12 Best Fanless Laptop in 2021 – Reviews and Guide

In today’s pacing world, we are all involved in laptops, tablets, smartphones. These devices are here to make our life easier and work-life simpler.

Now, imagine studying in some quiet, cozy corner of your house. And then there is an annoying, disturbing sound to distract you to the core. Yes, that is right! It is none other than your laptop causing the noise.

This is the self-cooling fan that every laptop has to keep the temp under control. So the ultimate solution to avert this loud sound is a fanless laptop.

By picking up the best fanless laptop, you can get rid of this problem. Such laptops work with passive cooling over time instead of using fans. To find the best fanless laptop is also a challenge in itself.

Though the market has a whole lot of options yet you can’t pick just any laptop. Having the chance to work in a peaceful environment is pure bliss.

It allows one to focus on their work and finish it off in less time. The only problem with such laptops is low performance and power.  Quiet laptops won’t offer you the required power options so it is a downfall.

But no need to worry, as long as we are here to help you out. Today, we will share with you the 12 best fanless laptops in the market. These will offer good performance and sturdy power with stunning features.

So without much ado let’s get started with the review of the best fanless laptops.

:star: Best Fanless Laptop Reviews:

1. ASUS VivoBook Flip

ASUS VivoBook Flip

Here we have the first fanless laptop for you all loaded with quality features. It comes with a powerful Intel Celeron as a processor. This N4000 1.1GHz offers 4Gb LPDDR4 and 65 eMMC storage.

Next, it has Windows 10 with 1 year included Office 365. A VGA camera and a webcam, all this in S mode.

Coming towards the specs, it has a whopping 14″ screen with a nano edge FHD quality. With this wide display tech, it supports a viewing angle of 178°. So you can have endless entertainment without any discomfort.

This one is a portable as well as a convertible laptop with dual usability. Thanks to its 4 varying modes; tent, stand, tablet, and laptop. You can use a laptop in any way that best suits your requirements.


  • Screen size
  • Cheaper
  • Portable


  • Average performance

2. Acer Chromebook 514

ASUS VivoBook Flip

Next on the list, we have a Chromebook for you all that works with Google. This fanless laptop comes with a list of built-in features including an anti-virus.

Not only it will update automatically but also keeps the system running smoother. Being a Chromebook, it allows you to edit, convert MS Office files in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets.

Thanks to Google, you can get access to straight 2 million Android apps. As for the specs and features, it has Intel Celeron, 14″ screen, 4GB memory, and much more.


  • Long battery timing
  • Sleek design
  • C-port


  • Chrome OS

3. Acer Spin 7

Acer Spin 7

This one here is an Intel Core i7 processor with up to 3.6 GHz. The straight 14″ display screen (1920×1080) is full HD. Then the multi-touch IPS display offers corning gorilla glass 4.

These aspects make it a tough, durable laptop best for workspaces. With its Windows 10 Home, you can work with various programs at a time.

Next, comes its 256GB SSD and 8GB LPDDR3 memory. Hence it can offer you up to 8 hours of battery timings. The max memory it can support is 32GB.


  • Large screen
  • Core i7
  • Steady battery life


  • Only 2 ports

4. HP X2 12-F014D

HP X2 12-F014D

Here is another of a top seller, a fanless laptop jam-packed with quality features. From wide-screen to lightweight design the Chromebook has it all.

This Google Chrome OS is an Intel Core i7 with an M-7Y30 processor. So the laptop can support multitasking without any delay or slowing down.

Moreover, the display screen is 12.3″ wide making it highly portable. With the 32GB eMMC flash memory, the system works in a smooth manner.


  • 2k displya
  • Aluminum build
  • Supports Google Play


  • ceLimited performan

5. ASUS Chromebook FlipASUS Chromebook Flip

Chromebooks are the most popular ones when looking for a fanless laptop. This one here is an ASUS product that supports 360° rotation for easy usability.

You can either use it as a laptop or as a tablet, completely your call. The Intel Core Processor has 64GB storage and a straight 4GB RAM.

These aspects make it an efficient, faster laptop for multitasking. With only a weight of 2.65lbs. the design has an aluminum body to make it sturdy.


  • 360° rotation
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 64GB storage


  • Lesser ports

6. Dell XPSDell XPS

Another top-grade product on the list is this Dell fanless laptop. If you are in need of a silent system, nothing can beat this beauty. From sleek design to stunning features, it has everything you ever wanted.

