Yellow Dot on iPhone Explained: What Does it Mean?

Is your iPhone showing a Yellow dot? Do not worry; we are here for your rescue. Read our article to know what the yellow dot on the iPhone means and how you can resolve it. This article is written to help you out, and if you have any other issues, you can comment them down also. So Let’s Get Started!

What Does Yellow Dot on iPhone Indicate?

Every year, Apple brings tons of features with every IOS update. Many such features were introduced with the IOS 14 update, like a new app library, new widgets, and some enhanced security features. One such feature was to bring a Yellow dot on the iPhone.

The dot appears on the upper right corner of the screen and has left users wondering. To clarify your doubts, it is one of the security features the IOS 14 has brought. The yellow dot warns the users that an application is using their iPhone’s microphone. This is a top-tier security feature introduced by Apple.

1. Why is it Necessary?

Some people may question the necessity of this feature. However, let me tell you this is one of the most advanced and essential features a smartphone can have. All other smartphones should adapt this feature to their phones. Let me explain why.

In today’s world, privacy is a myth. Many applications online have used the phone’s camera and microphone even though when not in use. Such applications take your sensitive data and sell it or stream it on the dark web. Some applications have also seen to use the phone’s microphone to show you personalized ads. In such a case, the Yellow Dot feature comes in handy.

When an application uses the phone’s microphone, a small yellow dot appears on the top right corner of the screen. This way, users can know when any application is currently using the phone’s microphone. If you want to test this feature, you can open the iPhone’s voice memo, start recording a memo and see the yellow dot appearing on the screen. You can also see the yellow dot on the screen when you receive or make calls.

Security features in IOS 14

It is not just a yellow dot that users have observed. If you’re an iPhone user, you must have observed different color dots appearing on your iPhone. Let us see what they indicate.

1. Green Dot on iPhone

Just like the yellow dot indicates the use of the iPhone’s microphone, A Green dot appears at the same place on the iPhone when an application is using the phone’s camera. It also appears when you use the iPhone’s default camera application to take pictures. This is very helpful in terms of privacy.

If you want to test it, you can open your iPhone’s camera, and the green dot will appear. Further, the green dot will also appear when you open the camera through other applications such as Instagram.

Yellow dot on iPhone

2. Orange Dot in iPhone

Sometimes, users might find an Orange colored dot on the top of the screen. This might be confusing for some users, but this is none other than the Yellow-colored dot. On some iPhones, the yellow-colored dot appears as Orange for some users. It is Yellow but appears Orange due to some lighting conditions the phone is being used in. As we already know, the yellow dot appears when the iPhone’s microphone is being used.

Yellow dot on iPhone

Disable Apps from Using iPhone’s Camera/Microphone

Now that you know why yellow/orange or green dot appears on your iPhone. Swipe up the control center to know which application uses your iPhone’s camera or microphone. The application you using your iPhone’s camera or microphone will appear on the top of your control center.

Yellow dot on iPhone

If you see any third-party application using your camera or microphone, you can uninstall the application from your phone. On the other hand, if you need the application on your phone, you can follow these steps to disable the microphone and camera permissions on that app simply.

1. Open your iPhone settings.

2. Scroll down and open “Privacy.”

Yellow dot on iPhone

3. Now, open the “Microphone” option and disable the application using your iPhone’s microphone.

Yellow dot on iPhone

4. For the camera, select the “Microphone” option and disable the application using your iPhone’s camera.

Yellow dot on iPhone


IOS 14 rolled in tons of privacy and security features that Apple has always been known for. Users are often confused watching the colored dots on the screen. Now, I hope you understand what they indicate. These dots will help you secure your private data from third-party applications.

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