Free Bets: What They Are and How to Use Them

Although on the surface, free bets sound fantastic, they are not quite what their name suggests. Bookmakers use free bets to entice you to play, reward loyalty, promote tournaments, and distinguish themselves from the competition. Bets can be of any amount, and providing you can identify the best free bets, you should be able to use them to your advantage.

Welcome Bonus Free Bets

This kind of free bet is used to entice new players and is a ‘thank you’ for creating an account. Welcome bonus free bets or new customer free bets normally have criteria to fulfill to be able to use them, and this has to be checked before you claim it.

The idea behind this bonus is that you can try out the different opportunities the bookmaker offers.

Existing Customer Free Bets

From time to time, bookmakers will offer bets to existing customers. There are normally strict terms and conditions with every bet, so be sure to check out what these are before claiming the free bet. Typically, this kind of bet takes the form:

  • Bet and Get Free Bets – Bet a predetermined amount on a bookmaker-specified sport or event, and you’ll get a free bet. Now and then, a sport or event isn’t specified, but instead, the bet is valid within a timeframe.
  • Deposit and Get Free Bets – If you deposit a specified amount, your account is credited with a deposit amount.
  • Loyalty Free Bets – Free bets are given to those that meet the loyalty criteria of the bookmaker. This can be X amount of bets per month or after X amount of bets have been placed.
  • Event Free Bets – These are free bets given to a player on their birthday or at Christmas, and sometimes bookmakers give them out for the hell of it. Often, it is credited and added to your account.
  • Sporting Event Free Bets – The big events are often promoted by bookmakers who offer free bets for the event. The Grand National, Superbowl, and FA Cup Final are good examples of events where a bookmaker will offer a free bet. Sometimes these are only offered on mobile play so ensure you check which device the bet is offered on. While you’re about it, check the terms of the free bet to avoid surprises.

Tips for Choosing a Free Bet

The decision on whether or not to claim a free bet will rest on the wagering requirements and terms and conditions of that bet. Let’s take a look at free bet aspects that should be considered:

  • The Deposit to Bonus Ratio – The deposit to bonus ratio is how much you receive in a free bet for what you deposit. Deposit £10 and receive £10 is a 100% deposit/bonus ratio. If the deal was £1000 to get £10, well, this is rubbish. The higher the ratio, the better.
  • Free Bet Duration – Most free bets have to be used within 7 days of your account being credited. Check this, though, as it can be a lot shorter on occasion.
  • Winnings Cap – Normally, there is no winnings cap on a free bet but check just in case there is one in operation.
  • Wagering Requirement – If there is a wagering requirement in operation, ensure you are familiar with what it entails. This can make a big difference in whether or not you claim a free bet.

Always check to see if your bet can be wagered as a single and what sports it is valid on. Good luck!