Despite being a fanless laptop, it has 8GB of storage space to support multitasking. So even the school or office work can keep flowing smoothly.

Then it comes with a 256GB SSD, Intel Core M, and a 12.5″ Ultra-HD display screen. With the touch screen and compact design, you can carry the laptop almost anywhere.


  • Budget-friendly
  • HD cameras
  • Detachable design


  • Overpriced

7. Acer Switch 7Acer Switch 7

Who would have thought that even fanless laptops can be so cool? But this product here is the perfect blend of precision and sleek design. You name it and Aser Switch has it all for satisfying your needs.

This here is an Intel Core i7, 8th Generation processor. The 4.0GHz processor makes it easier to run various programs at a time. With the stunning 13.5″ multi-touch IPS display, you can work like never before.

Thanks to the 16GB onboard memory and a 512GB SSD, it has enough space. Unlike other fanless models, this one comes with an active stylus.


  • 2K display
  • 2GB dedicated RAM
  • Core i7


  • Non-affordable

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 6Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Coming with a whole lot of quality features, this fanless laptop is a must-have. For all those who intend to work in a quieter atmosphere, get hands-on with this beauty,

Either you want a laptop only or a tablet, this can serve you in both ways. Thanks to the sturdy new processor; 8th Generation Intel Core.

It offers a powerful and smooth work experience without lagging behind. Then comes the sleek, slim, and light design weighing only 1.7lbs. Even the battery can extend to all day with at least 13 hours of playback.


  • Sturdy design
  • Bright images
  • Strong processor


  • Expensive

9. ASUS 10.1”ASUS 10.1”

Another best fanless laptop from ASUS for those who want to work in peace. This stunning laptop comes with a Windows 10 along with a pen and keyboard.

Hence the dual feature allows you to use it as a laptop as well as a tablet. With a lasting battery life of up to 12 hours of playback for hassle-free use.

The 10.1″ portable frame makes it the best travel companion. Then the lightweight and compact design is space-saving. As for the features and specs, it has almost everything one may need.


  • Stylus included
  • Detachable
  • Affordable


  • Support issues

10. Lenovo – Yoga 710

Lenovo - Yoga 710

This here is another best fanless laptop from Lenovo. We all know that Lenovo is a name that never disappoints its users. The same is the case with this laptop being jam-packed with stunning specs.

From the design that has a multitouch, 11.6″ HD screen to IPS tech. In short, you name it and the product has it for you. The powerful processor it supports is Intel 7th generation; Core i5-7Y54.

With the 360° flip and fold feature you can use it at any angle. Though it weighs hardly 2.29lbs, you can carry it around anywhere with ease.


  • Flip and fold feature
  • Core i5 processor
  • Portable and compact


  • Expensive

11. Acer Aspire R 11

Acer Aspire R 11

Here is a fanless laptop to make your life a lot easier and peaceful. This one is actually a signature edition laptop and a pro at passive cooling.

Coming with top-notch specifications and features, it supports an Intel Pentium N3700 processor. Hence the 2MB cache and 1.6GHz with 4Gb SDRAM serve you well.

Then it also has headphone output alongside HDMI, USB 2.0. For a smooth working experience, it can stick around for 8 hours with a single charge.

To ensure you get flexibility as well as enough memory, the storage is quite large. There is an SD card reader with up to 10/100/1000Mbps GB Ethernet. 


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • No SSD

12. Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Book

The last product on the list is a fanless laptop from Samsung. Now, we all know Samsung for its smartphones but it aced the other market of other devices also.

This one is a Galaxy book that does not have any inner fan to cool it down. Instead, it uses passive cooling, comes with an S-pen and a keyboard.

It supports a 4000mAh battery, offers dual usability for ease and convenience. So it is up to you whether to use it as a book or a laptop.

On a single charge, it can stick around for 11 hours of playback. Thanks to the adaptive fast charging, it requires only 3 hours to fully charge.


  • Connects to smartphone
  • S pen
  • Core M processor


  • Low battery life

💸 Best Fanless Laptop – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Fanless Laptop

Now that you are to make a final choice, there are several factors to consider. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you with understanding it all.

Below is a list of buying tips and features/aspects that you need to look for in a fanless laptop. If you want to invest in something that stays around longer, follow the guide.

