Why Zero-touch Enrollment is Essential for Enterprise Devices

Enterprises always have a busy schedule as they have to manage many tasks, including HR management, financial management, sales and marketing, IT management, customer service management, operations, and supply chain management. Every day enterprises have to hire new staff for different positions, and they are assigned access to the company’s credentials, which is a high risk for a data breach.

Managing each employee’s enrollment and device security to manually comply with company software and credentials is very hard. It has provided a robust solution for enterprises to overcome inconsistency, security risks, and wasting time and money. Let’s discuss the importance of zero-touch enrollment in this article.

What is Zero-Touch Enrollment?

Traditionally, buying a new device requires a lot of settings and configurations to make the device operational. But zero-touch enrollment is one of the latest deployment methods that cover all the issues with device enrollment and security. Zero-touch enrollment is a process that enables enterprises to smoothly handle the device setup without wasting time. It provides an easy enrollment process to the companies with pre-configured settings that comply with the organization’s security policies and other crucial factors. It gives more significant support to the employees. They have to sign in with the account and will get easy access to their official apps.

Benefits of using Zero-Touch Enrollment

Here are some exceptional benefits of zero-touch enrollment:

  • Automating the deployment process

 Zero-touch enrollment streamlines the whole device enrollment process. It automates the entire process, including the setup, configuration, and installation. All manual intervention is eliminated, and IT administrators handle the deployment process smoothly and efficiently with less time and effort. The IT team carefully manages mass deployment and access to all employees, and thus, the staff enjoys a consistent experience.

  • Simplified device deployment and setup

Many devices can be enrolled in a few minutes with a zero-touch deployment process. The process involves pre-configured settings like all necessary applications, updated profiles, and other security policies. When the end-user unbox or power on the device, it automatically connects to the organization’s management system, and the IT team sets all the policies and settings. It eliminates manual input and reduces the complexities for the end-users.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

 Automated deployment using a zero-touch enrollment process significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of work. IT teams can reduce time and resources by deploying more devices simultaneously. It becomes easy for new employees to start their work without wasting time in various configurations and installations. Thus, the productivity of work is maximized with concentrated work.

  • Enhanced security and compliance

IT admins can set up robust security policies, access controls, and password authentications in pre-configured settings to make the devices safe to use when configured. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access and vulnerabilities and provides a safe and healthy working environment for organizations. It also eliminates the need to handle sensitive device data during setup.

What are the Practical Uses of Zero-Touch Enrollment?

  • Device Deployment by IT Team

IT staff in any enterprise can pre-configure devices with unique settings, apps, and policies via zero-touch enrolment. This automated, simultaneous deployment procedure assures uniform settings across all devices, eliminating manual installation problems. It also enables them to establish consistent security controls across all devices, which increases security and compliance. They can save time and focus on strategic IT planning, troubleshooting, and development efficiency.

  • Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants

Zero-touch deployment ensures simplified configuration setup using already configured settings by the admins. It enables quick and hassle-free installation of devices with the system. The scalability of restaurant environments is also enhanced, streamlining the deployment of new kiosk devices. Self-service kiosks operating with this system also improve user experience and ordering process.

  • Healthcare Devices

Devices in healthcare provide emergency services and should always be secure and functional. It is impossible with a manual installation process. It is necessary to arrange a zero-touch deployment process to manage the working and updating of devices like tablets, wearable devices, and medical equipment. When integrated with MDM solutions, the IT team in healthcare centers can manage the devices remotely and reduce downtime. The devices will be configured more quickly and efficiently.

  • Transportation

With a zero-touch enrollment process, admins in the transportation industry can pre-configure transportation-related apps like Google Maps and location finder to optimize the device enrollment and usage process. Drivers and other staff can instantly use the devices without spending time on traditional configurations or installations. It helps to enhance productivity and reduces downtime.

How AirDroid Business’ Zero-Touch help to Simplify Device Management

AirDroid Business is a powerful and efficient MDM solution for remote management of devices. It has a variety of features to support businesses from different perspectives.

Briefly introduce AirDroid Business and then describe the following features in detail:

  • Automated Enrollment

AirDroid Business MDM streamlines the device enrollment process and provides flexible options to enroll devices easily. Devices can be registered using the zero-touch enrollment method and a QR code for Android enterprise enrollment. Enterprises can also utilize an auto-enroll package to enroll the devices. All these methods ensure automated enrollment of devices in minimum time. 

  • Centralized Device Management

AirDroid Business MDM provides an intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard to manage and organize all enterprise devices from a central location. IT admins can remotely monitor the activities of all enrolled devices by sitting on their seats. They have access to every individual device screen. Even they can control the devices to support the staff and troubleshoot issues without being on-site. Admins can also manage the devices in groups from the central location.

  • Remote Control and Monitoring

All enterprises face security issues from the devices operational in the company. AirDroid Business MDM provides remote device monitoring of real-time data, including device name, model, battery level, network type, and device general indicators to overcome this issue. Admins can also remotely take screenshots of the device screen and control the camera of devices to take pictures.

Enrolled devices can be controlled remotely to support the team, troubleshoot issues, and perform actions like adjusting the volume, lock screen, typing using a keyboard, and real-time voice call.

  • Remote Application Management

AirDroid Business MDM allows enterprises to create their app store and upload only the official applications. It also provides app allowlist and blocklist features to limit the use of applications on the enrolled devices. The kiosk mode of AirDroid Business MDM allows single-app kiosk mode to run only one app on the device.

  • Remote Policy Deployment

AirDroid Business MDM provides fully customized settings to apply on the enrolled devices. Admins can open the Dashboard and manage the policy settings to deploy them on all the devices they want. It also provides policy templates to choose the best that suits your needs.


Enrollment of devices in the enterprise management system is essential to provide access to the organization’s applications and policies. Zero-touch enrollment is the simplest and easiest way to enroll multiple devices simultaneously in no time. Enterprises must prefer the best MDM solution that helps to overcome all issues enterprises face while deploying devices and remotely monitoring them.

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