What is WhatsApp Business? And How it Works?

WhatsApp Business is a free application that can be used on both Android and Apple, and its purpose is that companies can use it to be in constant and immediate communication with their customers. WhatsApp Business is totally business-oriented. Previously, many consumers and businesses used the original platform, WhatsApp, so those responsible realized it was worth creating a much more optimized option with specific functions and guarantees of use. WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most widely used social networks, and the introduction of the business variant has only increased its popularity. One of the main features is that it is a free platform.

How WhatsApp Business Works

Here are the steps to use this app:

  • The first thing to do is to download it, something that is completely free.
  • The mobile number is then verified.
  • Then you can see that it’s not far off in terms of design and functionality from the original app, although there are some new business-specific functions in this area.
  • Initially, you can see there is the option to make chats, you can glimpse contacts, settings, or stories option.
  • When you go to the settings option, that’s when you can see the new business-focused features: you can edit the business profile, add their location, opening hours, and web, among others.
  • In addition to the above, one of the novelties is the possibility of including automated messages, which is a valuable contribution. Since users who log into the company outside of office hours may receive attention. Additionally, you can set up greetings, away messages, quick replies, and also view statistics.

Why use this app for a business?

Here are the main reasons:

  • It is a very accessible medium that is well known to users.
  • It’s free.
  • It offers more comprehensive functionality for the business than the original application.
  • Automated messages can be scheduled. This makes it possible to send promotions to users, greetings, and away messages, which allows very close and accessible treatment to customers. They don’t feel helpless if they contact the company outside office hours.
  • It offers statistics on current actions.

Before you start creating the profile for WhatsApp Business, know that WhatsApp Business is considered a separate entity. There is no connection between your personal WhatsApp account and this work account. You can register a WhatsApp account with a work number or your existing personal WhatsApp number. If you use your existing personal number for business registration, your personal WhatsApp profile will be converted to business, and all contacts will be imported into your business profile.

WhatsApp Shop

WhatsApp shop consists of a product catalog. Your products display in that catalog. Your customers can browse your catalog. If they have a question about a certain product, they can ask you with a click of a button. You can also easily share information about the products in this catalog yourself in a WhatsApp message. Below are the details of how this process works.


An additional advantage of WhatsApp Business: you can expand your communication channel into a real showcase by inserting a catalog of your products.

How to proceed?

You can upload a photo for each item and add the price, description, link to your website, and possibly a product code.

Order via the “shop” button

Your customers can order in WhatsApp Business but not yet pay. However, the integration of a payment system is planned for later. For the time being, customers normally pay in your business when they come to collect their order.

Online store

Recently, your customers also have a “shop” button available to them in this catalog to easily add products to their basket, as in a real online store.

Several products

Customers can put multiple items in their cart. They can also still change the number of pieces or remove certain items. They can then place an order directly via a single WhatsApp message. This will allow you to store and process all orders for the same customer easily.

Use WhatsApp Business not only as a free communication channel for your business but also as an additional sales channel. The “shop” button in your catalog allows your customers to order directly via a WhatsApp message. Since the WhatsApp Business app is free, it is worth using it to advertise your products. Via the new “shop” button, your catalog becomes an additional sales channel that is also very accessible. And the easier you make the ordering process, the more sales you can expect to increase.