[box title=”” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#02afef” border_style=”dotted” align=”left”]


Apart from the pricing, you need to focus on the CPU to get the best fanless laptop. It is the CPU that controls the speed of programs on your laptop. It contributes to how well and fasts any laptop can run.

Most of us not know about the fact that fanless laptops don’t have much power. This means that the CPU/processor lies on the lower scale. The common examples of such processors are Core m processor, Intel Celeron, etc.

But the best part is that some models do provide more power. Especially the Intel Core Y series processors are the optimal choice in this case. These are either available in Core i3, i5, i7.

All these processors are far more powerful than the 2 mentioned above. For getting hands-on with the best fanless laptop, these can be the top options. And the most powerful CPU of the lot is Core i7.

Apart from this, the choice also depends on the extent of the tasks you want to perform. For instance, if your demand is basic and doesn’t involve many programs. In such a scenario, you can opt for Core i3, Core m, or Celeron.

But on the opposite side if you have some demanding programs, then opt for Core i7 or i5.

Such can handle more load and heavy programs. While offering smooth functioning without any delay or such.


Without RAM your laptop can’t offer any better performance. RAM is responsible to store away all info but temporarily. It is the data/info the system needs the most or at the time.

Now, the RAM decides whether your laptop is capable of multitasking or not.

Laptops with higher RAM allows more programs to run at a time. This allows you to work on various tasks without any delay.

People who ought to work more or multitask, opt for RAM with 8GB of memory at least. Only this memory can allow multiple browsers to be open at once. In return, the laptop won’t slow down or lag behind.

Even though such models may cost you a bit more, but your work will end on time. In case, you have a small budget, then opt for a model with 4GB of memory.

Storage Device:

For picking the best fanless laptop another crucial aspect is the storage device. As the laptop won’t have a fan, it would offer a Solid State Drive storage device. Apart from the fan it also won’t have an HDD or Hard Disk Drives.

The reason for the absence of HDD is that these storage devices use spinning platters. As a result, we face the noise created which may not be loud. But still, you can hear the noise, especially while working in closed spaces.

Usually, these SDDs are static and have no moving parts inside. This is why SDDs don’t make as much noise as the HDDs. Still, it would make some faint sounds due to the components inside. But these are so faint, you can hardly hear these.

So to avert any such harsh noises, you need to buy a fanless laptop with SDD storage devices. Most of the Ultrabooks come with such storage devices.

Now, here the only concern is the budget as your desired one might come with HDDs. Also, keep into account the larger storage spaces for work/office or school use.

Battery Life:

Next, on the buyer’s guide list comes battery life. Even if you are to buy any sort of laptop, battery life is the most important factor to consider.

A laptop without a steady battery life won’t do any good to you. Instead, it would only be a loss and poor investment.

The best part about the fanless laptop is its long battery life. Thanks to the lack of a fan, these tend to consume less power on internal components. So the ultimate result is lasting battery timings.

Apart from that, fanless laptops also come with components requiring no extra power.

The processor or CPU is low-end, cutting some slack to the battery life.

In fact, such laptops can last whooping 5 hours and that too with a single charge.

Whereas the better, improved fanless laptop models offer up to 8 hours to even 12 hours. Of course, with a single charge.

But heads up as these timings are only for the basic operations. If you are into multitasking or tasks with more power consumption. Such activities would drain the battery life faster.

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:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

Are fanless laptops good?

Fanless laptops come with their own share of perks and downfalls.

If we take a look at pricing, you can find an affordable fanless laptop. Then the long battery life and storage devices are like the cherry on the top.

But at the same time, these also have major issues and heat is obviously the basic one.

Though you can use alternatives to cool the laptops. Yet those methods are not as efficient, with little difference in performance.

Which laptops are fanless?

Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, Windows laptops, and even MacBook can be fanless. Also, we have jotted down the best fanless laptop picks for you in this article.

How do you cool a fanless laptop?

The best way to keep the fanless laptop cool is by using them under the air conditioner. When the room temp is cool, it would put an automatic impact on the laptop.

 Another suitable option to cool the laptop is a cooling pad. Though such methods won’t be as efficient as a fan itself.  And have a minimal impact on the temp but it would drop down a few degrees.

:books: Conclusion!

We hope you will find this article helpful and pick out the best fanless laptop.

Even though we tried to cover up all the aspects, jot down the top-rated products. In case of any further queries, tips, guidance, feel free to reach out.