5 Best 25 Inch Monitor in 2021 – Reviews and Guide

Monitors are one of the most important parts when it comes to the computing world. The monitor is responsible for showing the output display by the graphics adapter or the computer. 

Without these monitors, we’d truly be lost. Now, there are a lot of monitors out there that are available for purchase in the market right now. Among so many needs of a monitor, here are the following:

A person would need a monitor for playing computer games, for watching movies, and for even navigating around the computer. 

There are a lot of factors that go into making the monitor the best of all the other monitors. These factors will help you determine whether a monitor is a good fit for you or not.

If you want to know about those factors, refer to our buyer’s guide section below in the article so you can make the ultimate choice and find the best 25-inch monitor for you. 

:star: Best 25 Inch Monitors Reviewed:

1. HP Touch

HP Touch

To bring you the best 25-inch monitor, we start our list with this worthy competitor. HP has been one of the OG’s of the computing world and has been making computers and related products since early 1939! 

This 25-inch monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and works at an FHD+ 1080p resolution. This display is a bright one and has a brightness level of 400 nits which is enough to see a clear and vivid picture even in sunlight. 

The design of this monitor is also very attractive as it comes with a bezel-less display that takes the win in solidifying the display’s beauty. This monitor overall gives a very sporty look which makes it look very aesthetic. 

The design however is made in such a way that a person would expect this monitor to be heavily costly. But this is not the case, as this monitor can be picked up for very affordable prices from different vendors.

👍 What We like:

  • Attractive Design 
  • A budget-friendly option 
  • Offers Optimal Performance.

2. Alienware AW2518H 25″

Alienware AW2518H 25

Alienware is one of the most renowned names in the gaming world. As this 25-inch monitor is coming from Alienware, we can’t expect anything but this product will exceed our expectations. 

This 25-inch monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080 from which a user can denote that this display can play pictures and provide image quality in FHD+. This display has one of the top-notch design and looks rather polished. 

The assembly quality of this device is also very good and makes the design look good overall. It has a very exceptional refresh rate of 240 Hertz which comes off as a delight to any gamer.

This display offers a brightness level of 400 nits which proves more than adequate for the daily basis requirements and gaming even. Moreover, this monitor feels really convenient to the users and is also one of the most lightweight options. 

👍 What We like:

  • Comes with an Attractive Design. 
  • Has an exceptional refresh rate.
  • One of the lightweight options. 

3.  Sceptre E255B-1658A 25

Sceptre E255B-1658A 25

This is one of those 25-inch monitors that will give you a rememberable experience! 

The main highlight of this monitor apart from its FHD+ display is the fact that it comes with built-in speakers. For any gamer, this is the right choice as it offers very good refresh rates that will allow them to stay on the edge. 

Moreover, the viewing angles of this display are also very good, and the design of this monitor is very slim, and this makes this display give an aesthetic look.

This monitor will give a very definitive picture which is just what a person who needs to watch high-quality videos and playing games would need.

This monitor also comes with AMD Freesync which makes it a perfect choice for gamers. 

👍 What We like:

  • High-Quality Internal Speakers. 
  • Gives excellent viewing angles. 
  • One of the most lightweight options. 

4.  Dell UltraSharp U2518D 25″

Dell UltraSharp U2518D 25

This Dell Ultra Sharp monitor is going to shut down your long search for 25-inch monitors. This monitor is made from one of the most trusted brands in the tech world. 

Coming with an Aspect Ratio of 16:9, this display has a resolution of 2560×1440 which is more than any of the other options that we have mentioned above. 

When this monitor is set up, it looks very attractive and offers a good coloring range.  The colors of these monitors are very good, and these monitors give a very realistic and detailed picture.

Moreover, this display comes with brightness levels that make a picture clearly visible even in the brightest rooms. This monitor moreover uses an IPS display which allows 8-bit color rendering. 

One of the most attractive features of this monitor is its price tag. Its price tag is fairly reasonable considering the picture quality it is going to be providing. 

👍 What We like:

  • Reasonably Priced 
  • Striking Design
  • QHD Display.

5.  Omen by HP 25″

Omen by HP 25

Last but not the least, this monitor is one of the best 25-inch monitors that users can buy for their uses. 

This monitor features a fairly good refresh rate which makes it the right choice for any person that is looking to buy a gaming monitor. Moreover, it features AMDSync Technology which accounts for extra performance in terms of gaming. 

This display has one of the best designs which makes it look fairly attractive. This Monitor also comes in at 1920×1080 FHD+ Display that allows a user to have one of the best viewing experiences.

This display also comes with additional USB ports which will allow you to add extra peripheral devices to your computer through this monitor. 

👍 What We like:

  • Excellent Viewing Quality
  • Comes with Additional USB Ports 
  • Fast Response Times. 

:money_with_wings: Best 25 Inch Monitors – Buyer’s Guide:

Best 25 Inch Monitor

If you have decided that you are going to buy a new screen or just replace the older one, then you have come to the right place!

However, since there are a lot of monitors that are available for purchase in the market today, it is very easy to fall for a product that isn’t just the best for you and leaving you dissatisfied with the purchase. 

With this buyer’s guide, you will be able to steer clear of all the talking salesmen trying to get you to spend your money. These are the factors that you should look for when you are looking to buy the best 25-inch monitor.

These are some factors that will weigh in more or less equally in making the 25 inches monitor the best of all the other options that are available for purchase in the market actively. 

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Determine the Main Purpose of Buying the Monitor:

as mentioned above in the article, A monitor for a pc can be utilized for many different uses. Most of these uses include that a person uses this monitor for gaming purposes, for professional working, or just the general use. 

