What Is ASP.NET Machine Account? – (Complete Guide)

Many people are facing difficulties in utilizing the old Windows such as XP, Vista and 7.

Whenever they boot there PC an ASP.NET machine account problem surrounds their PC and do not let the PC open. In this article, we will discuss all of this machine account and why this account is created and it should be deleted.

What is ASP.NET Machine Account?

ASP.NET Machine Account

Microsoft invented an app called .NET Framework as this app is the most important source of Windows. If you do not install this there will be many complications that will faced by you and your system.

You can not run much important software without it such as games and much other software.  When this application is installed it directly created an account without letting anyone know or asking any permission from the user.

The account this application creates is called ASP.NET machine account. The account is created as an administrator account and sometimes the account would like to ask a password to log in which means you can not open administrator account without a password.

On the other hand, the account that the user creates does not delete instead of that this administrator account goes two the second spot as known as the second account for your system.

Therefore, the solution for this problem is that if you are not a software developer then you should delete the account as soon as possible or you can say delete the account immediately.

How to Delete ASP.NET Machine Account?

Delete ASP.NET Machine Account

Most of the account that you create in your system required password when you have the intention of deleting them but for this account.

You do not need any account password to delete it you can simply delete this account from the Control Panel as we have mentioned some methods to delete this machine account so without further due scroll down and learn what method you should choose to delete the account.

Method #1: Reinstalling .NET Framework 1.1

As you can see reinstalling the .NET Framework can help you get rid of this account. The account was made by some misconfigurations while installing so that’s why if you reinstall the .NET Framework then the account will be totally deleted by its own self.

Therefore, if you want to reinstall the Framework you have to do with an executable file, it will tell you that you have already installed this version but will give you the option of reinstalling.

It so click on the reinstalling option when the Framework is reinstalled completely the machine account will be deleted.

Method # 2: Delete ASP.NET Machine Account Manually

If you are not interested in the first method then you will love this second method. This method will let you delete the account manually with the help of the control panel. 

  1. First, click on the start menu button that is in the bottom left corner of your screen or you can press the Windows button on the keyboard to open the start menu when it is open click on Control Panel
  2. After that, when you enter the control panel click on User Account and then select manage another account
  3. After that, when the manage another account window opens click on ASP.NET machine account and then click on the delete this account option
  4. In the end, click on the delete files option and then select delete account button

FAQ’s – ASP.NET Machine Account

ASP.NET Machine Account

Is Asp Net Free?

The .NET framework is free for all the Windows users as for the visual studio which is a software developed by Microsoft is not free and will cost you money but the Framework included with the software is free.

The similar thing is for ASP.NET as well, you are not paying for the framework your paying for a copy of windows with IIS.

What is ASP NET explain? 

ASP.NET is known as a web framework which is an open-source server-side web application framework.

You can easily develop your own website with the help of dynamic web pages that were produced by Microsoft for those who want to build dynamic websites. The successor of ASP.NET is ASP.NET core.


As we have learnt all about ASP.NET machine account in this article. We hope you have understood all the things according to this article. We hope the thing that you were finding regarding this article was included in this article.

If you have no knowledge regarding software development then you should delete the account immediately because if you don’t it can harm your settings much more than you think.

If you have any queries regarding this article we are here for your assistance all you have to do is to comment your queries in our comment section and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible. 

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