What Is MBAMService.exe Windows Process? – Complete Guide

Mbamservice.exe is an executable file which works under the platform of Malwarebytes Antimalware that was developed by Malwarebytes Corporation.

As you have known the file is an executable which some say that can harm your computer.

The .exe extension of this file determines the nature that this file is an executable file that can be a virus or a trojan.

This is an opinion of various people but we like you to decide whether this file is a trojan or is just a program that helps your computer in any way it can. 

What Is MBAMService.exe?


Mbamservice.exe was designed to program an Antimalware which name is Malwarebytes Antimalware.

The file can help you by defending your system from malicious programs that can harm your computer in various ways.

The file is part of Malwarebytes Antimalware and was developed by Malware Corporation. The true purpose of this file to keep harmful programs or viruses out of your system which means it is designed for defending the system.

Is Mbamservice.exe Safe, or is it a Virus or Malware?

Is It a Virus or Malware

Some people say it is safe to use but some of them say that it is a virus and can harm your system from the inside and you will not even know it. It’s on you to find out what you think about this file.

The location of this file is precise it can be found in C:\ Program files\ Malwarebytes Antimalware\ mbam.exe.

If you want to confirm the location goto Task Manger then go to view, after that, select columns and then image path name to add a location column to your Task Manager.

If you find any suspicious directory here then it is good for investigating rather than thinking where you can find the file.  


Another tool which can help you identify suspicious file is Windows process explorer. It does not require any type of installation simply start the program and activate Check Legends under the column of options.

Then go to view and select a column and then just put a name in a column which is Verified Signer as one of the columns. If the verified signer status of a process is unable to verify then you should check the process again because every verified signer process has a label on it.

We think that this mabamservice.exe is safe to use because this file is part of malware software that is used for protecting systems and it fights the malicious programs so how can its own part by a virus and if it is then how this software is managing it.

So it is our opinion that this file is not a virus or malware. Now it is your turn to read the whole article and then decide what you think.

Can I Remove or Delete Mbamservice.exe?

Can I Remove Or Delete Mbamservice.exe?

A safe executable file is very important as it has many jobs to do in your system and you do not know the file is associated with which file and what affect there will be if you delete this file.

If there is a valid reason to delete the file such as it is a malicious program or it contains a virus or somethings familiar with then you should consider to delete it.

Always be sure to keep your programs up to date so they do not catch any type of virus because the longer the file is not updated the file will become corrupted as soon as possible so be sure too make your drivers and file up to date. 

Many people think that this is a harmful file which contains a virus but it is your responsibility to check the file before taking any actions as it can be in your benefits.

There are multiple software from where you can easily check that if this file is malicious or safe to use. There is a program that we recommend its name is Reimage.

It will check for every trace and if the file is malicious or harmful it will delete before you know it.

Common Mbamservice.exe Error Messages

Error Message

There are many error messages but the most common error messages of mbamservices.exe are

  • Mbamservice.exe application error
  • Mbamservice.exe failed
  • Mbamservice.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • Mbamservice.exe is not running
  • Mbamservice.exe not found
  • Can not find Mbamservice.exe
  • Error starting program: Mbamservice.exe
  • Faulting application path: Mbamservice.exe

These .exe error messages can occur in various places such as when the program is starting, when Malwarebytes is in middle of something when you shut down the PC or when the PC is just opening, and even in the installation of some software or windows installation.

These messages will help you in troubleshooting so do remember them when and where they appear.

How to Fix Mbamservice.exe?

How to Fix Mbamservice.exe?

The best practices for resolving Mbamservice.exe issues can be various. If you keep cleaning your computer daily that will avoid all your issues that this file will create.

The cleaning of a computer means running an anti-virus malware scan every day so if there any viruses they can be detected and removed.

You should clean your drive every day by the help of Clean Manager (cleanmgr), with the help of Scan Now (sfc/scannow) and by uninstalling the programs that you no longer use. 

You can check which programs auto start by using Microsoft Configurations (msconfig) and should update your operating system daily by enabling Windows Automatic Update.

Always make sure to back up your data so it can be saved if something gets wrong.

After keeping a check on all these things something gets wrong even then and a serious problem occurs you should check the last thing you did means the last thing that you installed on your computer or to check where the problem started by checking the last thing you were doing.

The resmon command can help you identify the problem that is causing you this much trouble.

If a problem occurs instead of reinstalling the whole operating system you are advised to repair the installation or if you have Windows 8 or a bigger version of Windows you are advised to execute DISM.exe/online/clean-image/Restorehealth command.

This command will allow repairing the operating system without losing any data of yours. 

If you wanna analyze the Killernetworkservice.exe there are only to ways to do so. First, Security Task Manager, it will show you all the running processes and programs including the hidden programs that are anonymously working into the system such as the keyboard, browser monitoring and autostart entries.

The Security task Manager will tell you the security risk rating of every program because every program has a unique security rating that will help you identify which is malware, spyware or a Trojan.

Second, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it will instantly detect and removes all the types of viruses from your hardware such as sleepy spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, keyloggers and trackers. 

Download or Reinstall Mbamservice.exe


We will not recommend you to download executable files from other resources that are not trustworthy in fact they could contain some kind of virus.

If you want to download or reinstall the mbamservice.exe then you should approach their true owner Malwarebytes Antimalware so the file can be genuine and there will be no trust issues also.

We also recommend you to download this file from their genuine even if it cost you money.


Mbamservice.exe is an executable file that protects a system from the other viruses. In fact, the file is part of a great software Malwarebytes Antimalware.

This file can not be a virus as we have read the whole article too and it is your turn to decide what you think of this mbamservice.exe, is it a harmful virus or you think that it is designed to the safety system.

Whatever the answer is do let us know by commenting in our comment section which you find below this heading. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.

We hope that if something happens to your PC you will be there to solve it. We will be here for assistance if you have any problem regarding the article or any similar stuff regarding mbamservice.exe, we will reach you as soon as possible.

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