Windows 11 22H2: What’s there to look forward to?

The newest version of Windows 11 will be here soon, and if you’ve got the hardware to back it up, total and successful deployment shouldn’t be a problem. But for Windows 10 users with slightly outdated PCs, that’s not necessarily the case. With the development of Windows 11 22H2 in the last phases, we are prone to keep an eye on how to prepare for successful deployment.

To start with, let’s look at the Start menu improvements. Windows 11 22H2 promises to bring a range of new settings to customize the “Recommended” section. While users are still not able to disable the feature, they can now choose from different options in the Start settings to show fewer recommended items. Beyond the start menu, there’s a lot more to dive into with the latest version of Windows.

Security Enhancements

The word on Microsoft street is that various small enhancements for security purposes are bound to make Windows 11 feel more secure. For example, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will now alert you when you accidentally, insecurely store your password. It will also warn you in the case of your Microsoft account passwords being shared with phishing sites.

Another 22H2 change to look forward to is a new group policy default that reportedly includes an ‘account lockout policy. The purpose of this feature is to more securely manage the Remote Desktop Protocol and avoid other password theft. The setting allows the admin account lockout option that is not currently in either Windows 11 or Windows 10. This feature alone adds an additional group policy setting to receiving Windows operating systems.

With the above said, the greatest change to security in the new Windows is arguably the new Smart App Control. This new control feature is designed to keep you safe from attacks and unauthorized files. It also prevents the user against any potential malicious applications on your operating system.

Even More Nifty New Features

Of course, there are even more new features and settings on the way with Windows 11, not limited to the following:

Focus & Do Not Disturb

A nifty new feature that makes it easy to silence notifications makes its way to Windows 11, with the updated “do not disturb” option. You now can set up particular settings to automatically turn on do not disturb in the Notifications settings. In addition, users are now at liberty to set priority notifications to exercise more control over calls and reminders.

File Explorer update

The latest Windows 11 update furthermore welcomes an update for File Explorer. This update entails visual changes and improvements. For example, an array of the most requested features will now become available to users. This includes tabs support and a reimagined navigation pane. With the new file explorer, users can also explore and enjoy a new Home page, shortcuts, OneDrive integration, and changes to the context menu, to mention a few features.

Exciting added keyboard shortcuts.

As for new keyboard shortcuts, there are a few new ones to be discovered. For example, users can now use the “Shift + Right-click” shortcut to open the classic context menu. This is an improvement on the modern version. For those working with tabs, it’s now easier to create a new tab by using the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut key. Moreover, to close a tab, one can simply use the Ctrl + W keys for a shortcut. As for the mouse’s middle button, this can be used to close any tab. With these new keyboard shortcuts, new Windows 11 users are sure to get more power at their fingertips.

Other Small, Important Changes

As for the “Your Microsoft Account” in the Accounts section on your system, Windows 11 22H2 is removing it altogether. Now introduces the Microsoft 365 subscription information to this section instead; new Windows 11 users are in for some more treats. The Family page is also entirely new to the Accounts section, and it includes the settings previously available on the “Family & other people” page.

New Gaming Features

Game lovers are in for a treat with the new Windows 11 update. Where the focus is shed on tweaks for gaming, this mainly includes enhancements for the purpose of navigation. Gamers will be thrilled with this update from Microsoft when it comes along. Moreover, for those gamers who like to use controllers, an Xbox-inspired “Controller bar” now grants access to your favorite games in an instant. Moreover, for those playing games in windowed mode, decreased latency in DirectX 10 and 11 games are to be expected.

Windows Studio and Creator Tools

Features that seem to enhance and improve video calling have become more popular over the past few years. With the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft has now built in those controls at the operating system level with Windows Studio. Enabling users to edit video calling by the quality and minimize blurring, for instance, this activity becomes more manageable by users instantaneously with the new Windows 11 Studio & creator tools.

In Conclusion

With the above said, for users with PCs without the capabilities to use Windows 11, Windows 10 should still be good for now. By the time the new update reaches its deadline in October 2025, new technology will be needed yet again. Thus, in conclusion, for the average Windows 10 user, with proper hardware, it is recommended to continue using Windows 10 until the next proper upgrade.

For now, it’s perhaps best to think of Windows 11 as an improvement on Windows 10, yet to be refined to the fullest. As the developers work on making it more mature and adding more extensions, future releases will be even more all-encompassing. With that said, with its particular security enhancements, the Windows 11 22H2 version indeed looks to be a good option for a diverse range of gamers and users of the best online casinos that payout, for example. Enhanced security measures mean improved protection from any loss of funds and/or identity while spending time in the gaming universe. That’s if your hardware is up to the task!