Fix ASUS Touchpad not working in Windows 10

The touchpad is one of the most important peripherals of a laptop. This convenient replica of a mouse is a way of communicating with systems. Touchpads are attached to our laptop, so when they do not work properly, it’s quite annoying. If you are an Asus user and your touchpad is not working in Windows 10, we have got some useful information for you.

How you can Fix ASUS Touchpad not working Issue

Here are some easy to do methods that can help you fix the Asus touchpad not working in Windows 10 issue.

Method 1: Remove unnecessary peripherals

If you have any extra external peripheral attached to your system, detach the same. Sometimes too many peripherals working together may create hindrance to the working of a touchpad. After doing this fix if the issue persists, you can try out other methods given further.

Method 2: Enable touchpad, if not

It may sound weird but in some cases, the touchpad isn’t enabled and hence this particular issue is likely to happen. So to fix the Asus touchpad not working issue, enable the option. Here’s how.

  • Press Windows + I to go to Windows 10 Settings.
  • Click Devices. 
  • Tap Touchpad, then Additional Settings. 
  • Now make sure the option– Enable Touchpad is checked.
  • Finally, click Apply > OK and you are good to go.

Method 3: Update Drivers

Outdated drives are breeding ground for unwanted errors and issues. So it is recommended to always keep your system drives up to date. You can either do so manually or install a third-party driver updater tool in the system. This automatic update process is more quick, safe, and convenient.

Method 4: Update the Windows

You should also keep your Windows operating system updated. Because new updates always include crucial bug fixed. So it might resolve your Asus touchpad not working problem as well.

Method 5: At last, Reset

When none of the above methods works out for you and the issue is troublesome in your case, simply reset the entire system. But before that, make sure you have taken the entire data backup. This method will reset your computer into the one as new as when bought for the first time.


The touchpad is the most used part of a laptop and when it stops working, it’s a considerably serious issue. Therefore we have mentioned some easy fixing methods to fix Asus touchpad not working issue in Windows 10. We hope you also find your workable solution here. Try out each method carefully.

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