10 Best iPhone Car Mounts Reviewed: 2021 Guide

Car mounts are used for using the mobile phone while driving or for taking calls/video calling family. They also serve a purpose that most of people use it for navigation.

As you cannot use your mobile phones in fast-moving or prolonged traffic, these car mounts come in handy at these times.

They can help you in many ways; they can provide you access to GPS, music, and much more.

These car mounts are invented for people’s safety as most people face accidents because they use mobile phones, and their attention is diverted from the roads.

So, it is highly recommended for people’s safety purposes to be safe and not to use mobile phones while driving.

⭐ Best iPhone Car Mounts Reviews:

The top listed best iPhone car mounts are named as:

  • Kenu Airframe+
  • iOttie Easy One Touch 4
  • Hussell Air Vent Mount
  • RAM Mount Universal X-Grip
  • Humixx phone car mount
  • iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount
  • Lorima phone mount
  • flePow Universal 360 Car mount
  • MANORDS Universal Car Mount

10- MANORDS Universal Car Mount

MANORDS Universal Car Mount

The MANORDS car mount is one of the best iPhone car mounts and is way too much easy to use.

It can easily be installed and removed from the CD slot of your car without harming it.

The magnet present in the CD mount can solidly hold your mobile phone for a long time and keep your phone safe without causing any difficulty or problem.

This mount consists of an optimal viewing angle of 360 degrees around and can keep your device in a secured position and won’t even let it fall. It gives you a clear view of your phone from almost any perspective. 

These mounts are way too convenient and secure as it consists of the carbon steel plates.

It consists of magnets inside the container, which are ultra-thin. This can quickly and simply be installed in your car’s CD slot, and it even lets your CD player work normally.  

It consists of an adhesive metal plate. These mounts are equipped with a round and rectangle adhesive metal Plate, which is supposed to be directly placed at the back of your phone with the help of an electrostatic sticker.

It can simply remove the sticky remains on the phone when the phone is removed from the mount.

These MANORD car mounts company allows the customers to contact them freely if you have any problem according to the car mounts. They provide you 24 hours of customer care.

👍 What We Like:

  • It is a safe mount for your phone.
  • Easy to perform operations.
  • Consists of a 360 degrees adjustable head.
  • It also consists of an adhesive metal plate. 

9- FlePow Universal 360 Car mount

FlePow Universal 360 Car mount

FlePow is also one of the best iPhone car mounts and offers you a 3-year money-back guarantee, which is very impressive as no other company does so. You can simply contact their customer care for refunds or replacements without any hesitation.

These are pretty attractive and very modern car mounts. This mount provides you best positioning and protects your phone from any damages.

It is beautiful, but it has a versatile design compatible with a wide range of mobile phones. 

They provide you with multi-pivotal angles so that you can have the proper view of your mobile phone, and it also allows you to have a fair idea of the windshield, and it won’t be blocking your opinion at all.

It also provides you a 360-degree rotation angle, and you can easily adjust the mount single-handedly. The Magnet also won’t be able to affect the functions of your mobile phone. 

FlePow consists of 3M VHB of adhesion and provides a strong holding bond between the phone’s mount and dashboards.

You will just have to attach it to any plane of your car you want, positioning your device, and the support will adapt you to a variety of road conditions, including braking, speed bumps, and rugged roads.

They consist of upgraded N52 Magnet. It is super compact and sturdy with a shallow center of gravity, which can even allow you to attach a heavyweight device to it and can support a weight of up to 6.8 lbs / 3.5 kg without even moving an inch or losing its grip.

👍 What We Like:

  • Versatile design
  • Very Adhesive
  • Strong Magnetic power
  • 3-year money-back guarantee

8- Lorima Phone Mount

Lorima phone mount

Lorima car cup holder now comes up with the upgraded version, which is now bigger and can easily fit any cup holder according to your choice.

Before this, the version was not big enough and wasn’t liked by many people due to its size.

It also provides you with three free silicone cases for the base’s extension to support larger cup holders that you can now buy easily without the difficulty of size. 

This mount is a very compatible one as it is compatible with several phones and can easily suit a large variety of mobile phones.