If you are looking to buy a monitor for gaming purposes, then you should prioritize monitors that have fast screen refresh rates and have low response times.

For using a monitor for only professional working, you should get a monitor that offers the best color accuracy. And for general use, the users will need a monitor that can do general tasks but we recommend that you get a monitor that has a high-contrast VA panel. 

Better Screen Resolution Means a Better Picture:

A monitor’s resolution is the one thing that will tell you how many pixels does a screen has to offer. A monitor has a width x height format.

There are many different resolutions but we prefer that you get an FHD+ Display that plays video at 1080p and has a screen resolution of 1920×1080. 

However, if you dig better picture quality and sharper images, we prefer you to get a display that supports a QHD resolution (1440p) or Ultra 4k Resolution (2160p) which offers the best picture quality.


although the name of the article is pretty specific on the size of the display, a person is likely to make this mistake. Monitors come in a very versatile range and they come in very different sizes.

Now, there are monitors out there that are very much similar and the resemblance is uncanny. Many monitors come in a 24.5-inch size which isn’t technically the size that you are looking for.

Remember you’re going to be looking for a monitor that is exactly 25 inches, or a monitor size that you want according to your preferences. The monitor sizes have a vast range and go up to huge sizes. 

Buy the monitor of the size that is perfect according to your needs. One factor that also depends on the size is the PPI (Pixels per inch) that the monitor has to offer. We prefer a monitor that can offer 109 PPI.

A monitor with a larger screen will offer less PPI and hence will offer a lower resolution. 

Refresh Rates:

If you are looking for a monitor for gaming, then this is one of the factors that you should care about the most. Refresh Rates mean that the number of times that a screen will update the information in a time period of a second.

The Refresh rates are measured in terms of hertz. The bigger the number of hertz that a monitor offers, the better, smoother, less choppy images will be displayed by the monitor. 

For gaming purposes, you would need a monitor that offers at least 75 Hertz Display. Most of the monitors that are designed by the companies for purposes of gaming are set to show display at 125 Hertz.

If you are however not the one that is looking to buy gaming monitors, then a standard display that offers 60 Hertz should prove more than enough for any use whatsoever.

Look for Monitors That Have Lesser Refresh Rates:

Unless you are looking for a monitor that you are going to be using for gaming, this is not much of an important factor.

The Lesser Refresh Rates is a term given to a time that a monitor will need to change color, for example how long a monitor will need to change a pixel from white to black, or if it’s GTG response time, from changing a shade of color from darker to lighter (ie. Gray to light gray).

If a monitor comes with larger screen refresh rates, it can cause motion blur when a person is gaming or watching very fast-paced videos.

For gaming purposes, an ideal monitor should have a screen refresh time of 5ms. The professional E-sports gamers however have said to have monitors with 0.5 ms refresh rates.

Panel Tech:

This factor will matter in terms of Better image quality: The monitors that are fastest are put below in the order, the top one is the faster

  1. TN 
  2. IPS 
  3. VA 

Even though the TN monitors are the fastest monitors, they offer poor image quality when seen from the sides, and due to this very factor, these monitors are the cheapest kinds of monitors and can be picked up for a lower price than the two other types of the monitors. 

IPS monitors however offer slightly faster response times than the latest VA panel monitors, but the VA monitors offer the best contrast than the other two monitors.

However, after considering everything we would consider you to get a TN monitor as the difference is very slight and the monitor is able to offer high speeds.

The panel and display quality get better depending on the price you are going to be paying for your TN monitor. 

Consider Getting a Curved Monitor for Better Display Quality:

Curved monitors were designed with the intent to make the user’s experience more immersive. They are able to do so with their ability to provide a large field of view and are said to be less eye-straining and give a more immersive and aesthetic feel to the users. 

However, the curved monitors can be prone to glare when viewing from certain angles. This is so because, in this type of monitor, the light sources are multiple instead of one.

These monitors are rather effective and are usually ultrawide and no less than 30 inches, which depends on the market and the model you are going to be buying.

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:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a 25-inch monitor enough?

Quite frankly, it depends on the user’s need. If you need a monitor for your daily uses, or a monitor to handle professional tasks, any monitor should prove more than enough.

However, if you are going to buy a monitor for a specific purpose such as watching high speed and high-quality videos, or playing games, then you would need a monitor that should be able to display results at high quality and a bigger size. The bigger the size, the more definitive the result will be. 

How wide is a 25-inch monitor?

The dimensions of every monitor are different. However,  if you are willing to find how wide and the dimensions of the monitors are, you should look in the product description section on Amazon or the respected website that you are going to buy from or look at the back of the monitor packaging box where the specifications will be written. 

Is a 25-inch monitor good for gaming?

Size is not much of an important factor when it comes to gaming. When it comes to gaming, factors such as Screen Refresh Rates, Display Resolution, matter more.

However, where we prefer our gaming viewers to turn to these factors, by no means they should neglect the size of the monitor.

If you are on a budget or you are not a fan of bigger displays, then a 25-inch monitor is a perfect fit for gaming. Otherwise, for gaming, a lot of surveys say that a 30-inch monitor is a must-have. 

:books: Conclusion!

These are the best monitors that are available for purchase in the market as of now. Monitors have extensive use and there are a lot of monitors that are readily available for sale in the market. What makes the monitors the best are the factors listed in our buyer’s guide. 

Make sure that you buy a monitor that will fit your needs and is capable enough to do just what you want it to do. For gaming purposes, buying a monitor is a fairly hard task to do without adequate knowledge in a particular domain.

This article fixes that and guides you on how to make the perfect choice when it comes to buying a 25-inch monitor to fit your needs. 

If you know about any other monitors that can beat the ones mentioned above, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to mention the reason why do you think they are better than the others.