What Is the Perfmon.exe and How to Fix Issues With It? – (Guide)

This article is about a process which monitors the Windows on your PC. the process name is Perfmon.exe.

You will learn in this article all about perfmon.exe and how to fix the issue if perfmon.exe harms your computer in any way.


As the process is an executable file and many executable files can be harmful to the operating system and the PC.

You will learn the role of this process, where it is located, which type of problems you can face because of this process and the ways of how you can remove this process from your computer.

Ther are many cases of this program to be considered as a virus and since this file is an executable file the rumours could be true. We would like to know your comments on this program after you read this article.

So if you are interested to pass your opinion on this program so go ahead and read the article by yourself.

 What Is Perfmon.exe?


Perfmon.exe is a process which is used for monitoring the performance of the operating system. The process is known as the consumer of all the CPU resources.

As it can monitor a large number of performance elements on your computer, our hypothesis is that it can also utilize those resources.

With that said, if the process is performing in your computer or monitoring the operating system the utilization should be below 90% and should not be above 90% continuously.

It can also help in system updates as other executable file help and can speed up the updates and performance of the operating system just like resmon.exe does. 

Process Description

If you want to open perfmon.exe process. You can find it in the resmon.exe text in the start menu. When the process is at default settings it can not cause any harm or threat to your computer.

The process has the maximum reliable rating at default settings due to the regular verifications of the digital signatures during the process of system updates. 



If you learnt all the things about this process then we would like you to know the location of perfmon.exe as well.

Due to any virus attacks caused by this process and if you want to stop those attacks you should the location of perfmon.exe.

The file should be located in C:\ Windows \ Service Pack Files\ i386 or if it is not there then it will surely be in C:\ Windows\ System 32. If it is not showing any process of this name at this location as well then it could be a Trojan.

Possible Issues with Perfmon.exe

There are many problem messages regarding perfmon.exe and the list of those issues is below.

  1. File not found: perfmon.exe
  2. Can not find the file: perfmon.exe
  3. The file is not recognized missing perfmon.exe file

The file shows these because it is associated with USB connection with all the devices attach to the computer such as the computer, keyboard, mouse or any other hardware which is connected to your computer via a USB connector.

It will definitely show these errors and will not let the device work or it will work but cause some problems or glitches in working. 

These errors only caused when a new driver is not able to install correctly or some attack from a malicious program or from a malware takes place. 

  1. Applications can not send any important or necessary files when there is a conflict between the configuration of the files
  2. When a file is damaged during the transfer process Or has been corrupted from the start, the application will fail to load
  3. Any malicious attack or any other kind of disturbance can disturb the whole system and may not perform any important functions

How to Fix the Issues with Perfmon.exe?

Fix the Issues with Perfmon.exe

If any error or issue occurs it can only come when new hardware or new software has installed the system.

As if you just uninstall that hardware of software from your system, it can possibly fix the issue. If you need to know about fixing the perfmon.exe then scroll below. 

Method# 1:Scan for any Driver Updates for New Equipment

If any new equipment is installed it will also need new drivers to keep the equipment performance and stable in your system.

It can also require update drivers so download new drivers or update the old ones. After that when the drivers are installed just perform a clean system restart.

  1. First, press the window key and the x key at the same time Win + X to open the device manager
  2. After that, choose the driver that is making problems and issues in your system 
  3. Then, right-click the problematic drivers and choose update driver
  4. After that, choose the option where its written choose automatically for updated driver software
  5. With all the above steps done, perform the instructions that are showing on the screen to finish updating the driver
  6. In the end, reboot the computer and check if the problem is gone or not

Method# 2: Download and Install Updates for the Operating System

Download and Install Updates for the Operating System

Regardless, of the version that your operating system has but it is essential to update the operating whenever an update arrives. So keep a check on system updates so your system could be up to date. 

  1. First, press the Windows key and I key at the same time so a settings window could be opened or you can go to the start and search for settings as well to open the window
  2. When you are in the settings windows choose to update and security tab.
  3. After that, when the update and security is open then select the option name windows updates
  4.  After you select windows updates then click on the check for updates button which is showing on your right of the screen
  5. If there will be any kinds of updates available the operating system will start to download the updates and after download, you should restart the computer so all the other processes should be done as well
  6. After the operating system is updated reboot the system again and after that check, if the problem of perfmon.exe is gone and if it isn’t gone the perform the next step

Method# 3:Use Antivirus and Antimalware Applications to Get Rid of the Perfmon.exe

There are different Antivirus and Antimalware software which will help your computer and operating system to protect themselves from the malicious programs that are causing troubles.

As Antivirus like Avast can be more effective in this situation. Avast antivirus can give you various features that can take care of any attack from a malicious program if it’s from the outside means through the internet or from the inside of the system.

Avast will give you 24 hours protection against all the viruses and malware.

Antimalware can be effective as well as they can give you features like quick scan and much more to protect your PC from the malicious program attacks and various viruses that can harm your computer from the inside as well as from the outside.

So if those two methods do not work download am antivirus or an antimalware to get your problems solved in just minutes.

FAQ’s about Perfmon.exe


What does svchost.exe do?

Svchost.exe is an integral part of the operating system (Windows).

The program can not be stopped or restarted manually as this program manages all the system services that are in the system dynamic link library. The extension of those files which this process manages is .dll. 

Does running perfmon.exe affect performance?

Ans: it only uses for monitoring performance of the system but if you let permon.exe to capture the data. It can affect the performance but will be measured by a little margin only.


There are several things that you should learn from this article as this article can be helpful in many ways.

But if you did not learn all the things or you do not have any interest regarding this program so just learn the three methods that are written above because if some problem occurred regarding this article then these methods will come in handy.

We hope that you keep your system safe from these malicious programs so your system can have a long life.

If you have any kind of query regarding this article or any other problem similar to this article we will be here for your assistance. You have to just comment in our comment section and we will contact you as soon as possible.  

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