That is why this mount is rated as one of the best iPhone car mounts available in the market.

It is very flexible and easy to use the mount, and its long neck of the cup holder is easily adjustable and can be stretched up to 12 inches.

You can adjust the height as well, as it can be easily rotated as it is rotatable up to 360 degrees. It will allow you to turn your phone into horizontal or vertical positions, according to you.

These mounts are to be placed within the cup holders, so they can’t be an issue for the people. You can easily use these in your cars, trucks, or SUVs without any messes. It can be easy to fit the cup holders according to their price range. 

The phone holder won’t be able to fit the phone with the battery case. It can support a device that is around 0.51 inches thick only. You will have to ensure the size of the cup holder of your car before purchasing this mount as the maximum diameter of this car’s cup holder mount is 4.0 inches thick.

👍 What We Like:

  • Bigger in size
  • Compatible with a wide range of phones
  • Easy to operate
  • Keeps your car clean from messes

7- iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount

Easy one-touch is a widely known mount as its mounting system consists of a lock which, with just a push of a finger, can release your device, and its super sticky gel pad can stick securely to most surfaces. It is easy to remove the pad, but it won’t like to work on leather or vinyl dashboards.

These mounts consist of excellent compatibility and can handle several mobile phone models, and this product consists of 3.2 inches in width. This quality makes it easy to use with many models of mobile phones.

Easy one-touch now consists of a telescopic arm which adds two inches of height to take a closer view of your mobile phone.

Their suction cups will stop working after a matter of time, but you can recover them quickly.

You will just have to rinse it with warm water and air dry to get them back to their new position. 

These mounts now consist of sticky gel pads for dashboards, and it allows them with much flexibility and smooth surface on the curved surfaces. It also provides you smoothness on textured surfaces. 

This mount consists of an adjustable bottom foot that can be moved to left and right. Moving it either left or right allows you the ability to charge your device.

👍 What We Like:

  • Adjustable bottom 
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Consists of a telescopic arm
  • consist of a new iOttie Sticky Gel Dashboard Pad

6- Humixx Phone Car Mount

Humixx phone car mount

Humixx phone car mount is indeed one of the best iPhone car mounts and is widely liked by several people.

It consists of a 2-lever of a locking system and a strong suction force. You will just be needed to rinse it with water to recover its stickiness.

It won’t be a problem if you drive on a bumpy road, turn on the street, braking, or driving. It can also be easily fixed on the dashboard Windshield and desktop.

These mounts consist of 360-degree viewing angles of ball joints and retractable walls so that you can easily place the vehicle bracket vertically or horizontally.

It can be stated between vertical or horizontal angles that can make your view clear while you are driving. They are entirely compatible with horizontal and vertical vents.

These mounts consist of a super stable twist lock, two side baffles to prevent it from falling off the ventilation blades, and they are also equipped with non-slip silicone pads so that your phone won’t slip and it will also prevent the abrasion of the phone.

More phones can be added with it after the adjustment of the bottom footrest.

These phones require easy installation in most of the cars. They can easily carry out operations such as navigation, answering phone calls, and other functions that can be simply operated single-handedly while driving the vehicle. 

Within the box, you get lifetime support so that whenever you will face a problem with your car mount, you can simply just contact the customer care, and they’ll find you a way out.  

👍 What We Like:

  • Lifetime support
  • Consists of the super dense suction cup
  • Multi-functional U-shaped Phone Holder
  • 60 degree of adjustable view


Many customers like Scosche magic mounts as they are very secure and can quickly secure a mobile device to any flat surface and consist of a very versatile usage. They are compatible with an extended rate of mobiles and are very secure.

These magnetic car mounts consist of neodymium magnets, which are way too powerful and can be proven excellent security for your mobile devices. Scosche mounts also have 3 years of warranty.

They come up with a very convenient design and consist of integrated cable clips that secure the charging cables, and they don’t let your phone move a bit from the mount.

Their cradle-free system lets you carry out all your work single-handedly and with complete security assurance. 

These mounts come up with a great design and magnetic power to hold your phone tightly. They also provide you with an optimal view allowance with four axes.

