5 Powerful Alternatives to the Windows Task Manager [Complete Guide]

There might come a point when you may get bored upon using this Windows Task Manager.

One needs to understand that the Task Manager app is one of the essential features that belong to the zone of the operating system.

We are quite sure that almost all of you may have used this feature right there on your PC desktop stations. It is the most frequent and commonly used tool.

Moreover, this specific and subjected tool gives you an overview of all of the resources that are available there on your system.

So, if you no longer want to use this default Task Manager, then have a look at these 5 powerful alternatives:

1- Process Explorer

The very first powerful alternative we have for you, it is this Process Explorer.

For the information, this respective and specific tool is developed and created right by the Microsoft Windows Sysinternals team.

These days, a large number of individuals use this alternative as they no longer seem interested in using a Task Manager.

We have seen that Windows 10 runs into tough times and difficulties. At times, you get unresponsive windows and also high CPU usage.

At times, you tend to experience high disk usage. And because of these situations, your Windows Task Manager gets attacked and damaged.

For the reason, it is suggested to use this option. One needs to remember that using this approach, it is identified as a super-charged and best of all version of Windows Task Manager.

Once this system is going to be launched there on your PC, then you will be able to get an overview of all of the running processes.

Moreover, it provides you with Color-coded processes list so that you can experience easier navigation.

You get to see which of the open files are locked and unlocked. Even more, you are free to set and adjust any of the Affinity and Priority actions.

By using Process explore, the user is allowed to Restart, Suspend as well as Kill Process Tree actions.

2- MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe

MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.10.0 - Neowin

The second powerful and reliable alternative, it is this MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe.

Note down that this one is a portable and freeware alternative if you do not want to currently make use of Windows’ Task Manager.

It works in a similar way as we have this Process, Explorer. It consists of the best graphic user interface.

In addition, this MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe makes use of tabs so that the user can be delivered with real-time information.

You get all needed information regarding the services and drivers and also network adapters, network connections.

This approach gives you the required details concerning network traffic and input/output utilization, autostart entries.

This Task Manager DeLuxe (TMX) only comes with a single drawback, it is that it is composed of the cluttered interface.

But more you will learn about it, sooner you are going to realize and understand this fact that every feature of this system is useful for you.

You can have it in the form of a portable app.

Some of the other notable features and properties of this solution, they are shows and displays process details. It gives you detailed and in-depth real-time monitoring of all of the individual processes.

3- AnVir Task Manager Free

AnVir Task Manager Free

Next, we have AnVir Task Manager Free option for our readers.

If you have started to notice that Windows task manage no longer suits your needs, then you avail this alternative.

It is by far the best alternative.

Most certainly, it claims to give you detailed information regarding all of the possible processes, services and also startup programs, processor present in your system.

It allows you to fully monitor and track the performance and overall functioning of your PC system.

Upon using it, you will see that its user interface is going to be divided and classified in a varied number of tabs.

It gives you complete information about the DLL files that are being used by respective PC programs.

You get stats related and linked to network inbound traffic and outbound traffic.

Moreover, if you want to look for malicious software, then this tool can help you out immensely.

It gives you exact and needed pieces of information so that you can look for and identify the possible number of security risks.

4- Daphne

Daphne.exe Windows process - What is it?

For running the processes of your PC system, this Daphne is a killer option for you.

It works ideally as compared to windows task manager. Furthermore, it fully allows and permits you to shut down any of the running tasks.

You can carry out and perform this job I four possible different ways. This tool allows you to stop a process.

Besides, Daphne works in a similar likewise we have this option of Process Explorer.

It is marked and claimed to be identified as a useful tool. By using this tool, you are allowed to kill a task.

You can do that by simply dragging the target and making it reach to the window zone.

There is another promising feature that is shown by Daphne. It is named and termed as Traps.

With the help of this respective tool, you can easily create a trap for any of the respective processes.

No doubt, this Daphne is a handy tool to be used. It manages to move processes right to the front or back.

It allows you to set and fix any of the alpha transparencies. This tool gives you full permission and consent to change window sizes.

In other words, this tool act and perform as a task killer. It is a genuine and true task manager.

It kills processes and separates any of the hierarchical process tree views. It set up the Priority actions and let you copy a maximum number of live processes.

5- WinUtilities Process Security

The last powerful Windows Task Manager Alternatives, it is this WinUtilities Process Security.

This tool is the name of tracking processes and also manipulating processes. It keeps a track of your PC system.

Furthermore, it gives you exact and reliable information regarding whether your task is trustworthy and reliable to used or not.

If you get the notification that your task is risky, then it is recommended to put and keep it in quarantine.

This WinUtilities Process Security is composed of a feature that allows you to look for details regarding any specific process present and existing on the Internet.

WinUtilities Process Security user interface is extremely and quite friendlier. It gives you alerts regarding any of the malware infects.

Hence, it is a wise idea to use this tool if you are not comfortable using the Windows task manager.

Try this tool for once and pen down to us your experience about us.


Now, you have come to know which are those alternatives that you can try out instead of using Windows task manager.

Rest, you can even use a System Explorer. This one is a free program. It manages to work well on each and every version of Windows.

Moreover, it automatically runs whenever your Windows are going to be started. Besides, you can use Process Hacker.

This tool monitors processes. It permits you to find and look for handles and DLLs.

It allows you view as well as close all kinds of network connections.

Do let us know which of the alternative you would like to use, we are waiting for your feedback and comments.

If more of the alternatives in replacement of windows task manager will come in the market, then we will let you know.

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