What is mfefire.exe? Is it a Virus?

If you believe and assume this fact that executable files can be masked as major viruses, then you are right. Here we have this mfefire.exe file type for you.

It is available in the executable file version. Some users have complained that this file is veiled as adware on their computers.

How come this is possible? It is true! Some viruses and malware writers use the name of this file and thus your computer becomes the victim of a virus attack. 

So, you might be wondering what is mfefire.exe and how can you resolve its issues? Below we have mentioned a well-elaborated guide for you.

This file is of 208272 bytes in size and If it is not a valid and genuine Windows operating system file program, then do remove it,

What is mfefire.exe?


Though this mfefire.exe file is a genuine software component file, the malware writers and adware programs writers make the misuse of it.

This executable file is the part of windows service file. Furthermore, it is installed right by the Endpoint security.

This file generally and mainly loads as soon as you start and turn on your computer.

It is this windows service control manager that handles the operations of this mfefire.exe file. Moreover, you need to know that this anti-spam service is fully and wholly dependent on this file.

Once you will uninstall the operations of this McAfee software, then you will see that this mfefire.exe file program is still there on your computer.

To get rid of its operations, you have to remove it all manually. It is said by the experts that there is no need to keep this file.

As it is heavily used by adware and malware writers, for the reason that its usage and presence should be limited and minimum in your personal computer!

If you notice that you do not need this mfefire.exe file program, then remove it from your PC.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

mfefire.exe File Information:


Here is the deal for you, we have this exact and updated mfefire.exe file information for you!

With the help of these details, you can explore the technical part of this executable file more deeply. So, this file belongs to Syscore or you can say that it is the part of McAfee firewall core service.

This file is not planned and marked essential for your Windows. If its technical security rating is low, then you can keep it in your system.

For your information, this file is present in the subfolder area of “C:\Program Files\Common Files”.

Or you might have seen that this mfefire.exe file is existing in the subfolder section of “C:\Program Files’’.

For the users of Windows 10/8/7/XP, this executable file comes in the size of 219,272 bytes. Or for some of the windows, it is present in the size range of 219,752 bytes.

This whole process based on which this file runs, it is basically and generally marked as a service. And this service is named and titled as mfefire.

The service gives and provides firewall services to all of the McAfee products.

More Data on mfefire.exe File:

Most importantly, the program through which this mfefire.exe file is linked, it is not visible to any of the users.

It act and function as a Verisign signed file. The file is composed and injected with a digital signature. 

Other important details that are revolving around this mfefire.exe, it is that this file is not marked and declared as a Windows core file.

It is 16% dangerous for your system. Now, you need to decide whether this file should be allotted and assigned any place on your computer or not?

The decision is up to you!

Its expected location information is C:\Program Files\McAfee Inc.\McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012\ subfolder.

Besides, the Expected Full Path information of this mfefire.exe file is C:\Program Files\McAfee Inc.\McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012\mfefire.exe.

Before you delete it, you have to well determine whether it is safe or useful for your PC operations or not.

On the other side, you have to fix these mfefire.exe file program issues as soon as possible if it gets confronted even with a minor virus type.

Several options are available and made for the users to solve these technical kinds of mfefire.exe issues, Below we have mentioned those required details for you.

Plus, if you enable your computer with the option and mode of safe mode, then your files and folders and all of the executable files will remain to be existing in the secure environment.

Best Practices for Resolving mfefire Issues:


There comes the most interesting part of this piece of writing and it is about resolving and looking for some useful solutions for these mfefire.exe file issues.

What recommendations are given by the experts while managing these issues, here you can know about all of them:

If you want to delete this file permanently, then you can take help and instant guidance from the windows control panel.

There you have the option to add and remove respective programs. So, to remove this file, you have to first access the area of the windows control panel.

Once you will open the windows control panel, then you will click on the part of the program. Then look for the program that you wish to delete!

Like, if you are interested in deleting this mfefire.exe file, then click on it and hit on the button of remove.

If you have got these windows, like if you are a user of Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, then follow this simple solution.

We are confident that this guide will solve your issues that are linked and attached to this executable file process.

More Options for Resolving mfefire.exe File Issues and Errors:

If you will maintain a practice of keeping your computer tidy, then no executable files will be infected with any worm infection.

Hence, it is advised by the experts to keep your computer well clean enough. This is how this respective mfefire.exe file will not show you any of the issues.

You can scan your computer or uninstall it if you wish and desire to do so. Furthermore, you can have a look at the list of autostart programs.

These executable files autostart on their own but if you will disable their settings, then they will not bring any harm to your computer.

It is wisely and immensely suggested to use the restore health command for resolving these respective and highly common mfefire.exe file issues.

With this command, your computer health will become normal and it will no longer create issues for you,

Moreover, if this file is bringing any minor issues for your computer system, then you can repair its operating system all in one go.

Some other plans and solutions can help you in taking your computer out of this troubled state!

In addition, you can use any of the anti-malware products or anti-adware products to get rid of this problem.

Common mfefire.exe Error Messages:

You might right now be thinking that which those mfefire.exe error messages that you commonly see are!

Here we have provided you the list of those error messages. These messages and notifications are pretty common.

With the hint of these messages, you can have the idea that this mfefire.exe file is attacked by some major kind of worm infection trace or malware hint.

These messages are regularly appearing in the form of “mfefire.exe Application Error.” Or you get to have a message like “mfefire.exe failed.”

Some users have seen that their executable file often gives this error message in the form of “mfefire.exe is no longer a valid Win32 application.”

Besides, we see an array of other messages and prompts that give us this hint that this executable file is not safer for your computer.

These messages are like”mfefire.exe is not running’’ and “mfefire.exe not found’’ and also “Cannot find mfefire.exe.”

Or you have these prompts in the version of “Error starting program: mfefire.exe’’ and also “Faulting Application Path: mfefire.exe.”

It is through all of these .exe error messages that you need to get a clear hint that this mfefire.exe file program is not secured for your computer.

Besides, these messages give you a clear warning that you should remove this file in a second.

You need to keep and maintain a clear record regarding this piece of fact that when you start getting these error messages and why they occur!

Now, you have known about the complete list of error messages that are attached to this file!

You can share with us what error messages you usually receive while you use this file.


If you still have more of the questions on this mfefire.exe file usage and the ways of tackling its issues, then do let us know.

We will answer back all your ambiguities.

Furthermore, on this web page, you can have guidance about other executable files as well, so do read about them.

You can share with us and forward us your experiences regarding how you manage these mfefire.exe file issues. Keep in touch and connected with us.

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