World of Warcraft how to earn gold in 2022

Despite the fact that the MMO World of Warcraft is already of considerable age, the number of players who continue to play, and new gamers, is only increasing.

Game gold remains one of the most common, obvious, and sought-after resources that all players need.

Equipment and weapons are bought for gold, the character is strengthened, and with large savings, you can even pay for the mythic 10-carry raid.

What are the ways to replenish your gold reserves:

  • Explore hunting zones and look for valuable monsters
  • Go to dungeons and raids
  • Upgrade your character and level up gaming professions
  • Help other players complete achievements

Explore hunting zones and look for valuable monsters

In the WoW world, there are especially valuable monsters that are harder to kill, but the reward from such mobs is much higher. During the pumping process, the player will be sent to various game zones in different directions and different resources that can be obtained in the hunt.

You should not neglect the extracted resources, some of them can always be sold on the trading floor or used to develop professions, which we will talk about later.

Go to dungeons and raids

Dungeons and raids remain the main and good source of gold mining. You can go on a raid in a relatively small group and share all the profits among several people. Of course, it all depends on the difficulty of the raid, but it is there that unique equipment and weapons that cannot be crafted are knocked out.

Having gathered a permanent group, you can earn gold by helping beginners to pass difficult raids. Players are willing to pay for the opportunity to get raid privileges and complete achievements.

Upgrade your character and level up gaming professions

With the subsequent release of updates, many players are paying less and less attention to professions as a source of gold mining, but in vain.

Professions allow the player to replenish their vaults with resources that will later be sold or sold on the marketplace.

Professions are divided into collective and creating


  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Mining
  • Fishing


  • blacksmith craft
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • Cooking

Professions can be combined, you can do it at will. Keep in mind that you can only choose two professions.

Gathering herbs and alchemy – herbs can be found in almost any location, it is needed in alchemy to create various potions. Potions are healing, attacking, and defensive. Having mastered two professions, you can create and sell drugs on the game market and get good gold.

Skinning and leatherworking – in the process of hunting in locations, animals will come across that can be skinned. The hide is the material from which leather and light armor are crafted. Recommended for players whose class prefers light armor and for merchants who want to saturate the market with leather goods.

Mining and Blacksmithing – All ore mined from mining can be used to create heavy armor and weapons. Sometimes expensive materials needed in jewelry will also come across in the ore. But keep in mind that jewelry is an expensive and difficult profession to master. To earn money, it is better to take a forge.

Fishing and cooking are the main advantages of these professions – they do not take up slots and can be upgraded in parallel with the two selected professions. Fishing allows you to fish and combine the useful, it is the extraction of consumables, with the pleasant – leisure and relaxation after long raids. Cooking, on the other hand, works like an amplification profession. By preparing and eating dishes, the player will receive strengthening effects, the duration of which depends on the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the cook.

Help other players complete achievements

WoW, has an achievement system. It is designed to expand the gaming possibilities and awaken the spirit of collecting in the player, where the character must complete all optional tasks and receive a special reward for each.

Achievements are different – simple, where you need to kill 50 monsters, and complex, in which you need to complete a new raid at maximum difficulty.

Players can seek help from groups that regularly go through such raids and pay gold for the service.

If you have a pumped character and a game team that is able to complete such a raid, then you can advertise in the game chat and earn gold, which you then share with your allies.