10 Best Cpu for Gtx 1060 In 2021 – (Complete Review)

GTX 1060 is considered to be the famous and the most popular GPU among gamers and PC enthusiasts. 

If you’re considering a GPU for extensive gaming, or you’re looking to run high-end applications, GTX 1060 can prove to be fruitful.

Enriched with the specification to provide users with premium graphics, this GPU is used regularly worldwide. 

As this is a unique graphic card, it can be a hurdle to make this graphic card compatible with a Cpu that’s doesn’t carry the latest specifications.

In case, if you’re looking forward to eradicating the bottlenecks within your old Cpu and hunting for something that can run this GTX 1060 GPU efficiently, then a list of products is being provided below that can help you track down your best Cpu for GTX 1060 pick. 

:star: 10 Best Cpu for Gtx 1060 In 2021:

1. AMD Ryzen 5 2600

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

This Ryzen 5 2600 is considered to be the most affordable and the best Cpu for Gtx 1060.

Enabling users to enjoy and use the GTx 1060 to the fullest, this version of Cpu is stronger than what Ryzen 2400 offers and hence can be your viable pick. 

Consisting of six cores and 12 threads, this Cpu offers users a processor speed of 3.4 GHz and some of its cores can boost themselves up to provide the speed of 3.9Ghz if needed.  

With an ability to hyperthreading its real cores efficiently, this Cpu offers users the to multi-task efficiently and allows gamers to run extensive gaming setups with ease.


  • Generate a low temperature while processing. 
  • Provides ultimate performance.
  • Comes within a budget.


  • The IGFX isn’t included in the package. 

2. Intel Core i5-8400

Intel Core i5-8400

Coming with a supreme set of specifications, this intel Core i5 – 8400 processor can prove to be the best Cpu for GTX 1060.

This 8th generation processor is specially built for people that love doing extensive gaming. 

This model comprises six cores and six threads, this processor is worth every penny.

Providing users with decent TDP and cooling solutions, this GPU makes sure that it satisfies the needs of the gamers and allows them to multitask with ease.


  • Features a built-in bundled cooler.
  • Consist of Six-cores and six-threads to operate smoothly. 
  • Consists of withstanding performance ratio and ensures users about its durability. 


  • Its ratio multiplier is locked. 
  • The cores of this processor can’t overclock themselves. 

3. AMD Ryzen 2400G

AMD Ryzen 2400G

The processor is designed specifically to enable gamers to enjoy their game with 4K realistic resolution with ease, this can be the best Cpu for GTX 1060. 

Consisting of a base frequency of more than 2600, this processor overhauls the i3 8100 and turns out to be a greater chipset than it.  

The cores of this processor consist of a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz but some of the cores can boost themselves to provide you a clock speed up to 4.0 GHz. 

The price tag for which this product comes is affordable and hence can prove to be the viable pick for the best Cpu for GTX 1060.


  • Provide users with a stunning performance. 
  • Potent chipset.
  • Comes within an affordable price range. 
  • Consists of an attractive slim build.
  • Provides gamers with extensive gaming experience. 


  • Can sometimes lack to provide goof performance

4. AMD Ryzen 5 1600

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is considered to be the best Cpu for GTX 1060 and has climbed up the ranks since it’s been manufactured.

Coming with a similar core and threads as being offered in AMD 2600, this processor can blow your mind. 

Featuring a decent multiplier within it, this processer enhances the combined performance of the chipset and allows gamers to play extensive games with ease. 

For the budget this Cpu comes for, it’s worth every penny and you surely won’t find anything like this ever.


  • Consist of a competitive processor.
  • Features a built-in cooler
  • Comes within a budget. 
  • Its multiplier is unlocked


  • Users find its overclocking module terrible.

5. Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Belonging to the golden lineage, this processor can prove its worth to the gamers and can be the best Cpu for GTX 1060. 

Consisting of gold plating at the edges, this processor gives aesthetic vibes, and operates efficiently, enabling users to use their GTX 1060 to the fullest. 

Consisting of a Hyperthreading technology, this Cpu features a performative cooler within it, to avoid your Pc from lagging due to increased temperature, and is known best to operate GTX 1060 GPU.


  • Consist of ultiate hyperthreading technology. 
  • Comes with a performative cooler.
  • Provide users with amazing performance on mid-tier games.


  • The user has witness overclocking problems within the processor. 
  • Offers weak IGFX to users.

6. Intel Core i3-8100

Intel Core i3-8100

This 8th and 9th Generation intel processor is considered to be highly powerful and can be for sure the best Cpu for GTX 1060.

This model of intel offers users with surfeit set of features at a much-reduced cost. 

Featuring 4 clocks and 4 threads, this processor is more than enough to run mid-tier games or high-end applications.

Having said that, this processor consists of a decent TDP and offers users a maximum temperature level of 100 degrees.


  • Comes within a budget. 
  • Consist of an amazing stock cooler
  • Provide users with ultimate and decent gaming performance.


  • Doesn’t provide zero hyper-threading function. 
  • Its multiplier is locked. 

7. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Featuring the same 8 cores and 16 thread arrangement just like its predecessor, this Cpu is considered to be significantly faster as it consists of a 3.7 base clock speed, but certain cores can boost themselves up to generate a clock speed of 4.3 GHz. 