They also let you use a 360-degree adjustable head and a soft touch of a rubber lock-nut. This dash mount allows you a great view from any angle you want.

👍 What We Like:

  • Optimal 360-degree view
  • Great Versatility
  • Hard Magnetic Mount
  • Three years of warranty 

4- RAM Mount Universal X-Grip 

RAM Mount Universal X-Grip 

RAM Mount Universal X-Grip is one of the best iPhone car mounts, which is wholly made up of marine-grade aluminum and is a very durable product that may come in handy for you.

It consists of stainless steel components and is entirely powder-coated. These are very reliable car mounts and can be able to work within any environment.

It is compatible with a long-range of mobile phones and can outperform very well according to your needs. If you are looking for a simple yet massive performance mount, this is undoubtedly the best one for you.

These consist of double socket arms for an excellent grip and holding purpose. They also include ball and socket technology for near-infinite adjustable to secure your phone within and won’t let your phone fall out of it with ease. 

Rubber sports caps are designed with this mount for excellent holding power to hold your phone without hiding it and with a good view.

👍 What We Like:

  • Long-range of compatibility
  • Made up with marine-grade aluminum
  • Consist of rubber caps
  • Consist of stainless components

3- Hussell Air Vent Mount

Hussell Air Vent Mount

Hussell Air Vent Mount is so far the best selling product and is rated as one of the best iPhone car mounts and can be easily used single-handedly so that you can quickly put your device in and take it out of the mount using one hand.

It is one most handy and easy to use universal car holder present in the market.

Their special locks make them more impressive as they are connected with the vent of a car more securely.

It takes just a minute to fit the mount in the air vent, and it won’t fall out ever on its own. These mounts can easily hold any phone with ease.

It consists of universal compatibility and is compatible with almost every phone available in the market without any difficulty. These magnets are way too strong but cannot affect the parts of your mobile phones.

These mounts contain four ultra-strong magnets and can hold any phone securely without difficulty.

The silicon finish that comes with these car mounts provides are excellent grip on it. It provides you with a firm grip in your hands and a significant impact.

They consist of a 360-degree view with a more apparent impact. The car mount provides you with the best angle and a clearer picture.

These magnetic phone car mounts ensure the safety of your mobile phone while you are driving and carrying out other operations, including calls, navigation, music streaming, or charging of your mobile phone.

👍 What We Like:

  • Can be used single-handedly
  • consist of ultra-strong magnets
  • 360-degree view
  • Good compatibility

2- iOttie Easy One Touch 4

iOttie Easy One Touch 4

iOttie easy one-touch four is one of the best iPhone car mounts, and consists of an easy one-touch lock/unlock system and allow you to do your desired operations single-handedly. It is a way too much reliable mobile charger to be used within a car.

This mount consists of an adjustable and redesigned viewer that allows it’s telescopic arm to extend from 4 – 6.5 inches pivot on a 225-degree arc.

This feature allows you to view your mobile phone from various angular optimal positions. 

It can hold mobile phones and case combinations 2.3-3.5 inches of universal mounting. They are one-time usage dashboard discs, and it is powerful and can handle a phone for an extended period. The reusable suction cup combo provides you with superior strength.

They use the bottom foot on the mount’s cradle and can be easily adjusted side to side, up and down, or removed to hold smartphones and cases of approx all sizes. 

👍 What We Like:

  • One-touch lock/release
  • Adjustable
  • Strong suction cups
  • Consists of the bottom foot

1- Kenu Airframe

Kenu Airframe

Kenu Airframe+ is rated as number one in our list for the best iPhone car mounts and is a very easy to use mounts.

It helps keep your device on the driver’s level of sight so one can easily have an eye on that.

These mounts allow you to do single-handed operations such as music streaming, usage of GPS, and hands-free calls for you with the help of this car mount.

It also includes a life-time warranty for you so that if you face any problems in the future, you can contact their customer service without any hesitation. You can contact the authorized dealer too for the problems regarding this car mount.

