not work. You have to follow some simple steps to install and download Windows 7 Games on Windows 10.

Follow the steps and get games back

Step 1- Click the link here to download > Click on one of the download links.

Step 2- Extract the RAR file to a new folder or desktop.

Step 3- Finally run the installer > Select games that you want to install.

That’s it! You are done with it. Now simply type the name of the game that you need in the Start menu and play them right away.

Go to the installation wizard and pick out the desired games you wish to acquire in Windows 10. So, in the event you still didn’t upgrade your Windows 10 Preview to the newest version, we’re likely to inform you regarding the probable problems, so it is possible to know what to anticipate.

Well, these were the ways in which you can extract Windows 7 Games for Windows 10 PC. You just need to follow these steps and it is all done within a few minutes. And begin enjoying the classic Microsoft games.

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