Featuring a wraith prism Cpu Cooler, this processor keeps the total temperature low regardless of how high the workload is being done. 

What counts as the best feature of this Cpu is that, due to it comprising of the highest frame rate,  this processor can encode files efficiently and hence can be the best Cpu for GTX 1060.


  • The Utility of AMD’s Ryzen Master is considered to work efficiently. 
  • Comes with improved compatibility and offers users higher DDR4 memory speeds.
  • Features a wraith prism CPU cooler within the package that is considered to be adequate for stock CPU speeds.


  • Consist of two memory sticks, but many users complain that this processor only achieves 3200Mhz.

8. AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

According to the reviews and the popularity of this Cpu, we can claim with full confidence that this Cpu is the best Cpu for GTX 1060.

From its price to the features of this processor, everything about this processor is simply exceptional. 

The four cores of this product are unlocked, which can boost up to provide a clock speed up to 3.7 GHz, moreover consisting of a wraith stealth cooler, this Cpu provides the user with ultimate thermal solutions.


  • Consists of an onboard Vega graphics processor.
  • It’s easy to install and operate this processor. 
  • By providing gamers with an ultimate 4k resolution display, this processor can be the best for gaming. 
  • Operates essentially and allows users to multi-task effectively. 


  • Doesn’t perform well when it comes to overclocking. 

9. Intel Core i5-8600

Intel Core i5-8600

If you’re looking for the best Cpu for GTX 1060, this product can be the one that can fulfill your needs and requirements. 

Featuring 6 cores and 6 threads, this processor consists of a base clock speed of 3.10 GHz, but certain of its core can boost their limit to generate a clock speed of 4.30 GHz and offers gamers the to run high-end applications with ease.


  • Consists of 6 threads and 6 cores. 
  • Good clock speed.
  • Compatible with other GPU.
  • Best Cpu for GTx 1060.


  • Note to be found yet.

10. Intel Core i5-9600K

Intel Core i5-9600K

Just like its predecessor, this Cpu by Intel also provides users with 6 cores and 6 threads. 

But as being the more advanced version of the Intel, this processor consists of a clock base speed of 3.70 GHz, but while running high-end applications and extensive gaming, this processor can boost its cores to generate a clock speed up to 4.60 GHz which’s more than enough. 

If you’re looking for a Cpu that comes within a price range, then this can be your viable pick.


  • Turbo unlocked.
  • Consists of 6 threads and 6 cores.
  • Features a processor socket of LGA 1151. 


  • Altering the clock frequency or voltage can hinder or reduce the useful life of this processor.
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:money_with_wings: How to Choose the Best Cpu for Gtx 1060?

The most common thought that comes in everyone’s gamer or PC enthusiast is that “what should we consider beforehand while optioning for the best Cpu for Gtx 1060”. 

What we believe is that the product that looks attractive and eye-catching doesn’t need to come with a comprehensive set of specifications that you’re looking for.  

Hence a list of factors is being provided to you below, that needs to be considered beforehand to ensure to have a viable pick.

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Cores are an essential factor while considering the best Cpu for GTX 1060.

Cores consist of the ability to go from 1 to eight within no time. What you need to consider is the product of the processor, as it impacts the performance of your GTX 1060. 

If your processor is locked to produce four cores, then you won’t be able to utilize your processor to its maximum strength.

Therefore, it’s suggested that you should go for the best Cpu for GTX 1060 that offers four to six cores operation and let you use the GTX 1060 to the fullest. 

Integrated Graphics Card:

A GPU proves to be essential for your Cpu and helps you to produce a better outcome of the graphics.  In case your Cpu lacks the integrated graphic card, then you have to buy or arrange a separate card. 

GTX 1060 is considered to be the best graphic card that runs heavy applications with ease and provided ultimate graphics for gaming.  

You should look out for the integrated graphics card in the Cpu that you’re optioning to operate and use GTX 1060. 

Clock Speed:

A clock speed of 3.5 or 4.0 GHz is considered to be the most productive and viable clock speed for extensive gaming.

But what is considered to be more imperative is that a Cpu should execute a single thread efficiently.

  Besides clock speed, it’s recommended to look out for the speed limit the Cpu you’re optioning for your self can support.

The more clock speed your Cpu comes in handy with, the more efficiently it will be able to run the GTX 1060 graphic card.  


Just like RAM is known to be the temporary memory of the PC, similarly, the cache is considered to be the temporary memory of the processor.  

The size of the cache of the processor determines the average number of documents or files that can be stored within the processor and how quickly your processor can retrieve them.


:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best CPU for GTX 1060 6GB? ?

The products mentioned above proves to be the Best Cpu for Gtx 1060 you can ever have.

To ensure that you make the viable pick, it’s advised to review our buyer’s guide provided above, as it will surely help you to choose your best one out. 

What CPU will not bottleneck a GTX 1060?

The CPU that consist of the older operating systems, or doesn’t feature the latest set of specifications within it can cause GTX 1060 to bottleneck within it.

The above products comprise of the premium specifications and are highly operable, so optioning one of them will ensure you to have a fruitful experience. 

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:books: Conclusion!

The products listed above assure the users of their integrity. These products are one of the demanded ones in the market and are known as the best Cpu for GTX 1060. 

Coming within a range, the products offer a comprehensive set of specifications, that can please any gamer or PC enthusiast!

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