These are basically patented designs consisting of (US Utility Patent 9,080,714) and uses a rotating clip that securely mounts the Airframe+ on any air vent according to your choice.

They can be Horizontal, Vertical, and Angled too. It also allows you to rotate the clip present on the back between thick and thin vents. 

They can even be extended Up to 3.4” (8.6 CM), and it consists of an expandable jaw consisting of loaded springs that can support smartphones, which are larger in size. It can also support causes that are less than 3.4 inches wide.

These mounts are very light in weight and can easily fit into your pocket as they are great for traveling and can be used in rental cars.

You can even transform this into a travel stand by simply inserting a card for iPhone or Android. It also comes in handy when you are traveling from airplanes.

👍 What We Like:

  • Very versatile
  • Sader view
  • Pocket-sized
  • Includes a travel stand 

💸 Best iPhone Car Mounts – Buyer’s Guide:

Car Mounts

📱 Phone Compatibility:

Phone compatibility is one crucial feature to consider before buying the best iPhone car mount for yourself.

As these car mounts won’t be compatible with your mobile phone, what would be their purpose of use then.

The best car mount for your phone is the one who would be capable of holding any model of the phone according to you.

These Mounts compatibility may depend on the size of the phone you are using it with.

📱 Road Visibility:

The road visibility is the essential factor to consider before buying a car mount as the road visibility is necessary for a user.

If the car mount will take enough place and block the windshield or the driver’s view, it will be of no use.

The best iPhone car mount for you should not be big enough, or its position should not be that weird to create problems for a driver or block the view. It depends upon clearly where the mount is placed.

The mounts such as CD Slot, Vent, Cigarette lighter, or heaven cup holders are the ones that are lower enough to block the view.

One should consider checking their specific state’s law before buying an amount so that there’s no big problem. 

📱 Ease of Use:

The best mount is the one that is easy to use, and there’s no problem for you to use it.

Almost every type of mount is pretty, much simple to use, while some are a bit tricky to use, but it is considered an essential feature to consider before buying the best iPhone car mounts.

If the mount takes more time to set up, then you should not consider buying it. Such amounts are not user friendly.

📱 Adjustability:

You would also check the adjustability of a car mount as it is an important feature, and if a car mount is not flexible enough, it won’t come in handy next time.

The more adjustable a car mount is, the more durable it is to use.

Some of these mounts also give you the advantage of the flexibility to easily bend it either way or another; it is an important feature to consider as it helps you adjust your phone.

So, always consider checking the adjustability of the car mount you are buying.

📱 Charger/Audio Jack Compatibility:

If you are willing to buy a car mount that serves you for dual purposes as these mounts come with a charging jack, so you should check them before buying.

You should consider buying the dual-purpose car mount so that it can charge your phone as it is out of charge or your phone’s battery is draining so quickly.

If you want to hear music while your phone is on the amount so you should check the mount which allows you to use an AUX cord and will consist of a whole including QAudio Jack.

📱 Set-Up:

setup is also one of the essential features as the amount that is not easy to set up, then who will buy it?

You should get yourself an amount that is easy to set up so that it won’t be able to waste your time, and you can just simply place your phone in the mount in less time.

Most of these mounts are easy to set up, while some can be a bit tricky. You should buy tew best one for yourself that is perfect in every way according to you. 

Types of Car Phone Mounts:

car mount1

📱 Vent:

A vent mount is basically a type of car mount that connects to the air vent of a car by using a clip.

These mounts are very easy to install in your car and can simply keep your phones secure.

It will block a bit of the air of your vent you connect it with but won’t block the whole air coming out of it.

They also come in handy as they don’t block the driver’s view as these mounts are attached to the vent.

📱 Windshield:

These mounts are used to attach them to the front windshield with a suction cup or adhesive.

These suction cups or adhesives are used to lose their effect after some usage, so you will have to replace it after some time as the old one is of no use again.

As it is attached to the windshield, it will indeed block your view and not be able to have a good view of your front windshield.

📱 Dashboard:

A dashboard mount is the one that is used to attach to the dashboard of your car. This type of mount is similar to a windshield mount as it uses the same suction cup or adhesive.

