What is the Aptio Setup Utility? – [GUIDE]

If you do not know what Aptio Setup Utility is, we are here for you to tell what this setup actually is and how does it work. A company name Asus hold this Aptio Setup Utility in their belongings.

It is used for driver setups or installing or updating Bios. this is used as a common name by the Asus Laptops and their cards. This article is written for those people that are facing problems because of this setup.

We will develop an understanding and will share with you some features of Aptio Setup Utility so you can understand what this software can do for the system.

What is the Aptio Setup Utility?

Aptio Setup Utility
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The Aptio Setup Utility belongs to Asus and is very popular among its Laptop and its cards. The setup can is used for installing BIOS and some other backend stuff to take care of the system from the inside.

If something happens to the system or the system is not open this setup will determine the problem or cause that why the system is not opening. As if we talk about BIOS. BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System.

BIOS are the system energy and life and the system devices communicate with each other. As every system have their own BIOS and every BIOS is different from others. It depends on the version of the system that which version of the BIOS do you have. 

The second thing this setup has is the UEFI. they are just like BIOS but better them in every aspect. It is the improved version of the BIOS Legacy Mode.

The features of UEFI are improved as well but just like BIOS it also required a configuration utility to get access to the system.

For this reason, Aptio configuration utility was introduced that was manufactured by American Megatrends and this configuration utility is in every Asus laptop.

This utility activates when the system starts and is the perfect way to communicate with your device so you can have a good performance computer.

How to Solve Problems with Aptio Setup Utility?

Solve Problems with Aptio Setup Utility

There are many ways to fix or solve problems with Aptio Setup Utility. We would like to start with a repair tool name Restore PC repair tool which is also recommended by myself and my team as well.

This tool will easily remove all the virus from your computer plus it will optimize your system performance and will keep your system long-lasting. Ther three simple steps to accomplish an optimized system so please follow:

  1. First, download Restore PC repair tool and completely install it
  2. After installing it open the tool and click scan to locate all the problems that are causing in your computer.
  3. After the scan is complete click repair all to fix all the issues that were causing problems in your system

Sometimes Aptio Setup Utility stops when the windows screen is loading and can become a major problem in your system but you do not have to worry about it because we are here to tell you the solution of the problem.

As you know every system have its own BIOS similarly, the AMI company which created that setup utility also contain an Aptio Setup Utility in their all Asus systems and their utility work fine.

Which mean they do not have any user traffic which is connecting their system with the world perhaps this problem can be the cause of your system stopping the Windows from booting.

As if this problem comes and can be referred to the hard drive malfunction as sometimes when you will restart the PC, again and again, it will form a loop and which can result to a hard drive problem.

The HDD malfunction can be caused by two things which are 

  • Faulty HDD won’t boot
  • Non-factory HDD replacement won’t boot

If your HDD is fine and is working great and still the problem is arising then we have some other solutions to make your computer better.

These solutions are:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Reset BIOS to default values
  3. Enable CSM and disable secure boot
  4. Reinstall Windows

Solution#1: Restart Your Computer

Restart Your Computer

This solution is simple and easy. As we usually do this stuff with your system whenever you no longer want to use the system.

These type of solutions can be effective some times and can make your PC better again.

Solution#2: Reset BIOS to Default Values

If solution 1 does not work for you might want to try solution 2 which is more effective than solution 1.

Solution 2 refers to reset the BIOS to their default values to save your system from destruction. For this, there are some steps that you should follow to complete the task in hand.

  1. Restart your PC
  2. The Aptio setup utility window should appear
  3. Enter settings and look for a factory reset option
  4. Reset the BIOS to factory settings and save changes
  5. Exit the Aptio setup utility and reboot the PC

Solution#3: Enable CSM and Disable Secure Boot

The third solution is to simply enable CSM (Compatible System Module) and disable your fast and secure boot so there could not be any other problems regarding HDD.

The fast boot can create problems for HDD that’s why some people recommend CSM for system boot.

To enable CSM you should follow these instructions

  1. Restart PC
  2. Open Aptio Setup Utility
  3. Select security
  4. Select secure boot
  5. Choose disable secure boot
  6. Save and exit
  7. This will not resolve your problem so restart your PC and open Aptio again
  8. Open boot section
  9. Disable secure boot and fast boot respectively
  10. In the same menu enable CSM and save changes
  11. Restart your PC

Solution#4:Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows on your system is the best solution than the above three as it will give a new life to your system and is the most effective option in this solution list.

So make sure to install Windows as it is recommended so your system should have a greater performance.


As we have put down all the possible solution to fix Aptio Setup Utility problem so make sure to try every solution to make your system perform better.

If you have any queries regarding this article comment in our comment section and we will look through it.

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  2. Saya mau boot Linux dari USB ternyata di setting tidak tersedia. Malah bingung. Saya pakai Asus AMD9, Windows10. Aptio Setup Utility 2019 version 2.17.1246.
    Pilihan yang ada : >Add new boot system > Add a new EFI boot option to the boot order.
    Keinginan saya > sebelum boot, baca dulu USB, disitu sudah saya sediakan linux yg bootable. Kalau di USB kosong, baro boot yg existing dijalankan. Windows 10 dari hard disk.

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