5 Tips to Consider For Creating an Ideal Home Page

It’s professional to have a website for your business, whether your business is big or small. Making an impressive, beautiful, and effective site for your business can be a good idea, because people may see your site first, then get familiar with your business.

The home page is the essential page of the site. When someone comes to your site the first thing they see is the home page. Make your home page an ideal one to make a better user experience. In that case, we are going to tell you some tips about an ideal home page.

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1. Introduce yourself

As we told your site, the home page is the first thing viewers see. It shows what your business is and how it can help them. Always remember your goals, target audience, and needs.


A headline is bold, most of the time on the top of your page site words. It may be a few words, but it is one of the important elements in homepages. It shows who you are. Keep your headline clear and easy to understand.


The subheading is a description that shows what you do and what you suggest. It comes after the headline, it is a good way to tell them a bit more about your business and you can even mention your audience and their needs in it.

2. Images

Image is the best way to show your visitors your offer. Reduce your image file size but choose a high-quality image. You better use your own photos on your website. In that case, you may hire a professional photographer to create the perfect photos for your site. But always be sure the images you use have a high quality.

Besides the image, you can even use a short video that clearly shows your offers. Visual marketing is the most important way of content for business, some marketers believe that.

Also, don’t forget to add alt text to the image. It makes images more available to visitors who use screen readers and even takes your site SEO efforts up a notch.

3. Web Design

Web design is necessary on all sites. A good design helps visitors focus on the value of the content and the brand you have instead of distracting large amounts of text and graphics. There is some kind of design that you are going to tell you:

Logo of the Site: Mostly should be located in the upper left-hand corner of the website. And even visitors are going to be able to clack the logo and return to the home page of your site.

Contact information: Information like phone number, address, or email; that can inform you as a professional business.

SEO: On the homepage, you won’t write much about your business. Try to fill it with keywords and phrases to reach a higher SEO rank.

4. Navigation

Make a clear path for your viewers. Put the navigation menu on top of the home page. It’s good to have a search box if you can.

The navigation menu can increase the viewer’s ability to navigate your site easier, it even helps search engines crawl your site (it is another way to higher the SEO rank), and it may decrease page load time.

5. Call to Action

An important thing that makes you clear who are your loyal customers or make loyal customers for you is a call to action. Ask them to sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to a service, or buy one of your products, polite and friendly; “Connect us today!” Can be a good example of a friendly call to action.


If you want to have an ideal homepage for your site, there are tips that you need to focus on. For example, improving your web design and having a clear design can help you with an ideal home page.

Give your visitors a clear path, make your call to action easy to understand and friendly, tell your viewers who you are, have a high-quality photo or short video that clearly shows your offers; also can help you to create a better home page.

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