Why A Shopify App Development Company Should Be On Your Radar

Dropshipping is a manageable system to manage your company and is approved by most eCommerce programs, including the most comprehensive, Shopify app development company.

What is Shopify

Shopify is the principal e-commerce platform for managers to build their online shops. Shopify is simple to follow, so you should be able to build your shop also if you don’t have the proper experience. It is perfect for managers who need to start their online store externally any trouble and huge economic losses.

Why prefer Shopify

Dropshipping is the ideal market pattern for contractors who are prepared to spend least stores in beginning their business, plus Shopify is the most simplistic program that can be applied for this object.

By choosing the Shopify platform, you nevermore have to bother about the remainder of the goods being traded, as you require just the required amount of it to satisfy the need of the clients. This is how the platform varies from popular e-commerce when each product of a stock or its total investment is needed. With Shopify, you can manage your list in simply a few ticks. More info in MakeBeCool.

Shopify advantages

So, we figured out the production of an online shop based on Shopify, presently we will explain the topic of why it is worth choosing this particular platform.

As of the beginning of 2017, 19.7% of shops were designed based on the Shopify platform, which is a very satisfying result. Perhaps the situation has changed in 2017 (there are no statistics for this period yet).

  • It gives a complete set of help. In various other examples, the user demands to get entertaining for the site including select frames, which needs at most limited minimum experience in this field. Shopify also allows website hosting.
  • The Shopify App Store is constantly refreshed with different apps. They serve to resolve such difficulties as increasing the growth of website companies to customers, improving the number and amount of investments, including numerous others. Currently, the Shopify App Store has over 300 applications. Among them are paid and free.
  • Low costs. First of all, it provides its users 2 weeks of examination experiment to understand if the program was best for them. Then you will have to pay $ 29 / month, as well as 2.9% for the transfer of funds +30 cents (in the case of using third-party payment methods).
  • Paid and free templates. Shopify gives both paid and free themes. The user can choose from 10 available and unlimited paid templates (the average cost is $ 140).
  • User help 24/7. At any time of the day, you can get an answer to your question via chat, email, or phone.

What are the alternatives?

Shopify isn’t the unique platform a drop shipper can take, there are others.

  1. Magento. It is a management platform that makes a good choice for open-source online shops. It belongs to the eBay company. However, keep in mind that you require minimum programming experience. The program is free to apply, except for fees for individual services, personal features, and hosting. There are 13 free templates here, plus the paid ones start at $ 1.
  2. WooCommerce. It is a free WordPress plugin. SimilarTech is currently installed on over 750,000 domains. The system, unlike Magento, is not “clever”, though still not as simple as Shopify (in terms of settings). Applying it is possible free of charge, but in the circumstance of a lack of basic rights, you will still have to pay extra.
  3. OpenCart. Free platform most suitable for small also medium companies. It works based on a kernel extension, so if you want to increase functionality, use special settings. Exist a large selection of extensions ( 14,000).

If you are now in the process of preferring a corner for dropshipping, then the production of an online shop is soon. Having read the peculiarities of the Shopify platform in opposition to options, we believe it will be more comfortable for you to make your option.

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