5 Reasons Your Business Needs Billboard Posters

Billboard advertisements can be excellent ways to spread messages to your target audience, convert prospective leads into customers, and simply make your brand more of an industry force than it is currently. But billboard ads can be expensive, and many of them don’t fit into prime advertising locations, like inner city blocks.

That’s where billboard posters come in. Despite their efficacy, many marketers aren’t sure whether billboard posters are smart advertising vectors. Let’s take a look at five reasons your business needs billboard posters and should start using them at the earliest opportunity.

Billboard Posters or Billboards?

Billboard posters aren’t exactly the same things as billboards. In a nutshell, a billboard poster is a relatively large sign, but it’s usually smaller than a standard billboard’s size. Regardless, billboard posters can be hung on billboard locations, or they can be hung from the sides of buildings, over bridges, or anywhere else they can fit.

As a result, billboard posters can be placed in a wider variety of locations compared to standard billboard ads. These versatile out-of-home media options come with several major benefits that could result in increased conversions and revenue for your business.

Smaller than Billboards

Firstly, the smaller-than-average size of billboard posters actually makes them excellent for marketing efforts in crowded cities. For example, you can put creative and well-designed billboard posters alongside building walls, where they can be seen by people walking on the city streets below. You can oftentimes stick billboard posters in spots where traditional billboard ads would not fit.

Generally, billboard posters are 10 feet high by 22 feet wide. Therefore, you can also place them along busy roadways or freeways, or you can hang them from bridges. The sky’s the limit once you get your creative juices flowing.

Easier to Swap Out for Short-Term Campaigns

Another big benefit to billboard posters is how easily you can swap them out if you are running short-term marketing campaigns. Regular billboard ads have to be painted or printed on billboards. This takes a lot of time and effort, so billboard companies may require you to commit to a certain amount of campaign time for each ad.

Billboard posters just have to be hung up or removed when you are done with the campaign. Therefore, you can easily use billboard advertisements for short-term marketing pushes, like:

  • Raising awareness for a new brand expansion
  • Pushing a specific new product to your target audience members
  • Trying to grow your brand in a concentrated area quickly
  • Etc.

Billboard posters represent the opportunity to get flexible and creative with your advertising, while traditional billboards don’t always offer this option.

Perfect for Inner City Advertising

Many marketers find billboard posters to be the ideal marketing materials for inner city advertising. The crowded squares and streets of New York City, for instance, don’t have a lot of extra room for ads. But billboard posters can fit in the limited space available, allowing even late-to-the-party companies to compete in crowded marketing niches.

On the downside, billboard posters aren’t the best for advertising on freeways. For those types of locations, you’ll still need to rely on other, more traditional out-of-home media options, like standard billboards.

Sometimes Cheaper than Other Ads

Then there’s the cost to consider. You might need billboard posters for your business if you want to save money on your upcoming marketing campaign. Simply put, billboard posters are oftentimes cheaper than traditional billboards because:

  • They are smaller to print in the first place. You use fewer materials to make billboard posters compared to regular billboard ads.
  • They don’t compete with regular billboard ads in the same spots. Therefore, sometimes you can place billboard posters in excellent locations that are priced more cheaply by marketing agencies.
  • Many billboard posters are short-term, so you pay less for the marketing campaigns they are used in 

Ideal for Fast Marketing

As touched on above, billboard posters can be whipped up and placed much more quickly compared to traditional billboards. Thus, these are ideal for fast, aggressive marketing pushes.

Say that your brand recently came out with a new product, and you don’t have a long time to prep a marketing campaign to drive conversions for that product. Billboard posters could be the way to go. Your marketing team can come up with a short or cropped billboard poster advertising, then immediately print out a bunch of copies to hang around your local city. In some cases, you can launch a billboard poster advertising campaign in a matter of days or weeks.

As you can see, billboard posters have unique benefits and advantages that make them excellent marketing vectors, whether you want to spread brand awareness, drive conversions and revenue, or something else entirely. Consider using billboard posters for your next advertising campaign, wherever it may be!