These mounts don’t last long as the other mounts use these suction mounts or adhesive as they lose their effect after some time. As they are attached to your car’s dashboard, they don’t affect the road’s visibility much.  

📱 CD Slot:

These CD Slot mounts are the one which is attached to the CD Slot by using a simple piece of plastic, and it allows you to tighten it. It always keeps your phone secure and is easy to install for your car.

This mount does not even affect your car’s windshield as it is attached to a lower side of the car. There won’t be a difficulty for the person riding the car using this mount. 

📱 Rearview Mirror:

The Rearview mirror is the type of mount used to attach with the rearview mirror on each side of the car and is a very durable car mount.

It is considered one of the best iPhone car mounts, and they keep your phone very secure for your mobile phones.

It uses two clips to get attached to the side of your mirrors and does not block the drivers’ view. However, it can be a bit of a problem for some drivers as it hangs down. 

📱 Cigarette Lighter:

These types of mounts are used to serve several dual purposes. They are used as a car mount as well as a charging station.

It is pretty easy to install such mounts in the car. You can just simply plug it into the cigarette lighter, and consist of a USB port that allows you to plug-in the cable to charge your phone with the help of a charging cable.

It can work efficiently in cars that consist of a vertical cigarette lighter, and it can keep your phone secured. As it is plugged into the cigarette lighter, it does not even affect the visibility of the windscreen/road.

📱 Cup Holder:

The cup holder mounts are the one that consists of a round plastic piece as the shape of your cup holder and can easily fit into it.

This mount fits entirely on in your cup holder and does not even move a bit around while you drive around.

It only occupies one of your car’s cup holders and is pretty much easy and simple to install. They do not even affect the visibility of your windscreen even a bit. 

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

Most of the cell phone’s hard drives are not made up of magnets anymore. There won’t be a big problem, so if you are placing a magnetic mount near your mobile phone, there won’t be a big problem.

The Magnet used in your phone’s features, including the camera and speaker, consists of tiny magnets, and the Magnet used in the car mount is not that much strong to affect any of it. So, it is safe to use such car mounts for your mobile phones. 

Are phone mounts illegal?

This strongly depends upon the type of mount you are using. Most of the mounts that are attached to the windshield or dashboard are illegal in first place in almost half of the United States.

While other states do not apply any type of restrictions on these, they do apply restrictions on where you are placing the mounts and how much the windscreen area is blocking.

You should consider checking the law of your specific state law while picking out one of the best iPhone car mounts for you. 

Can I legally use my phone as a sat nav?

You can use your phone as a sat nav, and it is legal, but there is a certain condition. One can use it as a sat-nav as long as your phone is not in your hands.

Your phone mount can come in handy as you can use your phone’s GPS to navigate you and for as long as your phone is mounted, and you are not touching it.

What is the best iPhone car mount?

There a number of car mounts in the market, and there is not one that is workable with every iPhone because each person has a different taste and choice.

As the iPhone is a top-rated brand and almost every car mount fits these mobile phones with ease. Each mount mentioned above in the list is considered one of the best iPhone car mounts, so they are a perfect fit for you if you are an iPhone user.

They can even fit an iPhone 11, which is the latest phone launched by Apple to date.   

Can you use other devices with a car phone mount?

Talking about the car mounts, they are specifically designed to hold a phone, but they can hold some of the tablets by using the help of magnetic mounts but for a short period of time.

The Magnet of these car mounts can handle a mobile phone’s weight with ease, but the weight of a tablet is comparatively heavier than that of a mobile phone’s.

Some mounts are present in the market and can be used with both mobile phones and tablets, but they aren’t recommended as a phone mount is to be used with a mobile phone only.

You can even use car mounts that are made for tablets so if you are buying one, make sure it’s a good one. 

📚 Conclusion:

This article thoroughly discussed the specifications, qualities, and questions related to the best iPhone car mounts that are listed top in our list according to their customer’s satisfaction.

If you want to buy the best product, then read the above products’ full description for a better idea.

If you are satisfied enough and made up your mind to buy a product from the above-mentioned products, check the given amazon links to get the best discounts. 

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