Does Avast Antivirus Fail to Run On Windows 10? Here’s How to Fix It?

As you all know Avast Antivirus is very popular and common antivirus for PC and other devices. This antivirus provides you with solid protection against the viruses and different types of malicious programs. 

You use this software for free as well as it comes with a paid version that can be used from day one. The paid version has some more additional features compared to the free version.

However, the software comes with a lot of different problems that can be a major downfall for this software. The most common problem of this antivirus is it does not open on Windows without any reason means without any error messages. 

On the other hand, many people tried many different solutions in other to get rid of this problem. That’s why we have arranged this article for all those people that are having this similar problem.

We have arranged some most helpful methods to make this problem go away from your PC. We hope these methods even work for you.

What Makes Avast Not Open on Windows?

Avast Antivirus

There are several different reasons from which the Avast antivirus won’t open on PC.

As we go further we would like to tell you the most common reasons from which the software is not working on your system. We hope you would understand the reasons and then find a solution to this issue. 

Broken Avast Installation

The installation can be broken by many different reasons. But you do not have to worry about it because Avast has thought of a way out of this situation.

The software company is providing with some ways to fix the broken installation. Such as fixing an installation or maybe performing a clean install again.

Avast Antivirus Service Not Running Properly

Avast Antivirus Service

The second reason is the antivirus service is not running properly on the PC. if the service does not work it can cause several problems to the Windows.

So for this issue, if the main service has a problem with opening the software, the solution to this problem is very easy. You can restart the Avast antivirus and then check if the antivirus is working or not. 

If you need to know about more methods to make Avast antivirus work on your PC so read the article furthermore. 

Steps To Fix This

Solution #1: Repair Avast

Repair Avast

If the antivirus is completely shut off and not opening then the best way to solve this issue is by going int Control Panel and start the repairing of this software with the help of repair wizard.

The repairing solution works for many of the users but you will have to readjust some settings because in the installation or when using the antivirus you have changed the setting. 

  1. First, log in with an administrator account because you can not delete the software with any other account. 
  2. Type control panel in the search bar and click control panel to open it
  3. When you enter control panel click on uninstall a program which will be under programs option
  4. In the program and features window scroll down to find Avast and select it then move your cursor to the button uninstall and uninstall Avast
  5. After clicking on uninstall button an uninstall wizard will open where you will see options of Uninstall, repair, update, modify. Choose the repair option and then click next to repair the Avast antivirus
  6. After that, a message will appear on the screen that will ask for your confirmation
  7. When the uninstallation process is ended click on finish and restart the computer to check if Avast is working properly or not

Solution #2: Restart the Avast Antivirus Service

Avast Antivirus Service issue can also prevent from opening the antivirus software. For this issue, the solution is very easy to manipulate.

All you have to do follow these steps that are mentioned below and you can easily make your antivirus open after a restart of your system.

  1. First, press the window key + R altogether on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue box
  2. After that, type services.msc in the run dialogue and then press enter to open the services window
  3. When the service window opens, scroll or navigate to the Avast antivirus service from the list then right-click on Avast antivirus service, a pop-up window will open click on the properties option which is in the pop-up window
  4. Then, check if the service is started or not from the service status section
  5. If the service is started click on the stop button to stop the service and if the service is stopped, keep it stopped until you execute the process
  6. Before going further, make sure that the option under startup type menu is set to automatic
  7. After that, verify all the dialogue boxes that appear in changing the startup type
  8.  Before exiting the window click the start button, you will see an error message

If you received this error “Windows could not start Avast antivirus on Local Computer: error 1079” then you should these steps.

  1. Follow all the above steps to open the properties window
  2. Switch to the log on the tab and click on the Browse button
  3. After you enter the browse window under the enter the object name to select input the name of your account, click the check names button and wait for the account to be displayed
  4. When all the above steps are cleared click ok and if you have set up a password, type the password

Solution #3: Perform a Clean Install

Perform a Clean Install

Performing a clean install can solve various issues even it can solve the issue of Avast not opening on Window issue.

If all the other methods did not work this method will definitely work as it is the method of a clean install and clean installing software is very simple and effective.

  1. First, go to the page of Avast antivirus and click the download for a free button to download the antivirus
  2. Next, go to the uninstallation page of Avast, download the uninstallation utility – Avast clear and save it into your computer
  3. After all the files are downloaded boot your PC into safe mode and disconnect your internet connection
  4. Press Windows key + R altogether on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue box
  5. After that, in Run bar type MSConfig and then press enter to open system configuration settings window
  6. When the window is opened switch to the boot tab and check the checkbox button of the safe boot and click OK
  7. Restart your computer in order to boot in safe mode
  8. After that, run the uninstallation utility of Avast and browse the Avast folder on your system. If the Avast is installed in the default folder you can keep the folder there and do not press ok until you do not find the folder
  9. After that, restart the computer but this time with a normal startup

 Now the work is done, see if the issue is fixed or not. 


If you have completed all the steps that we have mentioned above the issue will be fixed. Sometimes you should try all the methods one by one when a certain method does not work.

That’s why we have given you the three best solutions to solve the issue. These three solutions will definitely cure your Avast antivirus.

If you have any queries regarding this article we are here for the assistance you just have to comment in our comment section and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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